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A photo from the Bush to Obama transition, 2009

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the longest river in france dried up today

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  1. Republicans won that war against liberals/dems. And I'm sure Grammy walking around the capital taking selfish that was waved in by security was really ready to commit jihad. Go watch your videos dufus

  2. Damn gave you a lay up and you still face planted on that one. Try strolling some library aisles. Read a book or two.

  3. We all should because learning is fun! :D

  4. I never watch these "I scammed a scammer" videos, surely they're fake? Like, how does it even work?

  5. Nah they're highly structured criminal enterprises, many centered in India. This guy and other youtubers have actually managed to hack their cameras and if you didn't know any better you'd think they were legit call centers. Many are inside buildings mixed in with legit tech support companies.

  6. Well yeah if you want to override the voice of voters that’s a pretty wrong mentality. Unless you support anti-democratic strategies.

  7. I'm 40 hours in and haven't found a single leather trenchcoat smh. Cyberpunk has the same problem as the Witcher, where stats and armour are just randomly mixed up, and the better armour tends to be the ugliest.

  8. You can get one off Placide in Pacifica. Of course he isn’t just going to give it away out of the kindness of his heart.

  9. Anyone crying over this has jumped the shark. We're talking about a fucking Cheney here. You do not under any circumstances "have to hand it" to any of them.

  10. I definitely tire of seeing Kisinger (spelling?). You don’t get points when you encourage and lay the ground work for someone like Trump. You don’t get to be appalled when a POS stays on brand and it becomes too much for you to stomach.

  11. Love that Israel owns its mistakes. Unlike Palestinians that the world seems to think are innocent of any bad.

  12. Easy there chief you need to stretch first before pulling off those levels of mental gymnastics.

  13. Assault with a deadly weapon. So wholesome 🥰

  14. Agreed, fighting fascist is always wholesome. 🤗

  15. I know! I saw it and was like “well that’s an old photo!” Then I realized it was taken in my lifetime and now I feel old

  16. I definitely felt old seeing that the sun baby in teletubbies has a child of her own now. Never really watched the show because I had aged out of its target demographic by the time it aired in the US but damn where does the time go??

  17. I have all targeting everywhere turned off. Now I get American political right ads like "They are gonna take your guns"

  18. Go far enough left you get your guns back.

  19. This needs to be said more often. These Trumpists? They're not radical right-wingers, they're domestic terrorists.

  20. It's fair to say there's a lot of overlap.

  21. Conservatives and 4chan/discord historians: Dems started the kkk hurr durr

  22. I always have anydesk and teamviewer open and ready. Just in case I need tech support. /s

  23. The tiktok “life hacks” where people slow convoluted ways to eat simple foods like chicken wings. I see them posted on Reddit all the time.

  24. I want you to realize that Tiktok (like YouTube) has a stupendous algorithm that will cater to the content you interact with. The content you're mentioning is scarce to nonexistent on your page after browsing for an hour, the only people who consume it are people who will repost it or react to it to mock it.

  25. Thanks for the info. Not surprising since I’ll watch gun videos or similar stuff on Pinterest and both platforms tried to steer me towards Steven Crowder and other alt-righters and I had to tweak my preferences asap.

  26. It’s just that their acts are extremely inept and ineffective.

  27. Thought it was insane they gave their soldiers expired food rations. Like you’d think they’d want their soldiers somewhat combat effective and not doubled over with stomach cramps and diarrhea.

  28. That’s one thing I appreciated most out of the movie they come from a culture that took down bears , mountain lions and bison. They face an enemy they’ve never seen and just go at it. Sure they were outmatched but they’ve gave it their best shot. Not that my opinion counts as much but I rank it just below the first Predator and above Predators (The one with Jason Brody).

  29. I’m glad my dad burned his draft card. His older brother had already been drafted and living in the south he still had memories of Jim Crow. His brother, my uncle came back fucked in the head and ended up doing time in prison for manslaughter. From what I’ve been told he probably would’ve gotten off with self defense and maybe been ordered to get psychiatric help.

  30. uj/ The only FBI/DOJ crime stats they know from heart. Bring up the fact that the biggest threat to the US leans heavily right and they lose their shit.

  31. Back the blue at its core has always been just the slogan of pro-police abuse. So long as their attention was focused on minorities. The moment the police interfere with the far right they become targets just like anyone else that doesn't fit their narrow view of the ideal person.

  32. Can I just get everyone to appreciate how few barrels of dead bodies are in that picture? That there is a civilized country.

  33. They left all the barrels in Africa/SE Asia.

  34. Guilty on where the back faces but that’s it lol

  35. My mom’s in her 60s and still does this. She worked over 30 years in a psych hospital and seen enough staff get attacked to where she just sits with her back to the wall out of habit.

  36. I remember my first raise working as a teenager at Arby's; it was a whole nickel.

  37. It's an aberrational trope. Since there's a lack of genuine depictions (they're not allowed), it's both one-dimensional and laughably detached from reality.

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