1. Your footwork is wrong for someone who is right handed. Your last 2 steps should be right, left. That way you open your body to the ball then allowing you to put more power into your swing. (Surprised your coach didn’t catch this) and people pointed this out to you in your previous post as well

  2. Honestly looks pretty good, arm movement and approach look good, if your looking to get more power into your swing it looks like you are swinging and jumping with your body facing the net. Try jumping with your body towards the court instead of the net then turn your hips towards the net and follow it with your upper body and hit the ball. That way you will get more power into your swing.

  3. Looks like a very basic 6-man rotation scheme with some kind of positions existing. Would assume either row 3 or 6. May help if you mentioned which one you and which side of the net you are on since there are a lot of issues on both sides. So imma assume you are the hitter. You have to transition off the net faster. Once the server touches the ball you can move and raise that left hand higher when you are hitting. Besides that if the ref called a lift or a net it was a bad call.

  4. So generally most sets are not going to be the same everytime and most people who are new take their approach to the same spot expecting the set to go to the same place at the same speed everytime which can’t happen especially at lower levels so taking your approach to where the ball is/going can make hitting more consistent and can make you better in general.

  5. Alright, so fix your footwork a bit. You are starting from a good place for an approach but you have to make it smoother that way you won’t be late and end up hitting the ball at a lower point than you should. With your left foot forward it should go Right-Left-Right-Left. Once you clean that up next focus on the form of your approach and make sure that you are throwing both arm back enough and you get lower before you jump making sure you use all of the power in your legs to get you higher. Good luck hopefully this helps.

  6. I’d say no to it being a carry/lift but usually it depends on the ref. on how they see that dip you are doing with your arms on contact. Definitely need to fix footwork/placement to make your stance more sturdy and use more of your legs when setting especially in the beginning since it will make your sets more consistent and powerful and you won’t have to rely solely on your arms for getting the ball to the pins.

  7. Nice up. Only thing I could think of is fix movement of your feet, stay more on your toes, and have your arms more out in front of you not so low at your knees. The only other thing I could critique is position on the court since it looked like either a pipe/Middle-back set or 2/middle-front set which would normally put you closer to the 10ft line than the back line with the middle back filling a possible hole in the block. But it’s usually up to your coach how defense set up on those kind of things. Hey made your setters life easy :D with that pass.

  8. Totally agree with you. Self-care is a F/D rank perk when it comes to self healing alone(32 seconds to self heal with just perk) since a med kit can do it’s job faster. Self-care + medkit becomes a D/C rank perk because of the -20% depletion rate. But Built to last destroys that perk with a 50% recovery of charges after 10 seconds since depletion. That’s why most purple/red rank survivors suggest not using the self-care perk once you get more of an understanding with the game. It’s a fine crutch when your new but it starts to hinder you and your team when you go against higher ranked killers

  9. Me staring at all the craziness from the left and

  10. Ran to nazi pretty quick there lol so let’s start with the right wing mass shootings I’m assuming your referring to mass shooters to release a manifesto referring to the extremes of right wing ideas? Bit of a stretch so ok so we must assume the whole body is the problem and not just a few? Sounds like what people did to Muslims after 9/11 and started making them all out to be terrorist and what happened after Pearl Harbor with Japanese-Americans you are now trying to do with the right but we aren’t the one destroying cities. So next terrorist attacks on democracy’s your gonna have to expand on that a bit. So plots to murder democratic governors people have the freedom of speech you can say almost whatever you want I’m sure I’ve seen some people saying they want to kill trump and that could be seen as a plot and sure there are probably plenty of ‘plots’ to kill both right and left political officials doesn’t make it right but assuming it only happens on one side of the political isle is wrong to assume. And how did you do the mental gymnastics to get to the nazi part pretty weird

  11. Where is this from it looks like it is from mobile

  12. In America you owe a meal for coach if you miss match point and if you get an ace on match point coach owes you dinner.

  13. Strafing is fine if you understand that the chance of being hit by FF is increased and there is a chance you block someone’s shots. It’s not ok if you decide to strafe and then get upset that someone shot you. I’ve been on both sides of this and usually I just assume everyone I play with is a moron. So when I’m shooting past someone I try to give them enough space that if I see them run towards my crosshairs I can try avoid hitting them. I’m not going to be like “oh you decide to strafe? Oh well still gonna continue to unload my gun into the back of your head cause it’s your fault for strafing into my bullets”. This game is about teamwork. Working around everyone else and do the best your role can do. If you don’t like some of the randoms you play with then make friends with the good ones you do find. That way you don’t have to go into insane missions with some class lvl 5 doofus. Or simply convince your friends to pick up the game since the game has a pretty good group PVE aspect and can be a lot more fun with friends.

  14. Watch the hitter they will usually give a tell as to where they are hitting.

  15. Generally speaking every position is front row for 3 rotations and back row for 3 rotations. Every position has someone who is there ‘opposite’ per say like OH1 is to OH2 or Setter is to Oppo and middle is to middle/Libero. Usually for terminology serve 1 is when the setter serves, Serve 2 is when OH1 serves. Serve 3 is when the middle 1/Libero serves. Server 4 is when the Oppo serves. Serve 5 is when OH2 serves and Serve 6 is when Middle 2/Libero serves. Each position gets 3 rotations front row before they serve and then 3 rotations back row when they serve. So simply knowing which position just served or is supposed to serve helps a lot with remembering what rotation is which.

  16. Greenbananas pretty much summed it up but based on your teammates highlight video that he posted on this same reddit page there are other things you need to work on( assuming that it was you playing opp in other video as well). Maybe making it longer with some attempts as well as blocks helps with identifying any bad habits like having your hands down at the net that greenbananas pointed out. Or simply record yourself blocking your teammates for a couple min that way when you watch it you will get a steady visual of what you may or may not be doing correctly.

  17. Amazed that someone didn’t be like “suicide is a serious thing and you should not be making jokes about it” or something along those lines and just end his career right there.

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