1. Chronic depression. Already tried meds and psychotherapy for years now but it doesn’t work and I’m just so tired.

  2. Tipping for services in the U.S. (and it’s getting worse). It’s a way to pay lower wages to employees and expect consumers to pay a surcharge to make up for it. More workers are expecting tips and the expected amount is going up. I travel globally and don’t see anything like it anywhere else.

  3. You can’t be discriminated under the Mental Health Law unless they have reason to believe it’s primarily affecting your performance. Don’t worry OP

  4. Hello, I sadly can't answer, but it might help if you clarify. Do you mean Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar? :)

  5. Oh didn’t think of this when I made my reply, OP. Mine was for bipolar. Don’t know about Borderline.

  6. He asked some questions, no tests, mostly things you experience (for example, do you suddenly have an urge to spend a lot? Answering ‘yes’ can be considered as an indication for mania). Theres a point system involved. Just answer truthfully so you’ll get properly diagnosed. Good luck OP.

  7. 4 years on meds now with a psychiatric consult every 3-6 months depending on how bad I feel. Still have panic attacks and anxiety problems but a lot better than before.

  8. Yes, you can. I sometimes put down “mental health break” as reason for sick leave both in government and private sectors.

  9. It takes a long while before it will appear on the DOH database. You don’t have to do anything, the city will send the file for you.

  10. Just want to chime in na Joyride has a car option now too. It’s slightly more expensive than Grab’s (probably to entice more drivers?) but better that there are two companies offering ride hailing services now rather than one.

  11. Just deleted (not just deactivate) my Facebook. Kakampink naman wall ko pero cesspool of misinformation and tool of evil yang socmed na yan. Kadiri na gamitin.

  12. Si Simoun yung alter ego ni Crisostomo Ibarra. 🙂

  13. Tumindig ba sya? Naghihintay ako ng comic nya nung election time na pro Leni or something.

  14. My comment was deleted by a MOD daw. The creator of the comic posted himself in one of the rallies but he kept his comic relatively toned-down compared kay Kevin. In a way gets ko, bata pa siya eh at source ng income niya.

  15. I can’t get over the number of asides that seem important. Now Cord has a Shardplate from Aimia? Isn’t that kinda important, seeing how Aimia has been destroyed?

  16. Didn't Kal explain it? They been going on and off for a year, the Windrunners and the Heavenly Ones. Fighting like Adolin's duels and stuff. They even got some kind of mutual understanding of rules and regs. He'll talk about it with Dalinar. Brace yourself

  17. Thank you! Yeah I’ve read about the year thing, I just thought Kaladin and Leshwi’s first meeting would be important enough not to be mentioned as an aside.

  18. You can set an appointment with NCMH pero usually two weeks before may available slot.

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