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  1. I’ve never felt lightheaded like this from dropping an item in a video game before, what the fuck.

  2. The main reason is cause I have covid pretty bad rn and I was basically shouting in discord with the homies lol.

  3. Im highly considering moving based on how fucked the US is right now. Im making 20$ an hour with a college degree and I’m barely able to stay alive here.

  4. Republicans unfortunately. How is the USA supposed to progress when so many republicans are reproducing and voting?

  5. The lighter in the little pocket made me laugh. I’d give you reddit gold if I wasn’t poor.

  6. America is fucked at this rate, time for a civil war? Anyways what that mouth do on the left

  7. Tell him you will require 1k gp for every minute he spends on runescape at work.

  8. I wouldve panic nexused for sure lol. You got some balls for that one

  9. I would like something like this but everywhere is a pvp area. Like deadman mode except no increased xp rates, no losing your whole bank on death.

  10. It’s good for corp on your arclight specs as far as I know it’s the only real use

  11. Ty for saying this, I literally just dropped am ely first kill. Check my latest post

  12. Thank you everybody who said to use the ring at corp, i went to corp with it and dropped an ely first kill. Not even joking check my latest post.

  13. All i could suggest is saying what you want on your dating profile. IE an actual relationship, and no kids ever.

  14. In my opinion I don’t care if people RWT if bonds are still in the game. Buying bonds is basically the same as RWT just jagex says it’s okay because it lines their pockets.

  15. This right here is why I always use the other nechryael room.

  16. Leave this item in your vault until you are much better at the game brother. That item is exceedingly rare and most people have never ever had one drop after years of playing.

  17. Yes, Capitalism bere has gotten waaay out of hand. At this point minimum wage needs to be at least 20$ for people to survive. Rent is crazy high, inflation is crazy high, and jobs are still only paying us pennies.

  18. Alot of people online base their entire personality on anime. Aka weebs.

  19. Because the blood industry is actually fucked. I’m not going to donate out of the kindness of my heart just so a company can make a bigger profit.

  20. The “Everyone is forced to communicate friendly” part gives me bad vibes.

  21. A drake subreddit is not the place for this poll lol. Of course it’s going to be biased when most of the people here are subbed to a drake subreddit.

  22. It’s deserved, that dumbass basically led a rally that people died in. He should’ve been raided by the FBI a long time ago.

  23. Yeah these people need to be IP banned, also with no VPN’s allowed on any servers. These game bans are slaps on the wrist to cheaters.

  24. SNES was mine, now I’m feeling old at 27.

  25. Damn so you could get 70% attack speed from self igniting? Sounds pretty sick

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