How my colleagues cat Leon sleeps

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  1. Need to do this with a dirtier looking Aerith and replace cloud with yuffie model

  2. A totally nude Aerith? 😂

  3. I'm partial to the Dominatrix Aeris tbh lol. Suits her

  4. She always seems to be having a shit time. Hope she can get healthy and stable because she definitely seems like a nice person and worked hard in the past

  5. I need to hit the gym... He says sitting on his ass thinking about biscuits

  6. Stable diffusion is not an online AI, you need to download a lot of stuff. But it's not that hard, here is a tutorial for installation:

  7. Someone please shoop the colour of the bra so it's her skin tone

  8. Any way to block YT adverts on the TV ap? I can put stuff on the firestick if that's the only way

  9. This is my biggest pet peeve .. friends, family, dates... Everyone shows up late and I immediately drop so much respect for them. Girl called me 20 mins late once and she was dating it's going to take her 30 mins to park .. Another time I was getting serious with a girl and was going to meet her brothers... They didn't show up to the restu for 40 minutes... When I told her what they did she do told me "you should wait all year for my brother's".. set the standard for the relationship and I didn't like it

  10. I think...I need to rewatch this shit

  11. Just when I think cats can't get any cuter... They evolve

  12. STARS-145 uncensored leak, The goddess Ichika Nagano... Retired too early ..

  13. So managed to confirm a few thing about the girl on the right

  14. legendary man. Any ideas how to download that video? it's not working from the link

  15. Search pMaya chaturbate on Google

  16. Just checking to make sure it's not me...

  17. All my friends are either married or too young. I get invited to hang out with them sometimes and I just feel out of place in either situation which just pushes me out whether we want to or not .. the only people I speak to consist are single and my age range

  18. All the suggestions seem legit thanks but I was just making a point that by the time I was able to access the fight, I was so massively underleveled that it was ridiculous... Trying to farm up to those max stats doesn't really attract soooo this might be a fight I just skip

  19. That's needs an edit as if she's pulled her panties down

  20. That's why we're on fucking Reddit now...

  21. Are you talking about the text or his expression?

  22. That is called Haka and it is NOT childish! It is expression of aggression meaning " I am going to eat you!" ( yes Maoris were cannibals before their conversation of Christianity by British missionaries).

  23. What are you talking about? What's the text got to do with the haka? He sounds like he's trying to start a fight in the playground

  24. Don't talk about the porn. Don't talk about the porn.

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR3pSGb_-Zo

  26. I don't even want to touch her... I last want to look.

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