1. The Silph Research Group is still active and its data powers the pages on the TSR website like the dedicated Rocket, Raid and Task pages.

  2. I could take a lesson in concise statements from you. Thank you for summarizing so well!

  3. Yes, it is safe to assume it will never come back.

  4. No? Non shiny eligible would always have a probability of 0. So why should it be included? Also yes I appreciate the 4* but it just bugs me I "never" catch a shiny legendary. But I guess I should just shut up.

  5. No, non-shiny bosses shouldn't be included. I assumed that someone who has completed 342 raids and diligently kept stats on them would have raided at least some of the other T5 shinies that have been released. Maybe you went 5 for 30 on deoxys... but that's another 0-for-25 you could selectively report.

  6. I did 7 Deoxys on Raid day (with no shiny). I did no remotes when it was in rotation and normally just did Tier 1-4 Raids.

  7. Trying to fit your experience into an RNG expectation is tricky. The best chance any individual would have is tallying cumulative number if shinies vs. cumulative number of shiny-eligible raids (selecting only data with the same shiny rate). That should eventually reach the 1:20 rate.

  8. I use it solely to check nearby raids. So there is no More driving around randomly looking for raids.

  9. This has been 99% of my usage. The other 1% is ignoring flares and then disabling the push notifications from Campfire.

  10. I don't know how TSR would accomplish this. They would need to recruit a bunch of new players who suddenly are vested enough in the game to raid heavily and diligently collect data. Seems like an incredibly small population.

  11. Where do people get the idea that its lower odds in raids? I see this question almost daily here

  12. I'll probably regret spending time replying to you since

  13. I would question the validity of using a metric like "days since last Go Fest" when pooling data for both in-person (3 events scattered over ~2 months in summer) and virtual (2 days). If one were to insist that was the right metric, I believe a valid calculation would exclude the 2020 and 2021 virtual Go Fest data since you really are concerned with days since last in-person Go Fest for a 2022 expectation.

  14. None of the ToS explicitly say you can't use third party hardware though. In fact it would be impossible to play if they outlawed third party hardware, as Niantic don't make phones, so by definition any phone that runs Pokémon Go is third party hardware. A gotcha is hardware, it's not software (and third party software is prohibited if it accesses the service in an unauthorised manner, as you say, which is also why Calcy IV and Pokegenie are OK as they don't access the service).

  15. They specifically call out modified or unofficial third party software as a prohibition. Hardware is neither explicitly excluded nor included. The CYA wording of the ToS identifies it as non-exhaustive, so it isn't necessarily OK just because this hardware isn't listed as an example.

  16. It functions the same as a licensed product (albeit one with a permanently stuck button) and doesn't offer any advantage in gameplay that the licensed one doesn't also offer, therefore it's not cheating.

  17. You don't have to convince me.

  18. Both are plausible for sure, I'd lean towards the latter if they're focusing on monetising it somehow.

  19. Agreed on the latter (intentional blacklist). I know it's rare that Niantic successfully implements something favorable to players... But they perhaps could have blacklisted it knowing that the special research would require evolving Cosmog so that they could prevent players from trading theirs away (and then griping about not being able to complete the research).

  20. This looks like a decent historical record.

  21. As others have pointed out, they're "short staffed." Given how poor and simple the dev dairies have been, I'm earnestly shocked that they havent been able to throw together something.

  22. There are so many good topics where they could shed light on game design. Your GBL idea is a good one. A similar retrospective on Season of Go would be interesting... what worked, what didn't, what are they looking to improve, what are they abandoning, etc.

  23. I recall Kelsey saying at somepoint in the replies of the Tweet they're short staffed at the moment.

  24. I don't accept that excuse. Every company has fewer people available than all the things they would like to do, so they have to prioritize. Niantic's actions show the priority is not keeping their word with the Dev Diary.

  25. Someone at Niantic definitely just saw your post and went "Oh yeah right, the shiny"

  26. Then set a reminder to turn it on 18 hrs after the event first goes live.

  27. Last set of 5... 2W by lag, 2L by lag, 1 actual W.

  28. Could you feed his Pokémon in the gym with normal berries until they are full. Then they can’t be fed for half an hour. ask your friends in different teams to attack, he won’t be able to feed/heal. They can kick him out. Or am I missing something. I think I’m missing something. …..

  29. Yes, you are. The cap is by account, not pokemon. Each account can feed 10 berries every 30 minutes. With multiple accounts, you need to exhaust their GR inventory and not tryto outpace them.

  30. The only action I've seen the In-app support take is on offensive trainer names. Reports of multi-accounting, spoofing, aggressive in-person behavior (to other trainers), and disrespectful behavior (to property owners) have been unilaterally ignored.

  31. 2018 we had events over the weekend worldwide, were the featured pokemon spawned nearly everywhere with boosted odds.... They changed it to those 5 encounters...

  32. This is the Safari Zone tie in I want.

  33. 1 defender is location. It's 1000 times more powerful than a GR. Find a gym off the beaten path where you have to (gasp) walk 5+ minutes to reach it and it is nearly untouchable.

  34. I don't think Mega Gengar is right

  35. There's no algorithm past standard ELO ranking. Youre losing more because you're above your ranking.

  36. Adding to the complexity is that I don't think ELO is equivalent to skill level with the way it is implemented in GBL.

  37. So you're suggesting that the matchmaking algorithm is biased against you specifically?

  38. I think he is suggesting it is biased against every legitimate player in GBL. Which means an army of bot accounts exist to be the "winning" side favored in matchmaking.

  39. Only if Niantic screws up and offers a make-up event

  40. Thanks for the list. Sinnoh Tour is going to be an interesting proposition.

  41. What you suggest is fine but it’s pretty much a pipe dream. Especially 30 second incense without moving, literally no way they’d ever do that. Also being the first to ‘discover’ a nest is never gonna work, that will just be spoofer central.

  42. It is hard to find something that is universally desirable for players, considering differing priorities (PVE, PVP, shiny). Just eliminating the universally undesirable would go a long way toward improving nests; does anyone need a Yungoos nest when we are in our 3rd consecutive season with featured as a common wild spawn and at least 2nd consecutive season with it in the nesting pool?

  43. Agreed. Zubat as a “sucky” example happens to be one I need shiny. So not sucky for everyone! As long as there are a couple cool nesting species, I’m good. I can search out those cool ones or wait two weeks and hope they come to a park near me.

  44. You hit upon all sorts of great issues that need to be tackled to make nests relevant again. They need to appeal to new players, old players, PVE players, PVP players, hardcore grinders, casuals, etc. It's hard to find something universally appealing to everyone.

  45. Welcome to Pokemon Wait. New player?

  46. Why would you hold on to something for years just to save a single Elite TM?

  47. That's the core gameplay loop of Pokemon Wait. Why do anything now when it will be easier/better in the future?

  48. Maybe if you beat it, it leads to a dynamax raid?

  49. What's the longest datamine-to-available delay we have seen. I've got to believe dynamax is put a few years, at least.

  50. This is the only positive, anticipatory comment I've read in this entire thread.

  51. Eggs are a kind of lootboxes right? There should be a regulation which states that the rates must be transparently and fully disclosed.

  52. It depends on the specific wording of the lootbox regulation, but it can be argued that they are not lootboxes under the pretense that it takes some "skill" to open them. Walking or moving is a pretty trivial "skill", but that is enough to dodge some laws.

  53. Giving us the infinite incubator is how they get around the Google play TOS. Since you don't buy eggs and can hatch them without spending money it probably doesn't violate it in the most technical of ways.

  54. The way I read the terms, having a free path is moot. The thing that matters is that you can buy incubators.

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