1. tap the sun to attack the tap the attack to sun the attack

  2. david. reason 1: he has the best line out of all the contestants. reason 2: he is super funny with his line. reason 3: he is the only human contestant, which makes him unique from all the other characters. reason 4: he has his own family. reason 5: he looks really cool. reason 6: he's a joke character and i like joke characters. reason 7: he is super handsome. reason 8: he's smart because when he said "aw seriously, he like uhhhhhh was doing smart things. reason 9: he didn't contribute at all in bfdi so he's pretty chill. reason 10: i like him. reason 11: he has the most unique line out of all the contestants, being "aw, seriously?". reason 12: he got 2nd place in that one boxing match in bfdi. reason 13: he can duplicate himself. reason 14: he can song songs. that concludes my reasons why you should like david

  3. akshuley he says he says "stfu you ugly cunt" not troot☝️🤓

  4. i'm not gonna sugarcoat it, but if it was in a pot with the soil in the bottom of it and it wasn't too dry i wouldn't be worried if the pot is still in a good condition

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