1. This battle is hard to fight. So many people find so much of their identity and self-worth in tribalism and denigration of the "other". Both OP and the owner of the car, in all likelihood. Is it a bit much? Yes. Is giving him this attention doing any good for our society? No.

  2. Rayback is fun, always stuff going on. Mountain Sun forever. Kitchen Upstairs used to be great, might still be, just haven't been much for a few years. Thursday Night Cruiser ride, good people. NOBO first friday.

  3. These are all good if you want to have some drinks. As a fellow 30-something I tend to avoid Pearl and campus bars; Rayback and outback can be good. That said, I do like Bitter bar, and I also occasionally feel age appropriate at the Pub. Round Midnight was a pretty diverse spot, and sometimes I get that vibe maintains at Press Play, but it can be hit or miss. Also, the Dark Horse seems to be under the radar with students often, but im not sure I'd recommend it for meeting people necessarily unless they're doing trivia or broadcasting a game.

  4. Well, if you need to grab a drink really, really fast you probably need to keep alcohol on hand.

  5. I love the bus to Denver--if I have a good reason to go to Denver. If I just happened to have a free night/couple of hours, and I was hoping to maybe meet someone in their thirties at a bar, I would not consider a 90 minute bus round-trip.

  6. Yup! Tell everyone you know! You do NOT need to be a member to access the pharmacy.

  7. But you do to get the member rate/discount on rx. At $5/month, that is pretty easy to justify depending on the medicine.

  8. I use goodrx and Walmart pharm in combo to save for my ADHD meds. Insurnace companies don't think adults have adhd, apparently. So it's often not covered.

  9. DEA pretty much agrees and makes it incredibly challenging to prescribe and fill. When I looked at Walmart it was way more expensive than at Costco tho.

  10. I don’t know if there is a way to exclude them, I just look up the physical address, and make a mental note of the ones that are not actual restaurants. I just don’t think they have as much invested in the quality of food as does a restaurant serving a community.

  11. Exactly. Like... If all you have to do is change a name from GreenLight Salads to Bittersweet Salads to reset your customer relationships... Yikes.

  12. I am on my phone rn, but here's just some of the various "kitchens" I'm talking about. It's getting a bit absurd, right?

  13. The only donut shop in Boulder is currently Dunkin. Please stfu.

  14. Unpopular (but indisputable) opinion: Dunkin is still better than voodoo. But lamars is a short drive (still crap by great donut standards, don't get me wrong, but way better than voodoo and dunkin).

  15. America couldn't handle it. People just want to be angry all the time.

  16. Usually that might be the case, but I think there’s also the danger of something like feudalism to be considered. If you’re born and your only income is inheriting the right to use a little patch of land, while paying rent to the guy who owns everything, no one’s actively infringing anyone’s rights, yet there’s something seriously wrong with society.

  17. "while paying rent to the guy who owns everything,"

  18. What pathetic and embarrassing edgelord shit. The Mises Caucus is nothing but a bunch of incel internet trolls that live online 24/7. They are incapable of achieving anything other than occasional and very brief moments of low level internet fame for being laughably stupid and/or bigoted.

  19. Look. I think it's a little insensitive to be bringing up your decade's bingo card. We all had passing of queen Elizabeth in the middle square.

  20. Where in this recipe do you get flavors of mint?

  21. That used to be Jalino's Pizza when I went to Boulder High. I ordered delivery from the new place not too long ago and the pizza was almost identical to my memory of what Jalino's had 15 years ago. Greasy sheets of cheese on cardboard crust...

  22. Jalino's was awesome. Maybe you only got it by the slice or something, but if you ordered their whole pizzas (I loved the whole wheat crust), it was absolutely the best pizza in Boulder, and nothing today comes close--not even Audrey Jane's though that's probably closest.

  23. Agreed. And, of course, the opportunity to name drop did not *in any way* play a role in my decision to re-up this question.

