1. Kurds make up almost 20 million, how much support do you think they have ?

  2. Not all; but a lot. There's a political party called HDP in Turkey, they're pretty much the political branch of PKK and they get the majority of the Kurdish votes.

  3. Sorry but I cant take this answer seriously. HDP = PKK is government propaganda to get rid of dissent

  4. Som kvinna är jag 173 cm och skulle ha inga problem med att dejta en kille så lång som du.

  5. Tyvärr skulle de flesta kvinnor ha problem med det. Iallafall om de fortfarande känner att de är i sin "prime" och kan vara kräsna.

  6. Du behöver inte de flesta. Du behöver en som du klickar med ;)

  7. Så är det absolut! Men alla har en lägsta nivå för yttre attribut för att ens ge personen en chans. :)

  8. İt is a hate crime to do so in the UK andparts of US, and many EU countries. Maybe Sweden was more sane than the rest of the EU.

  9. You say we are more sane for allowing the burning of LGBT flags, then you say we suck because we allow waving certain other flags or allow burning of certain books. Very selective.

  10. Okay then let's not say sane but let's say consistant. At least you are saying freedom of speech for all and obeying that unlike giving it to Quran burners but not Torah burners. Oh wait...

  11. The torah burner actually got his application for the demonstration approved by swedish police but choose to withdraw and has literally told newspapers he Will do it in a later point in time when international relations are less volatile.

  12. He likes to play the victim. Sweden is giving him the victim card this time, sadly.

  13. It doesnt matter much to swedes in the long run (nato does not really matter since Russian invasion is a ridiculous fantasy) but I feel sorry for you that swedish actions help a bad guy win elections in your country.

  14. I hope he doesnt this time. I think the only reason that he won the 2019 election is because of the coup attempt

  15. Paludan literally harassed saying ”people who read this book are very very stupid” while burning it and yet the police kept on protecting him the whole way through

  16. To answer your question, no. The free speech laws make one exception which is hate speech, and it ONLY applies to hate speech against ethnicities. You can ofcourse also get arrested for inciting violence, for example if Paludan had said "death to all muslims"

  17. Thank you so much! Contrary to some comments, of course many Turks care about the Quran. I might not be that religious but my loved ones are. No one deserves this kind of hate or disrespect.

  18. the people here seem a bit delusional. "turks arent religious, turkey is secular" etc. Yeah its secular, but many, many turks are religious wtf

  19. If Turkey is 10x religious, it is believed to be 100x in europe. Everything about Turkey is exaggarated like that. It generally goes like this, if so shitty is 1x, Turkey is up to 10x, but europeans think it is 100x.

  20. "I utbyte förväntas delar av garantibeloppet gå till att köpa svenska varor och tjänster"

  21. Skillnaden är att Erdogan var en islamist innan han blev populist. I början var han ganska anti nationalism men sedan han förlorade kurdernas förtroende så allierade han sig med extremhögern och blev då en högerpopulist med islamistiska och nationalistiska inslag.

  22. Jag hoppas du förstår att de kurder som inte röstar på HDP röstar på AKP. Erdogans parti har ett extremt starkt stöd hos kurder i Turkiet och det beror på att även kurderna som väljarbas är polariserad. Generellt kan man säga att ena halvan är religiös och röstar på AKP, eller till och med stödjer det kurdiska islamistpartiet, medan andra halvan bryr sig mer om kurdnationalism och röstar på HDP, och en del sympatiserar även med PKK.

  23. Ja, men det var en större andel som röstade på AKP innan 2014-2015. Det är därför jag sade att han förlorade deras förtroende och var tvungen att alliera sig med extremhögern istället.

  24. Det var framförallt för att HDP inte var en faktor då de bildades 2012.

  25. Turkiye will continue to prevent Sweden to join NATO because of PKK relationship. Burning quran is just a result that Sweden doesn't give a fuck this process.

  26. You say nato restricts its members yet USA are the ones that cooporated with YPG.

  27. There is no way kick out any country out NATO, especially US the centre of NATO but can keep away Sweden like countries from NATO as long as it can.

  28. Absolutely. But you say you regulate NATO members which it does not. I dont want to join nato so I dont care if erdogan is blocking us. I wish our politicians would withdraw this application and end this farce of a situation

  29. Jag röstar inte längre men jag blev extra skadeglad över att se Uffe och Billström vända upp stjärthålet för den turkiska statsmakten och bli hatade av sina väljare för det.

  30. Jag ångrar inte vilken politik som jag röstade för, men snälla, är detta verkligen den bästa regeringen som den sidan kunde vaska fram?

  31. Wouldn't be the worst thing if they required an account or identity verification. Omegle is one of my favorite sites, I'm on there almost every weekend meeting people. Talk to someone for 30 seconds or 2 hours. I look at it like the narrator in Fight Club when he references "single-serving friends". I talked to a dude from Sweden a couple weeks ago for probably a good 2 hours just comparing life there vs. the USA in just about every aspect and it was a great insight into another countries (and seeing how he saw the US in media vs. my experience).

  32. My god, all the cocks on chatroulette back in the day. Disgusting

  33. This is a generalization but it is basically like this; half of Kurds in Turkey are religious muslims who vote for Erdoğan, other half is Kurdish nationalists OR marxist-communists-maoist (basically seperatist) who vote for HDP or outright join PKK and affiliated terrorist organizations.

  34. Hahaha. Dude, it is impossible to know for sure after spending time on this subreddit

  35. Where is the real leftist infighting about taking up arms against the bourgeois state and arguing about whether marx or bakunin had the most sound ideas about establishing a worker owned society

  36. Tvärt om finns det ingen reell anledning att stå utanför. Redan som ansökande har vi god vilja från de största militära makterna i NATO.

  37. Ja. Och vad har det med saken att göra att de stora militära makterna vill utöka sitt geopolitiska inflytande?

  38. Vi gillar det inflytandet för de delar våra värderingar.

  39. Med facit i handen så är det enkelt att se verkligheten.

  40. Eller så kunde man lyssna på dem som lade fram seriösa geopolitiska analyser redan från start (men som tystades ner av media och våra idiotpolitiker). "Vi såg det inte komma" nej inte denna gången heller

  41. Ryssland ordagrant hotade Sverige och Finland med militär aktion, med tanke på hur mäktiga Ryssland skall vara med tanke på vilka siffror av militärt material så har vi all rätt att ta deras hot seriöst.

  42. Nej luftslott har det alltid varit. Men visst, man kan ju leta efter ubåtar i skärgården om man har den paranoida böjelsen.

  43. Nah NATO is based af. Pkk and Sweden suck though

  44. Idioten är ju halvsvensk. Hur skulle det se ut?

  45. How Swedes can keep this situation escalating into something more dangerous without state providing any prohibition?

  46. The only remaining nazi party got 0.03% of the votes last election.

  47. Laws should provide balance in society, from my point of view they're both garbage there. I'm not talking about things being legal or illegal, it's just ethics.

  48. What I meant to say is 99% of swedes do think he is an asshole and we do not support his opinion. But the point is that people also do not want to infringe on his right to burn a book because it is only one of many things that can be deemed as disrespectful in a completely arbitrary way. If you too heavily restrict what you can say on grounds of respect, it opens up for oppressive state power to arrest and imprison people simply for saying things they dont like. Such is the case with article 301 of the turkish penal code. Such a law would be absurd to 99% of swedes if it was implemented here and there would be protests everywhere.

  49. You are from Turkey, not Türkiye when you are writing in english.

  50. Önce düşman mısın dost mu ona karar ver Demirtaş.

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