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  1. This headline is sort of annoying. It was always understood that NATO couldn't realistically hold off Russian forces in the Baltic... So much so that they were known as the Baltic speed bump as they would buy NATO time to mobilize.

  2. True but looking at Russian real life capability I'm betting a properly motivated NATO and EUDF could mobilize with time to spare.

  3. This isn't the first time they've made this mistake, it's not even unique to the Russians, it's a power mad ruler who has now critics in ear shot.

  4. We don't use yards for a lot of signs any more, and honestly I would think most people don't even remember that they're yards and just think of them as an early warning it's coming up and nothing more

  5. I have never felt as old as when a group of 12-16 year olds looked at me blankly and asked what a foot was.

  6. Its not often you hear of any good deed in British history

  7. As Empires go the British was pretty good, only on a Empire scale though not on a normal nation or country level.

  8. Food, small munitions, replacement equipment and clothing.

  9. I am not a betting man; so I looked up the odds of a general lection outcome.

  10. humm, Well I guess a Labour need a few more months of Boris Leadership.

  11. Reading these comments makes me really glad that reddit isn't deciding these things.

  12. Come on what's a little nuclear war between friends

  13. Isn't there an argument to be made that Russia has become China's proxy?

  14. China aren't pumping military tech into Russia, just reaping the rewards of worthless Rubel.

  15. Interesting, I guess this will help for a while on everything but gas and oil.

  16. you imagine the size of Russia? most Russians will not feel anything even if all of Europe is turned into a radioactive wasteland.;)

  17. Yeah that "most of Russia" will very quickly become independent or part of China as soon as western Russia is fucked.

  18. I wholeheartedly expect them to just fizzle and explode on the spot if ever launched.

  19. I expect 0 to work 100% correctly but a least 60% to fuck up somewhere other than Russia.

  20. No, russia started the current escalation, but stories like this are just insane, as if they have nothing better to do in the warzone hell that is donbass! Russians do their job like in any military, not hunting "gay men" and raping them, wtf???

  21. If this is true it will likely be soldiers off front line rotation who are acting as police, have decided to blame gay men for their current situation and lack of victory. Much worse happened in history to cities and surrounding areas who didn't surrender in a reasonable time frame and it didn't even start to get any better until the 1800s.

  22. There is literally no evidence in this article than from this "Captain Peg Leg", in a military where they've already had issues by lying to manipulate foreign sentiment.

  23. So our adult America had beaten up his father to get his possession of many lands?

  24. What happened to all the people that were adamant it was the best idea and we would be better off?

  25. Wasn't Brexity enough, all remoners fault, imperial measurements are going to fix the country, etc.

  26. This is nearly the hardest brexit they could have gone for. Still awaiting the can of the NI protocol that's been kicked down the road so many times I've lost count.

  27. Did we move the entire country (ignoring N.I. because we all do) at least 500 miles away from the EU, kick out anyone with a French surname and only import/export from the Empire?

  28. "Currently out of stock" - reddit what are you up to?

  29. The Pensioner and Landleech Party now dropping any pretense of caring about workers.

  30. Have you noticed the 45-65 group in statistics and poles is disappearing and there is now a 55+ that votes completely at odds with everyone else.

  31. We managed to bang Neanderthals into extinction, there are still a lot of people ready for action when the next near human relative comes into play.

  32. f_d says:

    They don't want a war with NATO, they want to try to frighten NATO enough to break the flow of aid to Ukraine. If they want a war with NATO they can just lob a few cruise missiles at a major NATO city. But when Putin gets mad at the aid to Ukraine, he bombs Lviv, not Poland.

  33. I can now see in my head a future historian's graph with a Putin's Fear of NATO as one line and Putin's deteriorating mental health, pointing to the over lap: "This was the official beginning of WW3, even though the Russia-Ukraine war had been a Proxy for the NATO forces until then"

  34. Glass is absolutely awful for the environment due to weight and volume (affecting transport) and temperatures needed to recycle it.

  35. Only if you need to mass transport and remake every time.

  36. I really don't understand folks spending upwards of 10-20 grand to "prove" the game is a scam. I think there are plenty of demonstrations of that without giving Bliz another couple of grand playing this turd.

  37. Big ones easily make this back, plus most countries it's a business experience so remove their loval tax from the value.

  38. I'm pretty sure he ends up sleeping with her in the movie, anyway. The Life of David Gale is the movie, IIR. I hate that I enjoy Kevin Spacey movies so much when he's such a disgusting creep.

  39. OMG did you all even read the article? He isn’t saying “I should be allowed to make any joke I like and people must like all of them”.

  40. Well yes but you have to differentiate between a joke and things like: "why don't you jump in the shower jew, lol /jk".

  41. Oh this is clearly sales being pissed that people are fighting the t&c so have gone to overworked intern 1274 and said "make sure our customers read the document" and so they did.

  42. If you only look at the cameras when you reverse you're gonna hit something dude

  43. You'd be surprised, but honestly with the rear visibility looking over my shoulder is more likely to get me into a crash.

  44. Has a Drunk ever remembered they are a Loot Goblin?

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