1. Yes! Tetragnathids (a different family of orb-weavers from the Araneidae) are known for building their webs near/over water like this. And those big fangs are why they are sometimes referred to as long-jawed orb-weavers. Don't they just look like little twigs?

  2. Awesome! I’ve seen my share of orb weavers, Korea’s chock-full of them, but this was new. What does their diet consist of? Water striders? Mosquitoes? Just wondering what they’d catch with their net spreader over the water like that.

  3. Mosquitoes sounds right. According to Appendix 1 Table 4 in

  4. You had me at mosquitoes. We need more Tetragnathids folks! MOAR

  5. Wide body suggests T. sinensis, known as 왕사마귀/큰버마재비(king mantis) in Korea.

  6. Mm. Def on the thiccer side which was so striking to me. I’ve seen longer stateside, but this one had some weight to her.

  7. To clarify I’m well aware it’s a praying mantis. I’m asking for species! Cheers!

  8. Sorry for the shaky cam. Had arms extended to get close enough without scaring the gal off.

  9. My condolences from Asia. The invasion has begun :(

  10. These guys fill the niche as any hopper or locust would stateside. They come in brown or green, eventually sprout wings, and get pretty sizable around this time of year. They’re not nearly as quick as other locusts and you can easily scoop one up or even let one just awkwardly walk onto your hand. And I mean awkwardly. They move like they aren’t sure how to fully stand on their obnoxiously long legs. They could be considered a pest, but they never did any damage to my garden, just munched on crab grass which I’m totally okay with. They honestly remind me of corn husks or even grass seeds/pods. I love’em and their goofy expression always puts me in a good mood.

  11. I’m the dude who saved that rhino beetle from those drunken bullies, so I was wondering if this was Mother Nature’s way of saying “Cheers.”

  12. Hope you have a good time in jeju!! I’m also visiting here for the first time. Wasn’t lucky enough to have the shrimp cleaning experience you did though 🤣

  13. Cheers! I’m actually living here after 10+ years in Seoul. Needed the change. And to be back in nature again.

  14. Awesome video, I’m also shocked how different grasshoppers look in Asia vs the US. I know this true for lots of species of insects, but for some reason I never thought about grasshoppers.

  15. Yeah, we still have run-of-the-mill grasshoppers too, but Acrida cinerea, aka the Longheaded grasshopper/locust, fills the niche over here. They still crack me up and get pretty sizable late summer/early autumn.

  16. Just had exactly this beetle in this sub yesterday, but that poor guy got in a bar fight in Korea. Seemed to come out of it OK, though.

  17. I’m just loving how the story changed into a beetle straight up getting into a bar fight, which I’m totally okay with lol!

  18. Sorry out of topic but I can't help but remember Our Blues drama that was set in Jeju. I never thought I'd enjoy slice of life genre but it was one of the best dramas I've seen.

  19. The first story was really the weakest story in my opinion, but damn it got better a few episodes in. The visuals were also very very beautiful plus the OST is so good.

  20. Right, yeah I think that’s why it had a slow start. A lot of folks felt a bit of “Okay, I’ve seen this setup before,” but it eventually came into its own.

  21. You could tell how upset AJ was after his loss. Raged like crazy, sure, but then he just sat there and brooded for the rest if the video. You’ll get it my dude!

  22. What makes them poisonous? With garter snakes it’s the fact that they eat poisonous frogs.

  23. Yes! It’s similar with other keelbacks as well. Not this one as it eats mostly worms and insects. But certain Asian keelbacks possess poisonous saliva from the toxic frogs/toads they eat. That’s what I gather from a rough translation of Korean articles at least.

  24. A island is listed as the location and there are no significant bodies of water around?

  25. WHAT!!! Hahaha, that’s incredible. Can’t say I will try that, but I’m amazed by this response & that it works!

  26. Yep! They’re water resistant so all is good. Just a quick rinse, even with sea water and it’s good to go.

  27. did u submerge your phone a lot ? hows the condition ?

  28. Yup. I still play Fallout 4 because of the incredible mods. Total War series is right up there too though. Incredible what people can do for the sheer love of the game.

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