My 3 year old son drew "a rooster"

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  1. only in america does being arrested mean "basically nothing happens" for rich people

  2. We have a no shouting rule in the house. It only adds tension, noise, frustration, and is due to laziness.

  3. Same here. I grew up in a household with tons of yelling. My wife knows that it really gets me worked up, even if it’s just a “honey I have a question” type deal. Text me or call me or come into the room I’m in. But no yelling!

  4. Yeah we’ve made it an integral part of her wind down routine. I’m sure it’ll be very different for the next one when we’re evenly matched. It’s easy when you can double team it.

  5. Teva full of shit cuz that’s not what caused the “shortage” to begin with.

  6. It has been awful going untreated since 9/22! I finally am stable and this "shortage" happened. I still think that it was a man made shortage to strip people of their medication. The DEA/FDA caused this.

  7. Due to the opioid crisis, the fda/dea and the major drug distributors reached a settlement. Part of this settlement is that there is now an algorithm tracking and controlling how much controlled substances they can dispense before triggering an immediate “stop” on all controlled substances for that location. The threshold for triggering that provision is secret. Pharmacies do not wanting to lose their ability to make money from filling pain meds, anxiety meds, adhd meds. So the shortage is actually caused by a bullshit over correction to the opioid crisis, which harms every single person taking controlled substances and helps literally none of the people that were hurt by the opioid crisis. The meds are all “there”, it’s just that nobody is able to be the middleman between manufacturers and pharmacies. And pharmacies can’t go straight to the manufacturer.

  8. Based on anecdotal evidence from my younger sister - Wealthy young professionals are no longer doing coke recreationally because they are afraid of fentanyl.

  9. I’m so glad I went through both my heroin and coke phases before fentanyl hit the scene. Definitely wouldn’t be here.

  10. This is fantastic. It’s instantly recognizable as a rooster.

  11. The infinity jars they use in the half ozs do really good work for retaining quality.

  12. I use them for all my bud and they’re fantastic.

  13. Did I ever tell you about my barbershop quartet in Skokie, Illinois? (Damn that used to be a favorite. Problematic now.)

  14. The movie isn’t problematic. Spacey is a weirdo but it’s a great movie.

  15. My husband tried to replicate and baby didn't laugh so he said "obviously you're funnier looking" lol

  16. Our baby is hilarious with how selective she is about what of who is funny at any given moment.

  17. They came over us in Longmont and I’m so annoyed.

  18. It's really bizarre that RotK won all those other categories, but none of the actors were even nominated.

  19. Eh idk. I think the greatness of lotr trilogy is in the “smaller” categories and being such an incredibly complete work of cinematic art. The performances were great too but none were really Oscar worthy.

  20. My sister has a 2 year old and since they were a newborn they made sure the baby slept when it was noisy. So they would have the tv on while baby is sleeping. Family would be over and loud and baby would sleep through it all. Now they can watch tv and pretty much make as much noise as they want while baby sleeps. They’ve given me this same advice but I have no idea how to implement it. If your baby needs silence to sleep your husband should go watch tv in the living room.

  21. Lol this is nonsense. It might work for their baby but it will not be something just any parent can implement.

  22. What other n animal would you suggest? There really isn’t any common recognizable example.

  23. This is literally the best feeling. Until they wake u up 5 seconds later. To tell u they have to pee.

  24. Try waking you up to tell you that you fell asleep. There’s nothing worse.

  25. My meds say not to consume grapefruit while taking them. Seems related but too lazy to look it up.

  26. Grapefruit will potentiate the effects of benzos so kinda the reverse is happening.

  27. You said the same thing In this very thread and got downvoted too. Probably because you’re a smug cunt

  28. Didn't bother to mention the fact that David Koresh and his most devoted set the fire themselves.

  29. Seems a rather docile gathering for the 2nd largest bank collapse in US history

  30. It’s a commercial bank I believe, meaning that a run on the bank wouldn’t look like a bunch of panicked depositors clamoring to regain their funds.

  31. Prairie dogs were one of the most divisive issues in Boulder back in 2020-2021. Yes, really. Like

  32. Lol that’s hysterical. Boulder is a trip. We’re moving away at the end of the month and I’ll always have fond memories of Boulder’s subtle jankiness.

  33. Has to be. I dunno, as messed up as I am I guess I don't have that problem. Thankfully

  34. Well you somehow made this about yourself so I guess it’s time to take a look in the mirror.

  35. You have to remember that your mom is coming into it with next to no skin in the game. She gets to come over and play with the baby. You spent the last year and a half growing baby inside you and caring for them 24/7 when they came out. And it’s going to feel forced when you play with them! They’re a baby and you’re an adult. Keep your head up cuz it sounds like you’re doing a great job!

  36. For sure. A lot of people forget that it's easy to be excited about something when you have a full night's sleep and can tap out at any time. No pressure. When my sister visits, she's super excited to play and hold, etc. until she gets tired and calls it to go to bed. She gets to be 100%, because she gets to go away when she isn't 100% anymore.

  37. It’s quite literally all fun and games for the grandparents and extended family! They get to recharge literally any time they want. It’s all voluntary.

  38. He’s the cringiest part of this whole morant saga.

  39. I'd say this sounds like financial abuse. I'm a staay at home dad and dont work. Msg me.

  40. Eclipse is great for concentrates, shit for flower

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