1. Listen the pill isn’t an end all be all for endo. It makes mine WORSE both combined and mini pill makes mine worse.

  2. I would recommend The Body Keeps The Score, but if you start reading it and it's too heavy...set it aside for a while. It's a great book on Trauma.

  3. I honestly don't think it's possible. That being said everyone heals very differently.

  4. God 3 months tho!!! Ah I want it so bad but I have a 10 month old baby so that would be a MINUTE to be out of commission like that

  5. You can’t sit normally for 6 weeks. 2 weeks no sitting and 4 weeks with a donut oR BBL cushion (I’ve had one). U can always say the pillow is because you injured your coccyx bone

  6. I mean.. all other stuff aside, just stop watching porn.

  7. Exactly, he is blaming her because he refuses to give it up. Obviously if you still struggle 6 years into marriage should she just keep forgiving it and living a miserable life?

  8. Thank you for your perspective. That still does not change the sacrament of marriage and it’s requirements.

  9. Selfish lol…keep telling yourself that so you don’t need to feel the guilt.

  10. All filler doesn't actually dissolve and the other reason is scar tissue the filler created inside your lips. I had absolutely non-existent paper cut lips and the injector warned me that they may not fully go back and stay bigger because of the reasons I mentioned. Girl, hell yeah, it's not a problem, it's a perk.

  11. Agree, haven’t gotten lip filler in like 4 years my lips are still BIG. I had like 1ML 4x over like a 3 year period

  12. Still not LOL 27 and still not there. Rational me knows it but I’m delusional.

  13. Absolutely not! Your face is full and youthful. Please don’t mess with it. I felt the same until I hit 27 and lost my facial fat and I absolutely hate it now. You look great. Masseter Botox isn’t permanent so if you want to try that I suppose it’s fine but buccal fat removal is so risky

  14. This is what I was gonna say..wait in the buccal fat removal bc you can’t go back on that once you do it

  15. No I just think that’s crazy and I wouldn’t even consider it. Not enough research. No no no. Please no.

  16. I’m sorry this is so funny. Men are really just silly little gooses

  17. Call the police and get Kevin from animal control to come out. This is not appropriate.

  18. Hot dog Charlie’s old location sign still up across from the old j&j auto on 2nd Ave

  19. Ok I’m 9 months PP and stopped BF 2 months ago…I’m 3 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight, flat stomach, boobs back down and nipples are pink and small again.

  20. NO FREAKING WAY that looks amazing! I don’t even have any real overhang or loose skin, just a bit of like poke out pudge and like one surgeon was like U NEED A TUMMY TUCK the other was like no way…like I don’t want someone to talk me into something I don’t even want just to make more money

  21. I thought they were married? I’ll let my husband know that after 11 years he’s just the flavor of the week 😂

  22. Lolol I’ve been married 7 years and have a matching ring finger tattoo with my husband….not the kiss of death 💀

  23. Pregnant at 25 on first try with severe endo. Babies healthy and had a very easy pregnancy actually it was the first time since puberty I was having regular bowel movements and no pelvic pain lmfao. He’s a healthy 9 month old today.

  24. Gay people who did nothing but live their lives are not the same as a human trafficker. This is justified

  25. Lmfao I was like how are innocent gay people being one for oned with Tate!!!!!! 🤣

  26. Ok this isn’t evidence based but I did this like 3 weeks in and then once a week for the rest of the time I was BF and never ever had a supply issue, always had a slight over supply.

  27. I was wondering about this. I do not remember this at all. Maybe it missed wherever I was at the time. 😂😂

  28. 2007 middle school vibe. Sarah would’ve been in HS. I’m 1995 and 27 now and in 7th grade this was literally everyone I knew in New York 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the bangs were always done with a wet to dry flat iron too 😅

  29. I was a hairstylist in the early 2000s and i do not recall ever doing this hairstyle. We were all about round brushing and volume.

  30. Plus it was more of like a teen DIY hair style….like I was literally 12 and all the 7th graders would do it after swim class lmfao. I live in New York and I don’t know one girl who didn’t rock this in 2007

  31. Sad but true. I agree and was a tom boy with brothers and it’s a hard truth to accept.

  32. I actually find having “masculine” interest as a straight woman makes men MORE romantically interested. Anyways I’m 27F and I don’t have any cisgender male friends because it almost never pans out. Bad experiences have actually led to me keeping all non familial men at arms length. I MUCH prefer my close friendships with kind women of all ages.

  33. Where are you going with this I was commenting on the fact it makes it harder to have platonic relationships with men. So I much prefer close relationships with other women. What is the issue with that?

  34. I’m 27, my husband does MORE than me and we both work full time honestly he works far more hours as he really works OT and hits about 50/60 hours a week and I work 35 hours a week salary.

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