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  1. En tiedä, yritätkö sanoa ettei mitään kriisiä ole, vai ettet tiedä, mitä niistä monista kriiseistä tässä tarkoitetaan.

  2. Trangia alcohol burner cookset, with their proprietary windscreen and pot set is my #1 choice because of how efficiently it runs. 1 Oz of fuel will boil 1 pint of water in 4 to 6 minutes, if indoors and out of the wind. Keep a window cracked, but it's no more fumes than a buffet style sterno burner. Two or three one-gallon cans of denatured alcohol don't take up much room, and are much safer to store indoors than gasoline or compressed fuel canisters. Denatured alcohol is available at any hardware store, unlike some other camping stove fuels.

  3. You could also probably just burn strong vodka in the burner if you run out of fuel. Just something to keep in mind.

  4. Why the down vote on this? It's absolutely true. Though something like Everclear would be much more effective. But even 80 proof vodka will burn, though 100 proof would be better. Even better would be 151 proof clear rum.

  5. Because people don’t know what denatured means and assume it has something to do with the burning.

  6. I live in Southern Finland and I sometimes wish I’d live further north, so we’d get real winters. So, cold for the win.

  7. I’m not a mechanic either, I’m just a dumb teenager working on my own vehicles ’cause I cannot afford professional repairs.

  8. that's fair, i'm just a lurker and you probably know way more about cars than me. i'd let you wrench on my e46

  9. Not cars, but quite a bit about mopeds and motorcycles.

  10. Tesla as a company and Elon Musk in particular are acting way too much like Delorean right now. The similarities are growing by the day.

  11. Tesla is like American democracy. It was advanced and cool when it was the only producer of good electric cars.

  12. Nissan has been making the Leaf for over a decade now. We had one in 2013 and it was excellent for city driving.

  13. Yeah, but Tesla was the first manifacturer to actually offer decent long range performance in an electric car.

  14. see also: thinking the blood glucose reading is 0.2

  15. I once got like 0.3 after swimming. ”Ok, my finger was just wet, let’s dry it properly”. A few minutes later: finger completely dry and the reading is 0.8 or smthing. Yikes.

  16. Nyyh nyyh kaupungit on ihan perseestä ja hallitus on ihan kusipäitä kun maalla ei oo työpaikkoja ja palveluita. Minun pitää saada asua metsän keskellä yksin, mutta kaupan ja työpaikan pitää olla viiden kilometrin säteellä.

  17. "Teen tässä vain tällaisen olkiukon. Ei ole muilta pois."

  18. Just grab a fucking lawnmower and broom broom. All those little horses are dead.

  19. Caesar was mocked for being gay. Not because he had gay sex, that was completely normal, but because he was a bottom.

  20. I wouldn’t say this is him being stupid. He simply doesn’t know about periods, and made an educated guess based on his knowledge of similar-looking products.

  21. Fuckers spent like a bazillion dollars on the digi cat only for it to be ran over by a fucking taxi.

  22. I’d like to see more people talk about how ineffective KK has been offensively against mostly 4th line opposition. 1 point in 10 games ain’t cutting it and it’s not like the guy kills penalties either.

  23. We saw a glimpse of a better KK in game 3 vs NY. I think there’s hope.

  24. It’s literally been 17 minutes since he told you he’s joking...

  25. Which does not make it a bad bike. Sure, it’s not as aero or lightweight as the new bikes, but it will be good enough if you’re not a pro.

  26. Lmao what? Specialized is one of the best brands in the industry.

  27. Doesn't everything fuck up motorcyclists, like a small rock or light rain? There's a reason they're called organ donors at hospitals.

  28. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle or are you just talking out of your ass?

  29. I would argue that bicycles were quite popular in the 1900s.

  30. Well yeah, but once some fucktard (cough, Henry Ford, cough) invented massproduced cars, it didn’t take that long for ’mericans to start using them.

  31. It scares me that things like this comes up so often in this sub. Why is it so hard to check over your SO’s car? When I did have an SO, and for a while after, that was my duty atleast once a week. My damn kids are in that car so I want to make sure it’s safe.

  32. Why is it so hard for your SO to check their own car? That’s the real question.

  33. You know she’s one of us because she carries two multitools.

  34. Jaa, kyllähän tuolla Ukrainassa on enemmän tai vähemmän sodittu tässä nyt 8 vuotta, tämä kevät ihan tosissaan.

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