1. That sucks. I was ghosted after a fifth interview at EA. Just like you, they made it seem like I had the job. Never heard back from them. I had to take a month-long break from interviewing after that.

  2. How can an employer interview you five times and not think they owe you a follow up letting you know the result? So rude!

  3. Are you sure $1 isn't going to stop them? So many people freaking out over 20 cents that I'd hate to see what happens at $1 🤣

  4. Yep, I've had buyers offer $1-$2 off my listing price and won't pay my asking price. Even $1 discourages people

  5. I don't make a lot of money yet, but once all the Biden student loan stuff processes, I will be debt free. However, I don't plan to tell my parents about any financial successes in the future. They've already plainly stated that I am their retirement plan, and just this morning I found out that my mom took $2,500 out of her extremely minimal savings to buy non-perishable food because she is brainwashed. Like, fuck off if you think I'm going to be left with pennies because I've had to take care of you when you're this fucking irresponsible with your money.

  6. I was going to suggest Poshmark too! I made an extra $1,000 last year and trust me I DID NOT have good stuff. You’d be amazed at what people buy.

  7. In addition to Poshmark - Mercari, Vinted, and Ebay are also good online selling options. I don't use Vinted myself but have heard good things. I think it is primary for selling clothes, whereas you can sell anything on Mercari and Ebay. If you have questions about Mercari, message me! I sell on there regularly.

  8. I commute 2-3 days now. It’s a hybrid schedule already. But it’s an actual nightmare. I feel like a zombie

  9. If the working in office 2-3 days a week is really not sustainable, I would talk to your supervisor now. It can't hurt for them to know how you're feeling, and how they respond will be telling as well. Maybe ask to do 1 day in office and 4 days from home and see what they say?

  10. Depends on the company. I switched jobs because mine had a very strict three days in-office rule, no exceptions. If I took a day off, I still had to come in three of the four remaining days. Two days off? Come in all three of the rest of the days. It ended up feeling like I was being more scrutinized, schedule-wise, than pre-pandemic!

  11. I dealt with that same drama at my last job. Dealing with the strict "in office" rules that many other staff were not even following (although I had to follow it for some reason...) along with many other issues, caused me to quit without another job lined up this past January. I was already at a new job in February with a higher salary and fully remote. I'm so happy I left.

  12. Totally agree with #18. What was the point of seeing them go round & round arguing when there were major things both were leaving out? We were missing out on a lot of context.

  13. So It Goes would be fun. New York City at night with neon lights, dive bars and just all around moodiness.

  14. Making a celebration dinner tonight of roasted acorn squash and pasta! Might pick up some ciders to bring to D&D.

  15. Congratulations on the job! Nice pay increase too!

  16. We’re taking a mini vacation to Wilmington, NC - it’s about a 2 hour drive. Our hotel is near an excellent donut shop - so I will def be eating donuts!

  17. Not a trust fund, but my grandmother passed last year and left me $300,000. I don’t have access to the money yet (I get distributions at 25, 30, and 35 - currently 23) but it’s absolutely changed how I think about savings. I know that I now don’t have to save for a wedding or a house, which has allowed me to increase my “fun” budgets now because I’m not as worried about squirreling away as much money as possible for my future because I know I have a solid cushion for some major purchases in my future. I had no idea what to expect and thought I wasn’t going to be receiving anything from my grandmother but she was amazing with money - grew up in extreme poverty, was married away by her family before 18, took night classes while raising 3 kids to earn her pHd, pinched every penny, and was able to retire and spend time taking fantastic trips while paying for a $$$ retirement home. She was able to save enough to leave her 9 grandkids each 300K (as well as money for her kids too). We didn’t have the best relationship but damn was she a saver.

  18. Go Grandma! That's amazing that she was able to leave that much to all her grandkids.

  19. Plus Sephora offers free shipping no minimum and two free samples with every order :)

  20. Lana del Rey has mentioned watching it in interviews.

  21. This tells me that Becca didn’t give Gabby advice on how to deal with the backlash when you’re engaged to a racist… Becca is the best bachelorette that Gabby could’ve asked advice from.

