1. They are starting choice at 3 pm Eastern on Sunday every month so people on Pacific Standard Time can sleep in.

  2. There was a time that many people unsubscribed every month, then resubscribed to get the free gift plus $10 to spend in the shop. I sort of feel like they have plenty of new product to fill orders, but choose to make a new/resub have a “waiting” month in an effort to get them to stick around. Look how much crossover between all levels of boxycharm. I received the base box palette from Dec in my Jan premium. Plus, boxy products going to Ipsy, and complex culture, item beauty and refreshments coming to boxycharm. Even though I’m down to just one boxy, that’s even too much with all the shenanigans.

  3. It makes sense, but I think people who (re)subbed early in the month, generally get that month's box. At least I always have.

  4. I have always been absolutely pleased with my products, which is why I am surprised their website is so faulty. I have gotten some great items throughout my past 3 years of being subscribed. I simply am overloaded with makeup, and I was really surprised how many hoops I had to jump through to cancel. I just canceled my Ipsy for the same reason and it took literally 30 seconds and it was completed.

  5. In the past it has been the opposite...maybe they are trying new things.

  6. Until recently (cutting back, and Boxy was first to go), I unsubscribed and resubscribed every month (for the gift). I have had it take multiple tries. The most annoying was finally getting to the last "Yes, for the love of god, would you just let me cancel already!!" screen, and get an error message...! Very convenient. Or the emails that never came. I never had it take more than 3 tries, though...so don't give up!

  7. Getting both GBX and GBP (CS told me to make 2 accounts when I wanted both). I wish there was more of the exciting, edgy kind of makeup, but looks like some good skincare, so that's where my hopes are going.

  8. I somehow accidentally signed up 3 times. Two of them were even packed in a box together. They clearly didn’t care.

  9. They probably looked at how many hours they were spending trying to stop customers from purchasing their product!

  10. Maybe (probably) I have too many lip products, but $49 is awfully steep for this.

  11. You can also wait a week after GBX is released and look on eBay. Folks who did get it and don't want it will be selling theirs. BoxyCharm often has Elemis in its sales.

  12. The free item will be in your box. It won’t be listed on your confirmation email.

  13. I honestly cannot tell if you’re serious or if you’re hinting that I’m being a Karen 😭

  14. I'm seriously hinting that it's OK to be a Karen. But you probably won't need to! The default move is for them to send replacements.

  15. yeah that’s unfortunately typical for i think all the boxes- that’s why they can sell 150 serum for 40$… i’ve learned to definitely not buy multiples unless it’s so etching i use everyday, and if i really am considering it i’ll buy 1 and call in the lot number to see the date it was produced/ packaged, and if i think it won’t get wasted it i’ll buy more… allure is really good about credits and exchanges if they mess up but so far boxy seems like a mess- always is when a company is bought out though; dermstore was a nightmare for like a year after being bought by hut… what i really hate tho is i just subscribed to ipsy and boxy and those stupid bots are like making me want to cancel before the 1st boxes even ship

  16. Probably why they can sell $150 serums for $40 is that the stuff costs them pennies on the dollar. Sorry, but this magical fun stuff is often 30 ml of diluted "snake oil" in a bottle and a box. It is fun, though. But even the best of it isn't costing a lot to produce or package. Sometimes things are expired and should be exchanged or refunded. But expiration dates are probably pretty arbitrary to start with. And many of the products are good for a year or more after opening, not after manufactured. When in doubt, put it on your feet.

  17. Did you use the code at checkout? Then you should have also gotten a $10 coupon for the shop. If not, write to Customer Service and ask. They should be able to fix you up...they should be welcoming of new customers. If not, ask to speak with someone who CAN help you.

  18. Write to CS and ask...they are really sneaky with their wording. And I know it sounds ridiculous, but someone wrote to CS and asked what the gift was and they told them, so it does happen. After all, it doesn't SAY it's a mystery or surprise, lol.

  19. I love my Dermelect Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum. It can look and smell however it wants...but it has always been brown and smelled like boozy Bananas Foster for me. As was mentioned, the sister retinol product's bottle is a twin.

  20. We got her treated and they said it wasn’t mites. Vet gave her antibiotics for an infection and she healed up and is good for now. We are still being cautious for allergies though.

  21. I am SO GLAD!! I was thinking of you, because how awful to have a brand-new hamster get sick. Best wishes for better times ahead!

  22. I'm torn between the foundation and the FoxyBae because I love that stuff. I have tons of foundation I'm not happy with so I keep buying new ones to test out, a sample might help. Getting old sucks 😔

  23. I can relate to the tons of foundation. The annoying part is, I have had bad color matches even when I go to the store in person!! And you never know about the formula until you've bought a bottle.

  24. I take them in to work (along with my other extras) for the gals to pick through. Protip: if you ever have ANYTHING you wanna get rid of, leave it in the staff lounge at an elementary school!

  25. Absolutely. I have seen stale muffins disappear like magic! Some smart person put those meal kit cards with referral code in the staff lounge...too bad Ipsy doesn't have free-bag referral codes attached to the bags!

  26. You can also use highlighter as eye shadow. And that highlighter palette IS very pretty.

  27. Mercari will be your friend. I am not subscribed to any boxes but I love this subreddit as once I see something I want I go straight to Mercari and buy it off someone who doesn’t want those items in their box. I get a great deal and you lose less money. lol… Also Mercari is great for beauty cause you can ship for cheap with prepaid and drop off. I just checked yesterday and in 2020 I made 800 selling brand new items from crazy pandemic impulse buys (when everything was 50% in March as everyone freaked out) and beauty box items I couldn’t use. I have now seen the light and switched to buyer of said unwanted products instead of seller. (:

  28. I sell what I don't want to buy what I do! I end up with fewer products overall, but it's all stuff I like.

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