1. I'm coming back to this to tell you something possibly important! I went to a neurologist and told him about these symptoms, for me they are a part of absence seizures. Seizures and dysautonomia have a big overlap. Please see a neurologist if you can! It could possibly be abscence seizures. Im sorry, I completely forgot about this post until now so wanted to tell you!

  2. It all depends, they have some medications, therapies, etc. I still don't have a treatment plan yet because i need more brain scans.

  3. Thank you! Also, by any chance did you have covid before these episodes started??

  4. We need to teach people how to cover their mouth when they cough and sneeze. I'm so amazed at the number of adults and children alike who I see out in public who just cough and sneeze into the air like it's nobody's business.

  5. Hello! Are you doing better now? If so, what has helped you?

  6. Hey there. Still dealing with depersonalization but it isn't as severe as it was when I made this post. I found out I started having it due to some emotional traumas I had went through. Things that have been helping me are:

  7. I don't quite experience depersonalization, but I do think that the hypoarousal described here fairly well describes what happens when my body is overwhelmed with stress hormones due to my hyperadrenergic POTS:

  8. Oh so now you're saying it's not a loan company, it's the U.S. government calling American citizens to give out free money....

  9. I know, and you're right, there is no money to give to Americans, it's all gone overseas 🤮

  10. If they weren't "woke" or pandering to the politically correct generation of today, they would lose viewers and risk being "cancelled". It's a different time, and companies have to be so careful not to offend a person or a group of people.

  11. Saving paper towels you've used to dry your hands after you washed them.

  12. You could afford paper towels? Seriously though, my mom ration to paper towels like they were gold. There were very few reasons that she would use them, we always had to use reusable rags or hand towels for cleaning and drying. I can't even imagine what would have happened if we tried to dry our hands with a paper towel.

  13. I didn't buy my own paper towels. I did that trick at the office at work.

  14. Waaait hold up this is PoTS?? I especially get it when I don’t get enough sleep or am anxious in the morning

  15. hey, I don't know how you're doing now, but I'm in the midst of a really bad flare after a really awful breakup. if you don't mind chatting about this, send me a message! I'm so scared it isn't going to end. I really hope you're doing better!

  16. Yes of course ! We can def chat. I'm still dealing with pots but I'm slowly getting better!

  17. People do it all the time, enjoy it!!! if anyone thinks you are showing off they most likely just jealous lol.

  18. The "wacked out" coworker did have COVID this past December. So I think that's a very good hypothesis for her strange behavior.

  19. I absolutely second this. I am 29 years old and had COVID in December like your co-worker. My only symptoms were chills and a migraine not even Advil could touch. It affected me neurologically and I was left with horrific brain fog so bad I felt like I would forget where I was or what I was doing while I was doing it. And I am 29 years old! I am still dealing with the fog but it is slowly getting better. Try to relax, it could literally be anything and not ageing related.

  20. And yet we’re all here because this shit is still a problem. Thanks OP & commenters for doing the dirty work 3 years ago. Gonna see if logging out helps.

  21. It truly sucks. I hope you can get it to work. Its a shame as big as Uber is, the support system is pretty much non-existent

  22. There is a school of thought that believes all will have a chance to accept Christ even if they didn't in this life. I think it is called universal redemption/salvation/Universalism. I don't believe in it, but would really like if someone here could chime in on it.

  23. I'm well aware. And my heart breaks for them. I wish I knew what I could do to help them.

  24. Yeah, let's push hurting people further away from the person they need the most.

  25. Yep it seems mono is known for it. For me it was just a viral food poisoning. Happened to a couple other people I knew that got the same thing as well, but none as bad as me. I think a lot of viruses mess with our brains more than we currently know about. My periods of derealization are way fewer and further between now but honestly they still happen. It’s been almost 10 years. I don’t know if the fog is completely gone or just better, hard to tell. It seems like people do recover though, and hopefully you’ll recover way faster than me ❤️

  26. I had COVID in the fall and it did the EXACT same thing to me as it did to you; brain fog, dysautonomia, POTS, etc. and now DPDR. :( I just want it to get better!! Did you do anything different or take any meds to help speed up the recovery process?

  27. until very recently I was fully single and still am not married, I am childless (childfree actually) and I found that the lack of marriage and kids allows me to spend more time on what is really important to me, like prayer, hobbies and my career. Not everyone has to live that cookie-cutter white picket fence 10 kids homemaker life. God bless!!

  28. Shift your perspective, friend. Think about all of the things you are "missing out" on:

  29. Don't know why my comment is getting downvoted. You would be surprised how often these scenarios occur. Tales as old as time. Encouraging somebody to lose their virginity for the sake of losing it is the most stupidest thing ever.

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