1. When they talk too much about the age gap. Like idc if there is a little age gap (like in flock and bound by honor where it’s like 5-6 years), but it pisses me off so much when they won’t stop talking about it aka Hothouse Flower. I literally DNFed Birthday Girl cuz I could tell was gonna be like this. Basically I hate when age gap is part of the plot

  2. He is a ten but burned down your house, kidnapped your mom, stole all your money and orchestrated a gang bang with his friends

  3. HAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHA. Corrupt by Penelope Douglas. All I can say is that this man doesn’t even apologize for his doings😭😭😭. He also handcuffs her in a catacomb just to be freaky LMAO

  4. I’m 19 and I’m to a bbq with my coworkers for the first time tonight , I feel so grown up lmaoo 🤣

  5. KILL SWITCH (that’s literally Damon Torrance and I love him so much)

  6. Damn from the description he seems obsessive and out for revenge*… I love it.

  7. Homeboy is known for his scent: cigarettes ❤️. Also he goes to prison and marries Winter’s older sister just to get his revenge on her hahahhaah

  8. My fav season is season 4. Season 5 is good, but stop after this one

  9. Hideaway by Penolope Douglas. FMC is white and MMC is Japanese

  10. i am NEW to the HTGAWM, just watched season 1 and it was terrific, And i have been watching alot of reviews on season 2 being dull as compared with others, So is it okay if i skip season 2 and start off with 3 or do i need to really watch for the story to connect.

  11. No hahahahaha unfortunately you absolutely need to watch season 2. It’s important to the overall plot. By the end of the show, everything is connected and the story won’t make sense if u skip a season

  12. Okay wtf is Booktok and how do I become apart of it?

  13. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAH it’s when your fyp on tiktok is basically just about books. If u wanna get on it, just start liking and interacting with book content. Maybe you can just search the tag “booktok” or some of your favorite authors and like the videos that interest you. For example my fyp is filled with addicted/Calloway sisters content cuz that’s what I’m currently reading, but it was basically just Devils night videos a couple months ago. But either way there is ALWAYS Acotar videos every once in a while, it’s impossible to escape

  14. Bruh I’m a size 00/XS and my mom is a size 8/M and I’ll sometimes borrow a shirt or a jacket from her closet lol. It fits different but you don’t have to be the same size as someone to borrow their clothes hahhahha

  15. Good girl complex, by Elle Kennedy. There’s a huge thunderstorm with a lot of wind, causing power outage

  16. Try Her Soul to Take, by Harley Laroux. The sequel to that book fits the description too, which is Her Soul For Revenge. Both FMC either were or are going to be sacrifices for the local cult. The MMC are demons. And they are very spicy hahahha

  17. Just as a slight warning these books are pretty out there from what I remember…like a very apparent bdsm aspect to the relationship lol

  18. Oh definitely, but there are trigger warnings on the first page

  19. Not really a romcom, just a regular romance, but Hothouse Flower has VERY outdoorsy vibes

  20. Omg I took a look at them and The Chair has Cristina from greys hahahahah

  21. First one that came to mind. I love that book so much

  22. I haven’t read it, but I heard about a novella called Caught by Convicts

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