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  1. As long as you are sure of yourself no one will bat an eye even if you walk in a clown costume

  2. I have no patience for SL1 lol, I thought my damage to Gael was minimal even on SL100+. For me gitting gud is beating the game and being able to beat all bosses without cheese.

  3. your last point is true but i say only to a certain extent. once you start getting real lategame you notice the lack of damage more because you’re lacking about 50 or so points in your main damage stat

  4. Problem with sl1 is how fragile you are most of the time

  5. You look great but not because of the dress

  6. I'm on a trip to Denmark an been walking around Copenhagen in full fem for the last 3 days. Haven't had any problems ^^

  7. Not to be rude but do you look like femboy or a girl

  8. What does a motor cycler look like? I have no idea what body type you could be referencing and it won’t leave my attention this morning

  9. Bald, long beard, muscular, head Bandana

  10. Ah right like Sons of Anarchy type. Yeah I just woke up so my brain wasn’t functioning at all. Thanks a lot for the reply! Have a happy Fourth of July!

  11. It absolutely does! But this has to be well coordinated so that you can be ready to retarget quickly, otherwise u'll saturate only a single area and not make use of the opportunity to wipe multiple areas at once...

  12. Well its not like you usually need to fire more than twice in most cases

  13. to keep it short its faster to load less than to load more

  14. Well actually relighting the flame brings the world closer to the next age, and stealing the flame for the hollows creates a temporary age where they can thrive. Letting the fire fade is idealistic, it is done with the hopes that nobody will relight it again, but we know that's inevitable

  15. If you wish to turn the world into dust go ahead and light the fire

  16. Well your two options are to light the fire and continue the process, or let the fire fade and wait for someone else to sacrifice themselves to light it again. Either way the ash will come, you can either accelerate it or have a little pocket of darkness for you and your kind

  17. What you are saying is that if you don't do it someone else will so might as well be the one to kill them

  18. You need to beat yhorm, abyss watcher, Aldrich and Prince lothric to unlock the final boss

  19. Any source to back that up? More than 50 fought in WWII

  20. If you live somewhere with low buying power I recommend checking local shops first before using Amazon

  21. Make a new account and get your rank in this new account

  22. I can't even get angry at my teammate when that happens

  23. I was playing ds1 recently and my controller's R2 button got stuck and I accidentally killed the pardoner

  24. Amk= amına koyayım That word is what got my Turkish from a2 to b1

  25. First step of learning a new language is to know how to swear

  26. Yes, and to be fair, you never know when a new person discovers LoTM and wants to find a community before finishing the entire novel. I think Spoiler tags should still be respected and used.

  27. Wouldn't anything beyond chapter one considered spoiler?

  28. But how would you know what you deem unimportant is unimportant to someone else

  29. Because people get hurt when its not normalised

  30. I think you missunderstood my comment, I can see how it's meaning would be ambiguous though. I was asking why the kiss needed to be story necessary for the story to normalize it. Things like couples kissing eachother when they part and such should always be shown.

  31. I must hereby excommunicate you from the organisation on the basis of leaking classified information

  32. Did you know before discovering mount Everest there was no mount everest

  33. "When Amon says 'my believers are all me,' it becomes a horror novel" (forgot chapter)

  34. It was around the time Klein went on a hike with amon if I remember correctly

  35. Fuze is more of a war criminal than caveira

  36. Ye I think glorifying abortion is fucked up. It's a terrible thing that should be looked at in the same veil as putting down a pet/euthanizing a loved one. It should be the absolute last resort. At the end of the day, you're killing an innocent life, or something that has the potential to become one (however you feel about what exactly a fetus is), that requires you to live and has the potential to become a functioning member of society, but it's necessary in some cases.

  37. Wow the guy who performed literal infanticide and who is currently in jail for the crimes he committed 11 years ago existed, so that's why we need to remove healthcare from people.

  38. Heard Hitler drank water everyday, it's vile and disgusting we should put everyone in jail when they drink water

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