1. I was gonna work at the solon, ohio plant because the pay is really good. I couldn't even make it a full day because all over the building and in almost every slide of the presentation PowerPoint they had to say how they were "taking care of the environment and how they want to make a sustainable future for our earth". I seriously couldn't help but laugh out loud. Never went back. I'm probably gonna donate my earnings from that day back into the community and go pick up some trash at the metroparks.

  2. Shout out the artist!! The world needs to know their work.

  3. The cool extra thumb koalas have! You'd be able to hold and open a water bottle with one hand all while climbing a tree.

  4. When I was a kid I started the "Animal Club" in my class and got a bunch of kids to sell chocolate to raise money for a animal rescue near my town. We raised enough money to "adopt" an animal and since I started the club I got to pick between a owl or a turkey vulture, obviously I chose turkey vulture. So we got to have a real turkey vulture come into school one day and I don't think I've ever came down off that high.

  5. Buddy. Because he was the protector the family needed! Plus he was badass and I wish i had him as an extra grandpa!!!

  6. NTA I will also chime in to get a lawyer. Idk where you are but you gotta fight that. Stop talking about it and serve him paperwork. Sue for child support and leave it at that. The financial commitment of child support alone may scare her away or at minimum show Tyler you aren't scared to take a stand for yourself and daughter. Plus establishing child support is the first step in this process anyway. Besides in alot of states if you file for help with pre-k, food assistance, or medical they auto sue the child's father that's on the birth certificate. I only bring this up because of how young you are I assume your income level is not huge..

  7. If you would like we may be able to help and work something out with you! Call Al's handyman service at 4408975132. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. I’m in Australia too. I have a friend with teenage children and horrible period pain. Like had to call out sick almost every month. She asked for a hysterectomy and was told no, she only has boys so might not be done. When she said she was, they asked what did her husband want? He’s done too. Ok, well what if you divorce/he dies and you have a new husband, what would he want? This imaginary man in this imaginary scenario gets more of a say over what happens to my friends body than she does. In the mean time, she gets to have operations to “clear her out” and have TWO different types of birth control (IUD and the rod) to help her with the pain.

  9. Wow just wow this just messed with my head a bit I mean an imaginary scenario takes precedent to real emotion wtf!!

  10. NTA when you go inside remove your plates preemptively fuck your brother!

  11. NTA by any means. It truly worries me that her mom would not want you to check on your daughter. They took her way of communication then told you not to show up when you received an sos??? You have every right to check on your kid day or night no matter what. You have the right to inspect the living conditions as well at any point! So showing up to their home with warranted concern is not that far fetched.

  12. NTA should have cut his sheisty shifty ass off earlier. Good for you standing up to him like that!

  13. If I saw this irl I would probably take a bite out of because it's so pretty! ( and probably smells like it would taste good)

  14. Just curious but why not use a cricut? Edit to say your skills are definitely top notch and I'm definitely not trying to down on your talent, I just got a cricut and have been doing some basic paper crafts and couldn't imagine doing the work you do!

  15. I’ve been paper cutting since Cricuts had metal dies and crank handles - obviously they’re more versatile now but I would still find the process quite limiting (with hand cutting I have a lot more freedom to edit as I work and see how different things look as I’m doing it then adjusting things as needed). I’ve also used one a few times to test SVG files I’ve designed and they’re a bit of a nightmare for cutting cardstock - blades blunt quickly, getting fragile pieces off the sticky mats without damaging them is really difficult and they come off the mats bent out of shape, but if they’re not sticky enough the piece won’t cut properly, then all the scraping of the mats and everything else… plus they’re so slow! I was really shocked by how slow they are (and I was testing on a Maker, albeit not a new one). And because of the thickness of the blade and how it moves, issues with pressure, there are limits to what you can cut in terms of intricacy - that would be fine for most of this piece, although some of the really fine bits in the ornaments would be trashed.

  16. I've had a problem with all of those things while using paper/card stocks, so like you said I stick to vinyl. Your handy work is definitely way cooler!

  17. So the popular opinion is that the folded paper has a women's phone number, but it could be a "fold" which is just a folded piece of paper with drugs in it. I wonder if he has a past drug history..

  18. My mom always took me to cemeteries because "everyone is dead already" 🤣

  19. Pajama pronounced Paah-Jamma. Or Candice Pack aka Candy Pack...

  20. Was gonna get a job for nestle because they are offering $22.80 to start and that seems decent for me, but I couldn't bring myself to work for water terrorists. The whole first day orientation they were like "we are for the future" and I just had to laugh because they are they ones destroying it.

  21. Look at you, strawberry cow You make me go wow. I love when you moo my name 💖

  22. I wish these were adult sized, I'd buy them all up in a heart beat! Keep up the good work. Yall are making core memories for your granddaughter.

  23. Chatauqua Lake is pretty sweet, 2 hours away

  24. My uncle has a house on the lake out there! My parents are going for a few days at the end of the month, maybe they will find something they want to do but don't have time to and we can take them back!

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