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  1. Serv-safe says anything being prepped and thrown out in 24 hours doesn’t need a label. Depends on state health code as well. for things like cut lettuce picked herbs etc anything that oxidizes or dies from being out during service gets thrown out and never labeled.

  2. I could not recognize the fennel herb because i mistook it for something else. I assume this sub would want people to know but I haven’t seen many people use the herb rather than those little seeds or bulbs

  3. Nah that’s dill on top. Fennel is mixed with arugula/ vinaigrette and placed under the melon

  4. Ah, that makes sense...shows you how observant some of us detail people are. I would really like to know what you put in your vinaigrette and where you are located.

  5. Lime, orange juice, honey, apple cider vin, sumac, oil, salt. Located in old city Philadelphia

  6. 2 male line cooks, 1 female line cook, 1 female prep cook

  7. Since it’s summer you could use a fat round slice of a heirloom tomato season with s&p, oregano, olive oil then sear each side for 1 min in a hot pan. Brings out a lot of the sugar in the tomato and almost makes it taste like a marinara

  8. We have one at my job. Steel wool with hot water, shake off the extra water on the wool and scrub. Wipe out the bits you scrubbed off with a dry rag, then Spray with sanitizer then wipe again. All done. Too much water just makes it a longer process to get it out. You could use a quart/pint container to scoop the water out

  9. Did you test the ph before consuming? I have some in my cupboard I fermented over a year ago but I am too scared to try it as garlic in particular has a higher risk of botulism. Wondering if you or anyone have advice about testing?

  10. I believe if you use garlic from a head and not pre peeled and the garlic is fully submerged 100% of the time and at a constant temperature you’re fine. Honey has so much natural vinegar in it it kills anything, as long as the honey isn’t 90F one day and 60F the next day. pH strips are a good way to double check

  11. We are twice as busy compared To this time last year. Had to raise almost everything 1-2$. We serve mostly tourists who don’t seem to mind. I sold 5 U18 shrimp for $15 and no one even batted an eye. Food cost is up 2-3% but nothing debilitating

  12. 40 in the winter anything from 60 to 90+ in the summer. I’m in the middle of a 18 hr day at the moment. I don’t see my family much in the summer.

  13. For me it’s 60 during the summer 50-55 during the winter

  14. Use royal trumped mushrooms, you can trim them down to size to fit the dish. I would turn. Those yams into a purée/sauce. They Look lost on their own over there. Give the asparagus a brush with olive oil and salt/pepper on top. Good concept for a dish I would eat it

  15. I can't see what kind of cake it is. Where I'm from strawberry shortcake is an unsweetened biscuit. So I'm curious what a high end shortcake is.

  16. It’s a shortcake. So yes a sweet biscuit of sorts. I threw in extra sugar and a little ground cardamom. Rolled out the dough and cut with a 3” ring mold then baked. To order we slice it in half horizontally and assemble. Berrys we’re macerated in honey & ponzu citrus. Traditional strawberry shortcake taken up a slight notch

  17. It’s in the name of the dish so it’s implied

  18. I’m not op but I’m paying $2.80 per Pound for jumbos on the east coast

  19. This is in chefit. I would assume an actual chef (mhhmmm the guy in charge of the kitchen) would know and would hopefully have some sort of approval on this. I couldn’t imagine an operation where this just shows up and people in the kitchen are surprised.

  20. Our owner said he was buying a new one, didn’t give me a time frame. Walked in after being closed for two days and found it all set up by him when I came. Old school Italian guy, likes doing some things himself.

  21. Someone drain all the bar sinks at the same time on the second floor?

  22. West Philly is a desert when it comes to quality choices. Not to say every spot out here is bad but it doesn’t compare to options in passyunk or old city. There’s a lot of great pizza and amazing food in china town for dirt cheap. However I feel a lot of people sleep on the new and innovative restaurants in the city. Sure it’s a blue collar city but there are a lot of restaurants doing insane things with food that definitely need to be checked out. Put down your cheesesteak and try to expand your pallet, this city has too much talent in chefs to go unnoticed. Restaurant week is a great way to try some higher end spots at a reduced cost.

  23. We have just a pizza oven and use 1 cord every two weeks. Other place I worked at used 2 a week

  24. I went out for drinks with my line cooks a few years ago, and they said our chef was slow and sloppy on the line. But could run the pass great and managed prep/function of the restaurant amazing. And same with the chef we had after him. honestly I believe chefs should be the most talented overall in the kitchen. Every kitchen runs different and requires different tasks from chefs that don’t allow them to cook. A chef with 2 line cooks compared to a chef with 10+ is a big difference in skill set required and repeated every day. If you work a chef gig for 5+ years with a small handful of line cooks you’ll cook more than a chef with a massive crew behind them. For myself I sail a smaller ship, we have only 1 prep cook and 3 line cooks so I’m cooking everyday. Some days it’s comparable to being a line cook, especially with Covid and staffing problems. Just my 2 cents

  25. Stopped using Sysco and moved to u.s foods. I think Sysco parent company bought them out. But same stuff different truck. Their prices on bulk items are why most places use them. For meat and veg most philly restaurants use Giordanoes or Espositos from south Philly.

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