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  1. I mean Im a human male so of the ones listed there, most are male and ones a skeleton, so I guess Tanyas closest to the correct answer as shes the only one that would ever be breedable to me at all. Dont know how the females would choose as it seems like thered be a lot of information about each of the mens fertility that we just dont have. Also not sure why people are voting for Ainz as unless skeletons from Yggdrasil work very differently, it seems like he would lack a means of sexual reproduction.

  2. Well sure but like physically he isnt breedable just by virtue of lacking genitalia. angry Albedo noises in background

  3. After they said they wanted to marry me when we grew up, i moved to another state few months later.

  4. Reading through these comments it's funny to realize that literally everyone agrees they will be stomped by kokushibo

  5. Tbh felt this. Whenever I was coding I really hated this situation where you actually have to do work instead of the easy copy past. Ugh.

  6. No I don't want that! Not giving away seed as a reward? I want to award everyone with my seed, for 10 years at least!

  7. You can hear him whispers exposition in your ear if you are quiet enough

  8. In physical strength Thanos can probably lift around 20 thousand tons, and also have the durability to tank attacks that can even hurt hulk, so likely at least 5 times more durable than the hulk, and also he also likely has a even reaction time to thor. Now to the monsters side, Kong weighs easily over 50k tons and can easily push and lift around 100k tons, so in strength he is stronger. He has incredibly fast reaction times and probably similar to Thanos here as all the kaiju here are, and Kong is extremely durable, not able to tank a nuke but easily able to take a bitch slap from Godzilla, and Rodan also has pretty impressive durability, so they are likely similar to Thanos there as well, with Mothera likely not being as tough as them. Kong is really fucking fast though much faster than Thanos and Rodan is even faster, able to move at jet speeds, and Mothera is slightly slower than Rodan. Mothera is around 20k tons, and Rodan is around or more than 40k tons in weight, all in all I don't think Thanos could manhandled any of them, and Rodan likely carries this mostly by the fact he can fight the space ship the best and provide air support with some help from Mothera while Kong can body every one in thanos' army even Thanos himself. I think the monsters take this.

  9. To be clear here, the show doesn't destroy anything for halo directly, yes it is basically a really low quality Sci fi show with low quality story telling terrible writing and great fight scenes, but it's still not cannon and separate from the games, though that still doesn't make me hate it less. My God put some effort in making it feel even a little like halo.

  10. Idk everyone is downvoting you, you made some decent points, its true they use the: "hey it isn't cannon" as a excuse often.

  11. yes, i aint here to argue, im just gonna put down, i personally like how he grew over the series so far.

  12. I am not arguing I just think he hasnt gotten much development besides being traumatised

  13. alright. i can see where you come from, and respect that, but, i still dont personally agree.

  14. As a 5ft petite girl, I wouldn't be able to win against any of them realistically, but I can shame Kazuma to death. Dude becomes a shut-in after getting heartbroken after all.

  15. Even doing that, subaru would still probably win, that guy is buff and good at martial arts and would be able to react to a kick. My man swung around old man roms gains club after all, he also won multiple times in a 3 v 1 he ain't losing to any of us.

  16. I watch porn, but the type of porn that major companies like Bang Bros or Reality Kings produces makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s the whole thing where the guys are grooming the girls in the films, but I don’t know. They also have the girls screaming and it’s not hot. It just makes me think “Is that woman going to be ok?” 😟 I think I’m more of a person who likes when the girl wants to be with the guy and he’s on the same boat. And maybe a relaxing feeling too, like massaging or sweet talk.

  17. Cheat the system and either just read a whole bunch of fanfics people written, or read hentai.

  18. Simple, cheat the system with reading hentai, you can get exactly what you want, like a milf with big ol biddies just look it up on a site and ya golden, want a character with specific tags, there ya go. None the characters are real too so that's ideal too. The only one possible for being exploited, is the artist.

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