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  1. It's just something interesting to read at when I'm scrolling through Reddit.

  2. I consider myself very much a Progressive and I look like a loon when I meticulously hold my weed eater at a sharp angle to get the edges perfect. So I call bullshit on this.

  3. I mean, it's paid for and I drive probably 50 miles a week.

  4. Damn I guess I drive a lot more than average. 60 miles a day minimum. 150 if I go to the next town over and back.

  5. What mode did you use for the down hill miles? I came down the Sandia mountains last summer and felt like I was riding the brakes. I was using normal mode.

  6. I typically just run sport unless it's slick out. I just take my foot off the gas earlier and I rarely have to ride my breaks, in any vehicle I drive.

  7. There is absolutely no way you’re doing 34-36. My 2020 CRV didn’t even do that and they’re actually rated at 34mpg highway.

  8. Last 10 miles of the drive were downhill so I barely touched the gas. Average mpg hit 36 right before. And I do average 30-32 typically unless I drive with a lead foot. Which I usually do.

  9. Not at all. I told a coworker that I love cuddling more than sex today. I'll tell you I love a movie that makes me cry. I don't care.

  10. I wouldn't date a republican but I have plenty of republican friends and coworkers I get along with. If you close your community off it becomes an echo chamber.

  11. I plan to buy a full size in a couple years when I'm more flush and the price goes down. I couldn't afford the full size now and the fact that I drive 2k+ miles monthly doesn't help..

  12. Going from an Escape to a BS, i'm still having a hard time parking because of the hood. I like it, but I just can't get used to it and eff up parking 85% of the time.

  13. Some of you haven't had a terrifying psych experience followed by a beautiful peak listening to live Dead records and it shows.

  14. Tonight. I met a good woman that I'm moving slowly with, and so far, she's a great companion.

  15. You do not want to hit your body with high fiber during a flare. You’re dialed back to liquids because they have zero fiber. Next step is low fiber (less than 14g) and low residue for a bit, and you’ll want to gradually increase that so that you don’t have an overload reaction.

  16. I've been meaning to get an appointment with a dietitian to help work out a better diet. I've just avoided popcorn and pepper flakes and added fiber but obviously I need more concrete rules.

  17. Not trying to defend her here, but, where I live at least 9/10 cleaning folks are Hispanic. Same goes for field workers. I don't see how it's racist to point out a fact.

  18. My coworkers think I'm silly for doing this. I reminded one why I do it when she showed up having spilled her drink on her pants.

  19. Well, here I was distracting myself with reddit and this thread had to twist the knife...

  20. Well when you work in a small town where there are only 3 other restaurants, it’s busy year around due to tourism, you have hardly any staff, and you have a very generous boss then it all adds up.

  21. My last kitchen job paid 12.50 and "profit share." Unfortunately, we almost never made a profit according to them. But I did get 50 percent off lunch...

  22. I Removed and re-added the app and it works now. They must have had some strange glitch that hit a lot of us.

  23. Still not working for me. Re-downloaded yesterday and was able to download most packs. Came back tonight to finish and play but same problem.

  24. If more officers were this way instead of immediately looking for a "score" we wouldn't have such hostility with police. I respect that.

  25. I always look forward to seeing another yearly photo of them. Cute af

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