After many many hours crocheting I was finally able to gift this to my nephew 🎁

C'est magnifique

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  1. I hear you. I turned 40 a couple of years ago and it was a tough one. Reflecting on where I was compared to what I had assumed before I got sick. Even family asking what I wanted depressed me, there's not much you need when you're bedbound.

  2. His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman is a fantastic trilogy. A mixture of reality, fantasy, science, religion, philosophy written in a very immersive way.

  3. He might like 'the girl with all the gifts', it's another zombie book but a very different and interesting take, not typical at all.

  4. He might like 'the girl with all the gifts', it's another zombie book but a very different and interesting take, not typical at all.

  5. As others have mentioned the proper solution is to re-silicone however if you want to try a quick fix:

  6. Yes this works well. And then to prevent it coming back, keep the area dry, give it a wipe after a shower. Or use anti mould spray.

  7. Shower chair, I like the ones that attach to the wall and flip down to sit on so you don't have to manoeuvre it and you can easily put it out of the way if needed.

  8. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard has a good YouTube channel which has some videos of her experiences of parenthood, her baby is probably about 9 months old now. She has several conditions including ME.

  9. V profile weather strip is great for door frame gaps. It's a plastic tape kind of folded that you stick around the door frame-it's hard to explain how it works so recommend you just look it up. It's better than foam excluder because it doesn't compress and lose its ability to seal. It's easy to install too.

  10. Kale, spinach, cavelo nero. There's lots of different varieties of spinach, easy to grow and delish.

  11. Love an experiment so I will certainly be checking them out - thank you!

  12. The Time Machine by HG Wells takes a pretty dark turn

  13. When we were orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro and Wish her safe at home by Stephen Benetar are 2 favourite books of mine with unreliable narrators.

  14. Devs Kerala - not sure how unknown it is but it’s very good South Indian food.

  15. Yes! They do a great masala dosa there

  16. The Real Habesha, Stapleton road, Easton. It's delish, great value and the owners are lovely.

  17. I personally wouldn't use just Goldie as a full name, but it's not nearly as bad as some people here are making it out to be. Wouldn't question it on anyone, brunette or not. I'm not sure if you're Jewish or not, but I know it's a fairly common name for a lot of older Jewish women, so if you're part of that demographic I wouldn't worry about it. That being said, here are some full names other than Marigold or Golda/Golde that I could see Goldie as a nn for:

  18. Thanks for the creative alternative suggestions, I appreciate it :-)

  19. My nieces name is Marigold and she usually goes by Goldie or Golda.. she is 5 right now and is insisting we call her by her Hebrew name (Tziona) lol however, she ended up being a brunette and Goldie totally suits her!

  20. I'm swaying towards the asos one bottom left @ £45.00 (cos money)

  21. I think fit is key for leather jackets, I had to try loads on before I found the right one. I'd try them both (assuming free returns) with the mind you'll return one (or both) of them.

  22. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually headed into a vintage store today and actually found a pretty decent jacket for £55. Pretty happy with that

  23. That's great, happy for you :-)

  24. Thank you I'll have a look

  25. “Out of My Mind” by Sharon Draper is about a girl with Cerebral Palsey who is trying to live a “normal” life and push for what she wants. I LOVED the book when I was younger, probably read it like 10 times in elementary school. Makes being/feeling different not so bad. Upon Googling it, the reading level is grades 3-5, so not sure if it’d be too challenging or if anybody reads to/with him

  26. I heard the other day that Bump Roller Disco has gone. Haven't verified with my own eyes though.

  27. Oh that's a real shame if it has. I used to go when it was at the trinity and it was great fun

  28. We're about to move in to a place with these weird marks on the ceiling. Any ideas what they care and the cause?

  29. Multiple things can cause this, it’s a very uniform pattern though.

  30. The Real Habesha in Easton is great. A lovely little informal restaurant with friendly staff, lovely Ethiopian food that is crazy cheap.

  31. This one's great. One big table everyone sits around. Korean food. It's a set menu, the chef cooks what they feel like that day (there is meat/non meat choice). The food is fantastic, and I love the little extra bits you get like pickled burdock. It's also amazing value for money

  32. Do you get red bumps? If so it could be folliculitis and worth going to your doctor. It can be bacterial or fungal which effects what treatment will work.

  33. There are loads of interest groups in Bristol to suit everyone, that's a great way of making friends. Sports, arts, board games, engineering, gardening, music, outdoor adventures, tech, etc etc etc.

  34. Who are these videos for? Does she like to watch herself back or are people actually watching others do 15 minutes of leg stretches?

  35. This is amazing!!! How long do you think it took you to make?

  36. In the original 'the princess and the frog', the princess doesn't kiss the frog, she throws it against the wall to kill it, but it turns into a prince instead.

  37. This totally sucks. Happened to me walking home from one of my first jobs when I was young, walking along a very narrow pavement with flooded road on one side of me and a high wall on the other. Cars were purposely steering into the puddles to splash me and there was no escape. I got absolutely drenched.

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