June Confirmed Trade Thread

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May Confirmed Trade Thread

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  1. Purchased Sliger S620 and Noctua Slim Fans from

  2. Purchased Noctua NH-D15S Chromaxx from

  3. Purchased Asus Crosshair VIII Impact from

  4. Confirmed, great buyer to work with!

  5. not sure if my power supply cables are compatible. If they are i’ll see how i can maybe help EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GM, 80 PLUS...

  6. My issue is the GM850 I currently own only has 2 dedicated PCIE ports on the PSU, so if I want to connect to a gpu with 3 connectors I'd otherwise need to connect two plugs off one cable, which probably would be fine regardless.

  7. What would you say the major differences are between the S22 Ultra and the S23 Ultra? Obviously it has better camera stuff, but without me looking or knowing anything else (I have an S22 Ultra so I'm not in the market), what is the perfection you speak of? Genuinely curious! Thanks!

  8. I just upgraded from a s22u snapdragon to s23u due to a trade in offer through Fi. Transferred all of my data through Smart Sync, set screen to WQHD then restarted only once and fully charged it.

  9. eiho says:

  10. Even better, Kick was blatantly built from a source code leak of Twitch that happened a few years ago. When Kick launched there were Twitch branded pieces of the UI still present in multiple parts of the site.

  11. I made a local purchase yesterday and tagged the bot to confirm the trade, however it was locked and flagged it as being too soon to confirm. How old does a post need to be to confirm the trade?

  12. Let's see Otmar try to blame Alonso for that.

  13. Played one round of phone tag with Dell today after encountering this issue. Thanks for posting your updates here, I've sent an email off to Micro Center to hopefully get this resolved as well.

  14. Hasn't activated yet, I'll likely be following up with MC support next week if no progress has been made.

  15. I know it's probably sold but any chance you would have the original place to buy it?

  16. Would be greatly appreciated if you could get me one as well, thanks!

  17. Hey would you be willing to send a DM my way as well? Greatly appreciated if you can.

  18. Unfortunately no, sold on a more recent listing.

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