1. And this has never made sense to me. What does it save them? Four dollars?

  2. Christopher Morley park in Roslyn is pretty well known to have pickup games.

  3. You may even find yourself playing against Adam Sandler!

  4. Sure Jumaane Williams. You just take over paying the $400 million ($20 million for 20 years) naming rights fee and then we’ll talk.

  5. That’s seriously, seriously impressive for 10 months.

  6. Lot G will save you maybe 45 seconds of walking. I think regular parking went up to $40 this year, so judge how much more than 40 it is for that lot.

  7. I’m with you. But I count the 5 Cap shows as part of this tour. Absolutely next level.

  8. I heard Trey in an interview on Phish radio saying that line is supposed to sound like Bob Dylan. Say it to yourself in your best Bob Dylan voice and it starts to make sense.

  9. I first heard about him from my friend who said I should play Epic Mickey because I’m a Kingdom Hearts maniac. I did not play Epic Mickey. I don’t know anything about Oswald and I couldn’t care less about him.

  10. I tried epic Mickey and had no idea what was going on. It was terrible.

  11. If you are a nugs subscriber, go to Watch on the app or livestreams on the web site.

  12. Thanks so much for asking this! I want to know about the opposite? Can Sands Point police pull over someone outside of Sands Point? Can the Port Washington police pull me over in Manhasset?

  13. I read about this a while ago where the Great Neck Estates cops were giving tickets outside of the village of Great Neck Estates. The article stated that they have to stay roughly in their territory, but they can go something like a mile outside their village to sit and give tickets.

  14. Thanks for posting this very comprehensive info.

  15. These Goose guys have really been practicing their instruments.

  16. The chances of you getting a refund are similar to the chances that Phish declares Summer 2023 as their “unplugged” tour, in which all shows will be acoustic instruments and a cappella only. I wouldn’t say there’s zero chance, but…

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