1. I just checked and I have access to all the stories. But since I knew the separate stories section was going away with the new layout, I completed them all before that.

  2. I completed a lot of stories and now, with the new update, they're entirely gone. This post made me question where they were, I just thought they hid them somewhere deeper in the UI but I can't access them on the mobile app AT ALL. They only seem to be available to me on the browser version.

  3. It's very unlikely that there'd be such high contrast on the people in such a foggy forest. The light also gives it away that you took them out of a very sunny warm environment and placed them in a cool environment so they

  4. This is so cool! I've used Acad for a couple of years in architecture school and I've gained a ton of respect for people who have the patience to do vector work. I also found, by trying it out myself, that I'm somewhere closer to the opposite end, getting joy out of that brain-pen-eye coordination - which was unintuitive because my OCD made me imagine I'd be doing just fine. I still have this goal, for me, to find the process more enjoyable somehow because it's so instrumental. I'm aware of all the benefits, it's just my body that won't cooperate haha

  5. Saved. Thank you! What a timing! I just had my eye appointment a few days ago and I have to get myself to start looking for frames. This inspired me to search for ways to make this process easier and even enjoyable - hopefully

  6. The thought of selling the art work only came to me few hours ago....

  7. I'm sure your nan was a great woman and I'm sorry for your loss. But if you honestly think you have a shot of having such a valuable piece of art, PLEASE go talk to professionals. Everyone's had enough of scammers - do the right thing. Not saying you are - I have zero evidence of that, but so far I can't trust you based on your words alone if you're so eager to ask for a huge sum of money for possibly 0 value in return. Like... you can't be serious... I just noticed you typed 10k. I'm reaching my patience and I consider I've been polite enough so far. Don't be a douchebag.

  8. "Selling it to the highest bidder 10k" does not sound like "Hey guys, I found this. What should I do?". In your world they may be similar. No, I'm no moderator, I just dislike people being dishonest and so eager to grift. I'm already following your posts and I honestly want to be proven wrong the moment you post the certificate of authenticity. Now go do that instead of taking it to heart. If you were honest, you'd see how this thing seems from the outside and you'd give more explanations and not be weirdly defensive and attack back. You know I'm right.

  9. I always expect something new and original when people tell this age-old joke. I am once again disappointed.

  10. Likely it's a random block somewhere, when you break the demon altars there's a chance that one random block on the map will be corrupted. The only way to really clean a whole world is to tediously explore the entire map or use a mod. (Correction! No more random corruption blocks when breaking altars on desktop version 1.4.4)

  11. I've heard they removed this thing in the latest update (the random block getting corrupted if you break demon altars). Unless they're using an old version/Tmodloader, they probably just missed it while clentaminating. It's happened to me before countless times.

  12. They've been updating TEdit for this new update as well, you shouldn't have an issue with it. If you've never used it before, it's really not difficult to pick up. On the left ribbon the last tool at the bottom is the biome swap tool and you purify the world just like drawing in MS Paint. I've always enjoyed my time using TEdit and I've recommended it to all my terrarian friends. If you'd like to try it later but still have the file fully purified (& you'd trust me with sharing the world file because I promise I don't know how or why people place viruses/malware in files randomly lmao) I could help you out, of course

  13. I didn't even notice the cat at first. These silly living voids tsk tsk tsk

  14. Hey, I was looking for something to draw buuut you'll have to post the full request here - and then I'll see if it works with my mood :)

  15. It's beautiful but you have to take a few seconds to read the text since the words aren't separated like they would by syllables. And also - I'm sure I don't know the context, I've only heard about the NHS here and there - but why isn't it "patience"? Or is it the case that actual patients somehow save the health system? They depend on it, for sure, but they also contribute for it to be a sustainable system. Would you mind sharing a short explanation for this one or its context? I'd like to know more ^^

  16. It says Patients before profits save the NHS.

  17. So it was a grammar thing. It should've been "Patients before profits. Save the NHS!". I read it as "patients, before profits, save the NHS".

  18. I still don't understand how I had hundreds of hours left in my German course and now I'm just one lesson away from completing it :| In the last version tree I had most lessons completed up to the 2nd level (out of 5 if I remember correctly) and now it's all a fully golden path with a few legendary here and there (but legendary was never my plan because I can never seem to earn enough gems to pay for those). What am I going to do when it's done - today?? Start from the top? Scroll up everytime I want to practice something? I don't even know if lessons "break" anymore - it used to show you what skills you haven't practiced in a while. I'm sure these things have been said before, but I'm literally finishing my german course today - it was supposed to be way into the future - and it was the only thing I came to Duo for and I don't know what others do in this situation.

