1. What kind of helmets do you wear? Full face, mx, half, modular?

  2. That would be MX, Motocross style. Oddly enough, that's the same model as my offroad helmet lol.

  3. His knees might not buckle but those bone spurs sure do act up from time to time.

  4. It's ridiculous and it drives me crazy. Also the idea that they barely hit in the body but that somehow knocks them out is just plain stupid and lazy.

  5. It's long overdue but I doubt it will actually result in anything of substance actually happening to him.

  6. At this point, I just obviously laugh when I see these freaks.

  7. Wow, the only way to remove trump from a photo and make the douche factor rise. Good job.

  8. If I were ever going to get an arcade machine, this would be extremely high on the list. The controls are hard to replicate with emulation, and while some of the console ports are fun, it’s just not the same experience.

  9. They are similar to circus peanut candies. But so much worse.

  10. I have a Tandy Cosmic 1000 Fire Away in my home office!

  11. I didn’t take them off. I taped off around them, covered it with plastic and then covered the whole front end of the truck with plastic and sprayed them.

  12. Was this an arcade or PC game? I vaguely remember this. I would like to play this again & I'd like to find it.

  13. Both, I believe. I only played the arcade version and it was AWESOME.

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