  24. Progressives aren’t going to find a new home with Yang’s forward party.

  25. Yep. The true home of real progressives is in Nancy Pelosi's million dollar ice box. Hope and change ftw!

  26. Commercial real estate financing does not make sense to me. Even in the long term, they still seem to prefer to have high vacancy rates. And in the short term, they would rather give huge incentives for 1-5 years at some "market rate" even without any guarantee the tenants will be there 5 years later. Maybe it's a gamble on young companies looking to expand, but I suspect it has more to do with the high vacancy rates (and other issues) getting laundered out before the deals get to the final investors.

  27. now that he isn't a dem anymore he doesn't fall under vote blue no matter who so the shill are out in force

  28. South Korea was a military dictatorship until the 90’s, South Africa was under Apartheid until the 90’s, Latin America in general is plagued by corruption, I would hesitate to hold these up as ‘mature’ democracies.

  29. Lula da Silva particularly, but yes to the rest on your grounds as well.

  30. 99% of these suggestions are not hole in the wall. Apparently, few in Boulder have any idea what that term means. lol

  31. Boulder doesn't have a ton of hole in the wall establishments.

  32. Sherpa (east Arapahoe) still has no buffet either, and ever since they were the royal peacock, that was a huge push for them, so I figured they'd be the first to reintroduce it, but it appears both Kathmandu ii and the Taj are now offering lunch buffets. Wonder if the others will soon follow...

  33. I know enough to understand the difference between samples and populations. Enough to know sampling errors. More than the author apparently. And a lot of people here.

  34. I almost always feel bad when I see down votes. These are well-deserved.

  35. LOL! A buddy of mine just towed a Prius off the mauna a few weeks back. Blew up the motor something fierce...

  36. I cannot imagine who thought taking a Prius up there was a good idea, but I'm still a little surprised it destroyed the motor. Must not have been in great shape to begin with.

  37. Your tires will expand in the low pressure air like a bag of chips on a plane.

  38. lol. your tires are not like cellophane though. You're talking about a change of maybe a few psi, and it's largely offset by the temperature decrease as you go up.

  39. That’s a centrist viewpoint but certainly not a libertarian viewpoint. Individual personal Liberty is probably the primary litmus test for a libertarian. You can call yourself whatever you like, but mandatory mask mandates would not be a policy libertarians support. Voluntary masking? Sure. You do you, bro, could practically be the party tagline, but don’t drag me into it.

  40. Eh. You gotta consider the relative size of the sphere of control and the ease with which one can opt out. Municipal mask mandates are clearly more acceptable than nation-wide.

  41. Can anyone speculate about the time of day this will occur? Midnight eastern, presumably? Or something else?

  42. ACLU is a co-opted politicized organization. Far from what they used to be.

  43. Checkout the doc, Mighty Ira, about their former director from a couple of years ago. It's not bad--though pretty obviously (tho tactically) a direct response to the co-opting of the organization by authoritarians. Somehow, the authoritarian constituency also released a doc ("the fight") that I haven't seen yet so shouldn't judge, but you know. Anyway, Ira Glasser is a hero.

  44. Whoever is not currently in power defends free speech, both sides are right and wrong about different aspects of freedom of religion, property rights, etc. The right only knows the 4th and 5th amendments exist because they have to come up with ways to misinterpret them. No one remembers the 9th amendment exists.

  45. 9th and 10th amendments. That's like.... 20% (??) of the bill of rights... And people at the time argued they were not necessary because they were superfluous.

  46. First, you have to realize you can't get two libertarians to agree on anything. Then you have to account for their nuanced views on most things. At that point, I think it's fair to say that most libertarians dislike Trump somewhere on the spectrum of "Eh, he's the lesser of two evils. Maybe." and "this fucking pig is bringing down western civilization."

  47. Doesn't change the fact that it was legal to do so. It just means the courts were fucked.

  48. If a tree falls in the forest... Does it make a sound?

  49. Cops have absolutely been charged with false arrest before though lol

  50. I'm sure that's a lot of consolation for the people currently in prison because the cops planted evidence.

  51. I like imagining that all it would take is a leader ship for the feds to suddenly not suck.

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