1. Is this on YES? Or YES2? I think there’s a Yankees game on.

  2. There's a Yankees game on YES but I'm hoping it'll be on YES2. If not, I'm pretty sure we can stream the game on the YES app

  3. Not sure what early years you mean, but 70s Bowie teamed with Mick Ronson is the best Bowie. Nothing thin about it.

  4. I love pretty much all of bowie's work but I have to say I prefer the late 70s / 80s vocal sound when he developed that deep crooner voice. His voice prior to that period was definitely thinner than it was during/after that period

  5. Uh, you seen our center rotation right now? We might ask Jermaine O’Neal to come out of retirement for us at this rate lol

  6. Can't you just stagger minutes for Robert Williams and horford? Do you really even need a 3rd big?

  7. Sunk cost fallacy. If the differences really aren't that bad then fair enough but don't let the fact that you've been together for a long time keep you from ending a relationship with someone that you're not compatible with.

  8. Reddit moment. "Throw away a 9 year relationship with someone you love and have great chemistry with just because he selects a different name on a ballot."

  9. As a reader, I'd rather see opinions / partially correct info than have every single comment removed. It's really ridiculous

  10. That's fine with me. More games on YES is always better.

  11. You think it's a coincidence Marks created a forward heavy roster after Joe was out all year? I hope he produces the same but at his age coming off surgery...

  12. Adding size doesn't mean that Joe can't play anymore, it just means that we have a bigger/deeper team now. Plus Joe isn't even as old as some of the additions i.e. Morris

  13. They have options now ijs he's got competition to start. Morris is on a exhibit 10 deal he'll be lucky to make the team.

  14. I agree that if he doesn't perform well this year and somebody else does (Seth or Royce or whoever) then that person should start over Joe for the sake of the team. All I'm saying is that as of today if Joe is 100% healthy then he deserves the benefit of the doubt based on who he was before the injury, and I think he should start until he proves that he shouldn't. Either way I'm happy this team has options though

  15. Which drug commercial was that again? I only remember the anal leakages.

  16. There are a bunch that all use the same language/terminology, including "moderate to severe", but you may be thinking of Skyrizi

  17. I was born into a family of non-yeeters. Every morning before I went to school my father would say, "if I ever find out that you've hit that yeet, I'll thump ya."

  18. Lmao, the "nibba" and "ejaculated" both got me

  19. Joe is from the west coast so I wouldn't be surprised. I'm also a huge beach boys fan though

  20. I spent an embarrassingly long time following basketball not knowing that Kevin Love is Mike Love’s nephew

  21. A few years ago i read that even kevin love didn't realize how big a deal the beach boys were. He didn't know who his uncle actually was

  22. Haha you can insert this comment about any player and Doc Rivers. He likes to stick to his guns.

  23. Fast pace is not really harden's thing these days

  24. Overrated? They’re the most influential and popular band of all time. No one even comes remotely close.

  25. The Beatles really never resonated with me. The Beach Boys on the other hand are my favorite band. Everyone knows how influential the Beatles are so yeah there's no arguing that, but personally I do feel they're overrated in the sense that I don't quite understand why so many people have been obsessed with them.

  26. I’d have to agree. My wife and I feel the same way. They have some cool psychedelic songs and albums but even those imo don’t feel as fully realized as a Pet Sounds or even Friends.

  27. That's all very true. I also feel that many of the Beatle lovers of my generation (currently in my late 20s) are that way because they were taught to be. I have many friends whose parents literally passed down their love of the Beatles, and those same friends would never admit that any music by anyone could possibly be better than the Beatles. My parents weren't ever really into the Beatles (or beach boys) and so I was free to discover both on my own and develop my own opinions without being taught who to prefer.

  28. That's true but his history of having versatile ways to scoring is much more appealing then Harris streaky 3Pt shooting and his 2 more inches in height could come in handy with size matchups

  29. I really don't think Joe is someone who I'd call streaky. He's very consistent 95% of the time. It just sucked that the 5% happened to be in the playoffs

  30. Yeah I mean I guess the question is still whether or not he gets respect from the defense, which I can't tell from numbers alone, so maybe you can speak to it. Shooting 33% on reasonably contested threes is way different than shooting 33% on wide open shots lol

  31. He could definitely get open 3 point looks if he was on the nets though

  32. If you lived here you would know that Central Jersey doesn't exist

  33. As someone who has lived in NJ my entire life I've never understood this take.

  34. The thing is though him going supernova hasn't proved to win games

  35. You're right if you're talking playoffs, but he does singlehandedly win a couple regular season games per year for the nets

  36. I understand they still had a long way to go but we all know they 99% would have beat the hawks and made the finals. Then in the finals vs the Suns is closer but personally I'd still take the nets if they're healthy

  37. Bro what kind of loser are you to come in our sub and comment this

  38. I remember this game, and even before i watched this video just now I could vividly picture the exact motion you are talking about. I remember where I was and who was with me when I watched it live.

  39. Brook was on the nets for 9 years. This was his rookie season.

  40. I assume you've thought about this, but do you know who the #1 overall pick is keeping? Is he a first rounder? If so, win win.

  41. The only player that was drafted first round last year on the team with the #1 pick is Travis Kelce. So he will be able to pick Taylor at #1 unless he decides to keep Kelce. I don't have any way of seeing who he is keeping but I assume he'd rather use his #1 pick on an elite RB rather than using it on Kelce.

  42. I was kicking this same idea around in my league. I had JT last year and I could keep him at 1.06 this year. While JT at the 1.06 is an absolute steal I’m just not sure on keeping someone with my first.

  43. If i had the 6th pick I'd definitely keep him. I was only considering not keeping him because I'd still get McCaffrey at pick #2. But in your situation, you won't get a chance to draft a top 5 player if you don't keep him.

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