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  1. Made even more hilarious once you remember that the standard German infantry unit in Company of Heroes is a geriatric/teenage Volkssturm squad

  2. Volksgrenadier and Volkssturm are different things. It’s the former in the game.

  3. If you like watching Lalo as a character, I definitely suggest you go watch "Inglorious Basterds". Hans Landa and Lalo have a lot in common with their manners and the ways they get what they want out of people.

  4. I think you got a good walk cycle overall here! Just two major things I have noticed:

  5. Right?? I actually managed to feel that chilling relief!

  6. I have a lot of flashbacks, isn't EMDR supposed to be really good at helping with that?

  7. During the EMDR? If so, in my experience, it is more intense flashbacks than usual. It is as if the repressed emotions are finally able to surface and be experienced in a more 'full' manner, helping in resolving them not in the exact moment but rather in the long run.

  8. Yeah looks like she's feeling some guilt about not stopping the abuse so she's downplaying it in her own mind so she doesn't have to feel as guilty. Either that or it's pure gaslighting done with full intent. Either way the result is that you just had your experiences denied and your emotions invalidated. That's awful.

  9. This, same thing with my mother. She is in her own healing journey now, but you cannot guess how much excusing, defensiveness or excusing my father she did in these last few months before she became bit more open. She expressed how much it hurts her for failing me and I can see the reason for such reactions. I think this is what's going on with OP's mother, a kind of automatic denial system to defend the fragile ego. But for the true healing, the ego has to be shattered.

  10. I'm a little bit tired but I still didn't want to pass your post without posting a comment.

  11. Thank you for the recommendation! I will see if I can find it and check it out :)

  12. One specific example from the book I remembered, made an impact on me and wanted to add is (paraphrasing): "Imagine someone talking about how much they love flowers, yet when you go to their house, there are dead flowers everywhere from not being watered sufficiently. Would you believe this person's love for flowers?"

  13. This is exactly what happened with my father, math homework too. It was the first and last time I asked for his help in a homework. He ripped the notebook and threw it at me, while screaming from the top of his lungs.

  14. I think it is definitely fitting to the brief (at least from what you told us). Small things I could suggest would be to try to round the edges where two mirrored shapes meet (which remind me of abstract humans from top-view about to interact or hug each other). Like a full circle for where the straight and diagonal line meets could be fitting. But this is something for you to try and see if it is better. Now this I suggest more strongly: I would watch the kerning on your logotype, because there are some unequal spaces between letters (like o-e is too far and e-V is too close to each other).

  15. I had to defend my views and speak so carefully as a kid while trying to also contain my emotions so as not to cry or look hurt. All while being screamed at. I got so good at it that I’ll do public/recorded speaking a lot for my company and they say how “you don’t seem nervous and you’re so good at speaking”.

  16. Okay, you just had to hit me with that, didn't you? Well, for some reason, communicating in non-personal things like work, education, daily stuff is real easy for me. But once it gets beyond surface level, oh boy.

  17. I wish mine divorced even sooner, no one is doing any benefit to anyone except keeping up a thin facade outside by staying together

  18. I of course cannot know your life fully, but I can see a relation to mine from what you have talked about. My mom didn't hold my father accountable enough (caused partly by her own abusement in her childhood), and basically my father would get away with his abuse of me (also I can tell because of his childhood). This of course doesn't excuse their actions nor condemn them to eternal damnation, just things I came to realize about them. When I first started looking back at my past and reading about CPTSD, my father's abuse was clear mostly. But after some time, I have come to realize how my mother's passiveness was at times much more harmful to the child me, as an enabler. I wish she could have stepped up or took some proper actions to protect me in ways that actually mattered much more, but oh well.

  19. Has a very warm and welcoming feeling :) Not only because of the color palette but also the rough edges help with this I think, love it!

  20. Thanks, I'm so happy you noticed! I was inspired by Tatsuro Kiuchi's use of rough edges.

  21. Oh I never saw his work before, that's cool! I can indeed see the connection to some pieces I have quickly checked out now, will check deeper when I have time. Thanks!

  22. Tried your local graveyard yet? It also provided me with a sense of home. See my last post :)

  23. Okay I have to admit, just for a second I thought you were mildly joking about suicidal intentions with those two sentences. I'm sorry 😅

  24. omg these used to be me and my boyfriend’s pfps, and I even edited blush on the original cat and dog photos

  25. Well, maybe it's time to go back to old pfps, with a painterly twist to it :p

  26. I may be tripping, but one thing i would definately change is a size of a red triangle. It feels much smaller in comparison to circle and rectangle. Try to duplicate the black one at the bottom onto the red ones place. All in all I like the idea :)

  27. This, plus the circle (although not as much scaling up as the triangle). You have to keep in mind that mathematical measurement doesn't always equal visual one (and many times, visual one is more important in design). In this case, when the boundary boxes are the same size, the other two shapes always look smaller than the square, because of the total amount of area it covers.

  28. Thing is, intentions don't really mean much when it's the action that has the weight and 'reality' outside of your head in the social realm. No one is genetically, from birth, condemned to toxicity. Their upbringing might be causing them to do toxic acts while not realizing, but they are not toxic, what they do is. So I rather prefer for all of us humans to have a check in with our acts and if they are truly translating what we intend, but not going to the end of scale where it ends up being constant doubt. A healthy balance of believing of our capacity to do good while weighing our actions.

  29. This, I love the things shared here, I really do. It helps me realize things about myself and others and many other things. But I sometimes see an attitude of 'certainty' in this place, about how they surely cannot be abusive because they got abused themselves. Well, both my parents had harsh childhoods, and I'm saying this based on the information I was able to gather about both. Yet, here they were, abusing me and each other in so many different ways (my mother even told me how she would see her mother in herself yet couldn't stop it). So, I see it as a fine balance we have to keep between keeping ourselves in check and yet having confidence in ourselves at the same time.

  30. never seen clouds like that, I love that style.

  31. I do it a lot too, it is as if something catastrophic is just around to corner and that's why I'm anticipating something physically. I also get very tense in my muscles, especially my legs. It is as if my body is getting ready to run away

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