This is 4-year old Ryker Webb after he was found, he spent two days lost in the Montana wilderness.

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  1. I looked at the cb500r but it being heavier and with gearing that somehow makes it slower than the ninja 400 just isn’t worth it when it’s nearly 2000 dollars more. IMO the cbr500r is a competitive performer to the r3 and ninja 400 but priced competitive to the ninja 650 which is just not great.

  2. Cool good luck be safe and take it slow

  3. Oh absolutely I’m both extremely excited to finally be financially in a place to get one and terrified to get on one after 4 years.

  4. Ok cool you don’t know history or the facts

  5. Unless they haven't updated that website or stopped tracking that isn't the case. Confirmed only in Boulder, Superior and Broomfield.

  6. There are 2 different Ash Bores one is wide spread other is EAB and is moving south faster than anyone knows. Protection with an injection will protect from EAB but not ALB. You need two applications a year to remove and keep out ALB and an Trunk injection once every two years.

  7. They are going to die soon anyway because of the emerald Ash Borer’s

  8. Looks like he found fragule Rock and their stash

  9. Of course it would be in Texas. God (ha!) I hate it here.

  10. I moved years ago and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

  11. She could be screaming in hell right now with Hitler and Mother Theresa for all you know. Don’t be so quick to envy the dead

  12. Yea completely fictional place’s will change her mind.

  13. They will never help pass any gun control.

  14. The school was in a gun free zone in a Republican state. We do have gun control laws. We have state laws. And we have federal laws.

  15. So why does it still happen maybe because it’s so easy to get a military weapon

  16. I did the same thing I got my first one at 38 now I have three very bold colorful tattoos

  17. I did the same thing I got my first one at 38 now I have three very bold colorful tattoos

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