1. I killed him before he finished his monologue, zero idea what his fight is like

  2. I feel like that’s how Tucker wanted it. Harbs knows him well and how to put him in the best position possible, and kicking is a rhythm/routine based operation. I assume thats how the unit wanted it in that moment

  3. How did they calculate that? His catch totals were 3, 7, 9 and 7. That’s an average of 6.5 per game, giving him a 110.5 catch 17 game pace. He was on pace for 153 TARGETS. The yards and TDs is correct though.

  4. I work at a dealership, we've had record breaking profits all year. Used car prices will go down, but the business isn't hurting at all.

  5. The people talking about this have no actual knowledge of the car market. Yes, the days of super inflated used cars turning is all but over, but new isn’t hurting the same way, inventory is recovering but still very low, and nearly all new dealers are printing money in the new leaner environment. No, dealers are not bleeding

  6. Referencing “the brochure” seems fishy. Not calling BS but I have BCBS and I’ve never once seen any official document reference a brochure, it’s always the policy or guidelines are something like that.

  7. I don't understand why people don't understand that both the offense and defense can be to blame.

  8. In Lamar’s defense he made the drive. You’re down in the late fourth, you need points to win. Lamar went and did it. Not his fault it was a little too fast and left too much time on the clock.

  9. If this is going where were thinking (ravens don’t go anywhere in playoffs).

  10. Anyone notice how Andrews has been getting shut down these past few games?

  11. Same. I have both and will not be benching Pierce because of a Reddit circlejerk

  12. If you’re in PPR you’d have to be mad to start Pierce over White. Dude should get 20 carries and like 8 targets against that juicy browns D.

  13. Yea I did some more research and changed my mind. Rolling with White. I’m worried about game script affecting Pierce

  14. If that is the case here, I agree with you wholeheartedly and have no problem with him sitting a week. Kids got a long career ahead of him, no need to jeopardize that in his first year.

  15. Don’t blame you at all. We’re all still shellshocked from that one practice before week 1 last year.

  16. I’m probably going White this week, which means benching my normal flex of Dameon Pierce

  17. Wow, here I am worrying about benching the 27th ranked RB and you're boldly replacing the 13th haha

  18. Really glad I traded Zeke for Keenan Allen like 5 weeks ago

  19. Well yeah, he was 5-2. Was it in spite of him? Probably

  20. I wouldn’t be concerned yet. It’s football, guys get banged up all the time and still play. Lamar was able to finish the game, the odds of this being serious are very slim

  21. Can you post the text of the tweet? Lots of people deleted twitter.

  22. Can you not still click the link and view it? I never had twitter to begin with but I can always view tweets within the Reddit app

  23. I have never been happier eating crow. I was furious with Queen, telling my friends he sucks and he’s a liability. Basically since then he has improved dramatically and with Roquan in the mix he’s just a different linebacker. With how successful the tandem has been, I really hope we find a way to pay Roquan.

  24. I’m trying to trade 2 but no one looks at the trades and the deadline is the 24th

  25. Mac is droppable, I don’t even think he’s rostered in my dynasty league

  26. The problem is he already gave out 10 free wins. I say just let it ride. If he goes winless it will have zero impact on everyone else

  27. Not 10 free ones. OP said he hasn’t set a lineup for a few weeks, not the entire season. A bad team is still a bad team, he could have been 0-7 while still trying, which is a lot different than a guy in week 11 going against a dude with 5 blank spots in his lineup. At least let the dude put up 85 points instead of 47, so that it isn’t a 100% guarantee

  28. Malé, the capital of the Maldives. No one wants to specify which island for some reason

  29. That’s fine, I just need whoever will be better than Hopkins

  30. Hopkins might not play cause of his hammy, right?

  31. He’s 100% a full go today, already announced early this morning

  32. Sounds like you don’t know how to read your league or make your own choices. These experts do give good advice but no one can 100% predict games, otherwise betting would be free money. If you just defer to them every single time that’s totally on you and you’re bad because of that

  33. “I can’t make informed decisions so I listen to people who give their recommendations willingly and get annoyed when they can’t actually predict the future” at least for the fantasy footballers they actually had pretty solid entire season rankings this year. Are they off some weeks? Yeah but nobody in the world would’ve told you Harris would be 8 for 65 with 2 catches for 30 yards. Take these guys advice with a grain of salt it’s just as much a guessing game for us as it is for them. No reason to throw shade on them nobody is holding you to a fire and forcing you to agree with them. Crazy amount of crybabies on this page.

  34. Well freaking said. A lot of these guys are pretty accurate, I ride with the footballers. It’s a great place for consolidated fantasy relevant news, and they give great advice. If anyone just listens to anyone else 100% you cannot blame anyone. I take what they say and then make my choices, I will often deviate and follow my gut but when I’m really torn and can’t choose I defer to them, but I never blame anyone else.

  35. I've already got a better quarterback in Lamar Jackson

  36. Why is saying Lamar is better than Burrow getting so violently downvoted hahahaha

  37. That isn’t why he’s downvoted. He is being downvoted because it’s still a stupid trade to make straight up.

  38. It’s Madden who cares what the trade is, his issue was where was the cap issue

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