1. It's so annoying. I just keep getting more points for various reasons. And I just keep redeeming and redeeming.

  2. Ohh that's right it's Refreshments. Overpriced "regular" price = Refreshments.

  3. I like stuff from the $1.25 store and Target sometimes. Difference is nobody tries to claim it's worth more than my cat.

  4. Made me realize how sad I'm gonna be when my Base Tape Hydrating Coconut-Smelling Never-Made-Me-Break-Out Primer is gone. So I bought one on eBay for 40% less than the 40% off price (= they were out of the full size, or it might have been a better deal).

  5. I'm notoriously cheap, but $30 seems like a lot...unless you KNOW and LOVE the scent, in which case you might be sorry if you DON'T buy (never smelled it, no clue if it's nice).

  6. Don't worry, Ipsy is fun...they should have explained better about Choice timing, but you still get the gift...and very often those first bags are really good!

  7. Plus some the prices are...yikes! That ace beaute falling for you was like $9 in the drop shop and now they're charging $17.

  8. That's exactly what's going on. Look forward to more and more experiments, most involving higher rather than lower prices.

  9. Nope, you have to click on "Shop All New Arrivals" in red. When it expands, it's $20.

  10. Nope, you have to click on "Shop All New Arrivals" in red. When it expands, it's $20.

  11. Dermelect Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum...boozy maple syrup smell and all!

  12. My September GB seems a bit underwhelming. Over several months I have changed my personality quiz many times and no matter what, it’s been this way for a while now. At least the September bag has been one of my better packages, so maybe I should just be happy. Any thoughts? 😂

  13. Do uou have a bin cage? You can make a nice cozy home using an extra bin, water, and a aquarium heater. Get 2 large bins, like for a bin cage. Fill one 1/3 with water. Add a submersible aquarium pump (around $10) on Amazon), float the other bin/cage on top. It will stay toasty warm at whatever precise temperature you set for minimal electricity cost.

  14. I asked customer service yesterday and they told me they’re are items in shop to buy so basically asking why I was worried about it….🤷‍♀️

  15. They have NO idea how involved we are. They must get really tired of dealing with first-world problems.

  16. Baby Bumper!!! I agree with others...you have done a great job and helped so many hamsters by kindly encouraging better care.

  17. NEVER give a hamster an ice cube. I didn't think beyond, "it's summer, she might like it". She DID. Couldn't carry it to her lair, so covered it up. But...when she went to check on it, it had disappeared! I hope she doesn't think I stole it.

  18. Cardigan Welsh Corgis (the long-tailed type) can have Merle coloring. I definitely see that. Especially her face and ears..

  19. Congrats, how do I cope with 8,000 something points haunting me and I redeemed every points items last month and still have that many left. I can't bring myself to abandon them...yet. But if we see you try to come back we will shame you, sound good?

  20. If I see you try to come back I will ask you to use my referral code.

  21. I've heard of it and funny enough, that's me...I'm people. I'll do a swatch when I first get it but I won't start another blush, bronzer, highlighter or brow pencil until I finish the one I'm on. I even do it with foundation and powders, loose or pressed. Same with mascara. When I first started Ipsy it was hard cause I was so excited about things but I found that I'd open something use it once or twice and forget about it. This way I know I'll always finish something before it dries or and what not. I need to start doing it with the skin care things as well I think lol as silly as it sounds it's like I accomplished something. I know it sounds sad🤣

  22. I have eyeliner from 1988. Seriously, the only things I go through with any regularity are setting spray and ...well, maybe only setting spray. I can't imagine finishing a whole eyeshadow palette.

  23. I still haven’t chosen a name yet, it’s hard…I like pip and patch

  24. I haven’t seen any spoilers for October and unsubbed due to the price increase and wasn’t thrilled with products I was receiving. This has me contemplating resubscribing, though.

  25. As long as it's only monthly, not annual. And don't get your hopes up on the gift or the available points items. Or that you'll ever see one of the mentioned brands.

  26. Got the Glow Recipe + Goldfaden duo, the Bobbie Brown mascara + something-or-other duo, and the Polaar/Tony Moly set. $5 each, even with the darn handling fee, I'll cough it up if it's things I know I use or really want to try.

  27. Come on, Ipsy! Do you really want to encourage people to put expired stuff on their EYES???!

  28. I actually don't know how to attach photos here lol but the pellets could be those hay ones the other comment mentioned. The enclosure is not the best as I sadly found out afterwards (he's getting the ikea detolf enclose next weekend!) but the bar biting only really started last night, so could maybe be boredom but I think only partly since before that he didn't really do it much besides the occasional nibble

  29. It really might be the hay pellets. GOOD FOR YOU FOR NOTICING AND ASKING.


  31. how long have you had him for? it might just be that he hasn’t settled in. like with my hamster, i’ve had him for 3/4 months and he seems okay with my presence and i’ve noticed that he’s really adventurous and actually really clever!! i kind of tell him to do a twirl for a treat ( like dried spinach , mealworm etc) and he actually twirls 😭😭 but ngl i don’t think the breeder was very honest about temperament because he was really ghosty for the first weeks of me having him but i’m not sure. he is my first hamster ( and my first pet) though so i’m not that experienced with hamster behaviours. he does come up to my voice now though which is really cute

  32. That's so sweet! Mine will also come out when she hears me...makes me happy every time.

  33. How long have you had it? My hamster became much more friendly after I left her totally alone in her new abode for a couple of WEEKS. Any time I hear of a shy hamster, I think Step One is leave it alone to get used to the new place and feel confident.

  34. I should start taking before-and-after photos. I give her some Pintrest-worthy Abode Of The Gods, and she immediately starts in on...seriously, who knows...but she's sure as heck got a Vision.

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