1. Yes, it's very common to be told that there are massively more trans women than there are trans men, and this is usually some sort of intro to a transphobic political debate.

  2. I hate this discourse, in part because of the conclusions you have drawn.

  3. Writing stories as a form of catharsis is a very normal and common thing to do.

  4. Yeah, I suppose it's a bit of a cope and a self-insert. She even has my preferred first name I never told anyone lol.

  5. Yeah I just live my life as a guy now, it rarely even comes up in conversation anymore. But when it does, it’s eyes on me. My — and I think our, if our experiences are the same — sheer presence in a room “makes things political.”

  6. Our experiences are basically the same :)

  7. I cannot think of a single reason anyone should ever be in favor of a state religion.

  8. Some republican politicians are talking about having a national abortion ban.

  9. I have never heard anyone actually use this.

  10. Student Loan Forgiveness is basically going "You know, as a society we fucked up and placed an entire generation into unending debt - let's fix that a little bit."

  11. I acknowledge that I know more about Sailor Moon and its lore than most 30-something year-old men should know.

  12. If asked, I would say whatever anime I'm currently watching at the moment.

  13. these devices are really only for body hair.

  14. Hmm so it's generally speaking a coinflip as to what transgender people may prefer? Thank you for the insight. Also personally, would you prefer to have such an operation done to you? (If it was 100% safe)

  15. If you asked me when I first transitioned at about 20 years old, I would have said yes.

  16. I see, thank you very much for your insight. If I may, would it be alright if I occasionally messaged you in regards to the topic of transgender?

  17. That article is talking about surgical regret, not transition regret.

  18. This study is talking about surgical regret. Not transition regret.

  19. People whose primary sex hormone is testosterone have a stronger muskier smell than those whose primary sex hormone is estrogen or none at all.

  20. Send all the conservatives in the country to florida.

  21. They are making things up to fit their narrative. TERFs do this a lot.

  22. Once a transgender woman begins hormone replacement therapy, typical body changes are:

  23. This is all generally accurate, though I've got quite a few trans-fem friends who had their sex drive increase from HRT, including myself (though it dipped for about a year before coming back with a vengeance)

  24. I knew someone would go "this specific one didn't apply to me!" :)

  25. Wow! Super thorough, thank you. I get the feeling I'm not the first person to ask this.

  26. I'm not sure what all those things are, and I don't think i want to google them. :)

  27. You call your doctor and ask them to remove it from the records.

  28. Anime girls are hyper cute and very feminine. So transfemme who want to be feminine and cute like this.

  29. I am pretty sure you mean 1 milligram, not 1 gram.

  30. If you look at historical figures from that time period, such a person absolutely would have used he/him pronouns for themselves.

  31. This was my initial thought. Although I don't have any personal testimonies from the person this character is based on, I'm aware of several accounts of people who directly said that they were "men by nature and only female in appearance." I imagine this person might have used similar language about their own identity. Thank you!

  32. I am reminded of a mexican transgender man who threatened people with death if he was misgendered.

  33. it tends to help fill out breast growth, and some folks say that it helps with sex drive and energy levels.

  34. It's different for everyone, breast growth takes years to fully complete.


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