  19. Regardless of the abrupt advancement in your path, your post does beg the question, what does the end game look like now? Most people would feel they could still use the app for practice, but does the new path easily enable that? Do they just expect people to search immediately seek out more advanced learning, or start another language?

  20. I agree. I think they could certainly improve the UI to help users avoid wasting so much time scrolling for what feels like ages - that's a very weird choice they made and I disliked it right from the start. Sure, the old version wasn't too different but it always put you where you last practiced even if you hopped around. If this was still available I could always go back to the middle after a round of practice and the next time go from there instead from all the way up or all the way down. Because everything seems complete now, the game aspect of it is rendered irrelevant - I, for one, could always just go and reread my actual german courses from Goethe Institut, in this case and focus on those alone along with other sources. Duo does a good job of getting people into the habit and maintaining it - but right now I imagine I'll get easily bored of logging in daily just to practice the last circle on the tree again and again - or practice for hearts or reread some stories/jokes that I know the ending/punchline to.

  21. That is absolutely amazing! I didn’t quite know what to expect as I’d never submitted on here before but I wasn’t expecting that! Thank you so much, your art is absolutely wonderful.

  22. Thank you for the kind words!! I'm glad you liked it, I definitely enjoyed drawing her ♥

  23. Cheers for the feedback. I agree it’s definitely not easy to get jobs on upwork/fiverr but I tried out upwork last week with a new account and got approached the next day to create some content. So it’s definitely possible. I’ve also gotten gig on fiverr you just have to know a skill in demand like UGC/video editing for example.

  24. I finished architecture school. Some peers have used either platform for archviz and video rendering/editing as well as others for graphic design. It makes sense to get approached right at the start, otherwise nobody would be using the platforms and generating profit through them (+steering some profit towards them) but in the long run, nobody recommends them because once you've reached a level you're competing against those who were there from the start - who get recommended up top and, just like any other platform that's a marketplace, I'm pretty sure it will become a "pay to get recommended" thing. That's what Zucc's Meta is planning on doing anyway - that's the way forward for such companies, nothing evil, no conspiracies, but it's just the way it is. For someone who's been observing the branch for a long while, ever since I was in college, I can tell you're not that into it and I feel your advice is, if not just uninformed, then dishonest.

  25. You’re just making it sound impossible yet thousands of people make full time incomes through these platforms, how does that work then…also my advice was for beginners and getting started these two platforms will get you going. Of course there are better ways to do anything in that matter. You talk about competition, of course there is. Again doesn’t mean you can’t make it to the top. For example there are millions of brands selling the same product and they’re all profitable, regardless of the competition.

  26. No, it's not impossible, but it sure is a dead end and you can do well without them. These platforms have the reputation that there's "cheap work" there. While I agree with you that students and teens could easily have a go at them, past a certain level there's no point in doing your business there. They will advertise themselves as the only place to be if you want to be successful and it's just a shame when I hear others preach the same thing - you're just doing the devil's work - for free. The thing you added about brands selling the same product, that's an apples and pears analogy. Not all brands sell everywhere and not all products are manufactured in the same place and then transported everywhere. It happened to huge brands as well - some Coca Cola products tasted differently in other different parts of Europe at one point. And you would assume there would be no way of that happening. There's been shortages of ingredients they needed at one point and had to make do with local sources. Maybe Ariel is a better product in France but people in Poland prefer Fairy - I don't know. Stability is not something big brands can fully control either. If you have a friend or relative who works in logistics, ask them about it. This is another subject entirely

  27. I learned these as alternating tread stairs- you can have a steeper stair and maintain a decent tread depth.

  28. Same but unless a client specifically wants these, I'd never plan these in a home out of my own will. The sensation you have while climbing this is much like how OP thinks mountain goats climb. You don't just "walk at an angle", you kind of move laterally as well. I don't want to climb these at my age, 25. I imagine if I grew old inside a house with one of these, I'd just abandon whatever there was on the second floor lmao

  29. I liked this so much, it's going straight into my favourites in

  30. Yeah! They are a big influence. I spoke to them today I am doing a fanart for them of char they requested! Super excited!

  31. Wow, I'd be starstruck, haha! Good luck & enjoy it ♥

  32. Yeah, you don't mean to censor anybody; you just choose to censure us (which leaves me wondering whether the reason you're not trying to censor us is simply because you know you cannot). Cool story

  33. Do let me know where you think the line is between sharing your opinion on a subject and advocating for censorship. I'm still living in a place with traumatised people after decades in a regime that turned into the worst authoritarian version of itself... and you think I don't know what censorship does to society? It was already clear to me you weren't replying to engage in any form of meaningful communication but I'm also way too patient with trolls so... in whichever category you fall, I don't shy away from discussion

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