1. Rockets. Green is good but I'm not a fan of Jabari at all and Sengun has somehow gotten massively overhyped.

  2. The nephews in here saying 1st after fucking summer league and proam are goddamn hilarious lmao

  3. I think he has to go #1. He seems like a similar playmaker and scorer as Cade but bigger and stronger.

  4. Nah you're dumb af, that group isn't even close to being weak.

  5. His back half was insane for a rookie, there was a drive where Goff threw every pass to him basically.

  6. That's such a bad argument anyway because before he was the only guy teams had to worry about covering and now he'll get even softer coverage with guys like Chark, Williams, and Hockenson out there

  7. The streamer is JerValiN and if you were following this from the moment MoistCritical (penguinz0) issued this challenge you would see that JerValiN was the one to watch.

  8. This challenge BUT he's allowed envy. Huge distinction there because it's literally impossible without envy.

  9. What? He did it without Envy, what are you trying to say?

  10. Can someone explain this to me? I only saw the last 40 mins or so, but he seemed to just be glitching through every level with little to no combat. Isn’t the point of LASO the extreme difficulty? Doesn’t glitching through it remove a lot of that?

  11. If it were that easy don't you think it would've been done in the past 18 years?

  12. But was anyone even trying? Not saying it's easy, but it only took a month after he offered 20k. Just saying there was no motivator, bragging rights? 20k is a large motivator.

  13. It's been tried by tons of people, there's been videos on it for years

  14. Campbell could snap Mcvay in half with no effort

  15. The amount of people I'm seeing on this sub somehow still defending Avila is fucking comical holy shit, some of you are fucking brainwashed

  16. Keeping Chafin is fucking hilarious, pending UFA having a ridiculous season and you keep him to have the 4th worst record in MLB, incredible stuff


  18. Yes, and he's not ranked. He's listed in the "other" section. Are you braindead? Or did you realize you're wrong and then resort to "pretending" to be stupid and trolling?

  19. There's no way, moves still have to come in after 6, even Avila isn't dumb enough to keep Chafin, literally ZERO reason to keep him

  20. 24 years old and just barely made AA where he now has a 7 ERA and isn't even in Minnesota's top 30 prospects, and their farm sucks which really says something

  21. Damn huge loss for the Twins, guy has been an absolute force this year

  22. The Nats are a fucking joke franchise. Unbelievable.

  23. Grossman is one of the worst players in baseball, <1% of people on this sub will have even heard of whatever minimal return he could bring back

  24. He was good last year. Started to heat up a little bit this year.

  25. He has a 533 OPS this month and all of his metrics went completely down the drain this year, he's swinging and missing at an all-time high, walking less, all his power is gone, he looks like a guy that will not be playing MLB games after this year

  26. I love how Atlanta's strategy is to just trade for the worst outfield you can possibly assemble the last couple years and then hope they get hot

  27. That’s Robbie “most consecutive games without an error” Grossman to you!

  28. Anytime you can trade for a -0.6 fWAR OF you just gotta do it

  29. Signing a 40% 3 pt shooter on a league min deal at the end of the bench makes you hate it here? Yikes, wonder how you felt the last decade

  30. His velocity was down the last 2 innings, I'd bet it has more to do with that than any trade

  31. Lmao that would be peak 2022 Tigers for him to get hurt today

  32. I mean not really, him getting hurt would almost be a saving grace if it means Avila couldn't trade him for nothing

  33. Yeah I saw that metric it's garbage. It has Westbrook as the 10th most double teamed player last season.

  34. Lmaoooooo "this stat is literally wrong because my opinion says so"

  35. Hutchinson had a 9.87 RAS. For some reason his athleticism was undermentioned going into the draft

  36. Heartbroken bc Waldi is absolutely him but oh my god that's light for 2 studs

  37. Have you met Matt Blake? He'll be fine with his 2 nasty pitches

  38. Lazy response, the A's also have an excellent pitching development system and guys like Holmes are already tanking their great start, why hasn't Blake fixed that?

  39. I’d take Seider over Zegras and it isn’t particularly close.

  40. I think almost anyone would, Wheeler has an insane vendetta against Seider for some reason though, had him rated extremely low before the draft, and even after putting up the most dominant U21 SHL season in history before last year he still had him outside his top 10 NHL prospects lmao

  41. A fun exercise where the guy that is supposed to scout and write about prospects for a living says he would take another guy higher because he's "flashy"

  42. Honestly I'm starting to think Kim won't return at all.

  43. Odenkirk and Seehorn already said she's returning soooooo

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