  22. Lol, I wonder why she would repost that in support of Erich if she doesn't even know him or follow him? Maybe she thinks she's supporting Gabby by supporting Erich, but I'm still confused.

  23. Out of 1200+ sales, I have only had 2 fraudulent return requests and both times were from buyers with feedback. Lots of 0 review buyers lately that have been fine. You just never know. As the first comment here said, take photos and hand your package to the worker to weigh and get a receipt to protect yourself as best you can to respond when you get your item returned.

  24. I also am not too intimidated by the 0 review buyers. A lot of times I think they specifically created a Mercari account to purchase your item (as they saw your listing pop up when doing a Google search) and they are usually not problematic. They receive the item, they let it auto-rate, and the transaction is done. I would not discount all 0 rating buyers because this has been my experience with pretty much all of them.

  25. Crazy since in most places, post offices are closed or have really limited hours on Saturdays. I really don't understand what buyers are expecting. Shipping it on Monday was perfectly acceptable!

  26. Maus by Art Spiegelman - this one is a comic book and is about his family's real life history. His parents are Jewish and were in concentration camps in Poland. Most of the book surrounds his father telling him about his experiences during WWII. Great one for those who like learning about WWII history and would be into the comic book format.

  27. I’m wondering the same, she looks familiar to me

  28. Same, she looks like an actress but I don't know who or what I've seen her in!

  29. My hope is that they just need Grandpa John to sign on the dotted line and it will start filming.

  30. I tend to get uncomfy when a lead goes so far out of their way to hold a clear F2’s feet to the fire. Girl, you’re saying goodbye anyway, let’s not act like his apprehension is any more than yours. He wants to leave with you, you won’t even choose him at all.

  31. I was so confused about this too. At some point did she genuinely think she was picking Aven? If not, then don't give him such a hard time about not being sure about a proposal when you're literally dumping him in a few days. I totally get the apprehension when it's all happened so quickly and there's still someone else in the picture. She wanted tons of validation from Aven while giving no validation back to him. At this point she had already told Tino she loved him.

  32. She said “it was him and I I saw walking away from this together”

  33. But doesn't that go to shit once she told Tino she loved him? That's what I don't get

  34. Where did this Ben Smith rumor as the next bachelor originated from? Has RS confirmed this or is it just a rumor? I mean, If the TPTB wanted him they had would’ve picked him after Michelle season and Greg Grippo declined the gig. But instead they picked final 8 Clayton whom they chose in order to avoid picking one of the POC finalists from Michelle season. I doubt Ben wants to subject his personal well being and mental health to the scrutiny that comes with being the lead at the hands of those vipers.

  35. I'm not sure if there are additional reasons, but some people started speculating because Ben made an IG post saying he is leaving his gym for other opportunities.

  36. Has he done any Bachelor-related podcasts? I would somewhat believe it’s him if he has kept his toe in the Bachelor Nation water.

  37. Looks like he did a couple Bachelor podcasts in late 2020 and early 2021. I don't see any more recent than that but I could be wrong!

  38. Leo’s starting to look like when you view a Sim’s face texture as a flat .png

  39. I saw a GIF where as Leo ages he is just slowly morphing into Jack Nicholson. Lol

  40. So very sorry for your loss. She looks very content and well loved.

  41. Maybe a congratulations type sign to Gabby for getting DWTS? Since that news is out in the open, I'm sure they will ask Gabby about it if time allows.

  42. I have won a few good ones including a tour of iceland, a few city breaks, lucury tour of UK and a lot of vouchers/ gadgets etc!

  43. Just curious, are you in Europe? Awesome that you've won so many travel giveaways!

  44. thank you and yes!! I was entering travel comps for years without a win and then I had my first two trips won on the exact same day!

  45. Woah that's crazy! I've also won two travel giveaways but they were a few years apart. I still enter pretty often hoping to win! Haha

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