1. The Burgettstown Trench Town Rocks?

  2. Burgettstown Daniel Saw the Stones for this guy.

  3. This show was one of my all time favorites

  4. They think he is a second coming of Jerry or some bullshit. It is strange

  5. You play a couple dead covers and play w Bobby and that's where you end up. Total disservice to both bc aside from respect and reverence, Billy doesn't try to mimic Jerry in any way. Makes me understand why Phish and other jambands avoid dead covers

  6. As a phish fan, I can't argue. Just enjoy the music. Wtf

  7. I know it'll be a good time, I just spent a decent chunk of change so I can go see aqueous and the cheapo in my brain is telling me not to

  8. New guitarist Palmieri is a beast. You'll regret not going

  9. The wind at four to fly is a live album with re-recorded vocals, I like that one a lot.

  10. I don't like the new stuff either but love the old tunes so much. And hey, we are getting older. If you saw any of those early 2000 Electric Factory or Sayreville shows, the crowd definitely earned their stripes in the old days.

  11. My first show was at a Penn State frat house. $3 cover. Last time I saw them I spent $80 on a ticket.

  12. I saw first Mellow Mood and Trenchtown Rock. Humble brag admitted...

  13. Haha yeah it does.. I turned 21 a couple weeks before those shows in 2000

  14. They did Misty Mountain Hop that year if memory serves correctly. I think 1999 they played a rock your balls off Ghost.

  15. Weren't they Bob Weir's band for Blue Mountain? Great album of cowboy tunes. Don't know much about their own stuff but I dig it

  16. I don't know you but I feel like I should. Expecting big things. Can't wait brother✌🎵💥

  17. I’m with you on the Days Between love, OP. I feel like it’s one of their most underrated songs, the last Hunter/Garcia masterpiece, and some of the best lyrics in the catalog.

  18. I got to see Bobby sing it at Fare Thee Well and I found it especially touching and poignant.

  19. Oh, I can imagine! What a beautiful thing that must have been, to experience FTW live.

  20. It was incredible to say the least. I'm a big Trey fan so this was like the ultimate for me. I got shut out but my guitar buddy/ best friend got all 3 nights and offered to take me w with him. They handed out roses to everyone in attendance on the way in. Chicago was an amazingly gracious host. It was a very special 4th of July weekend for sure.

  21. My personal favorite is 7.29.03. "Fooled around and Fell in Love". Jimmy found "it"

  22. My third show, only harpua. That show was bustout city, thank you ipod.

  23. From Daniel Saw The Stone on... seen a lot of shows. Might be my personal favorite (excluding festivals, NYE).

  24. Palmieri is a beast. I was a big Kung Fu fan. Saw them at a super small club in PGH and Tim absolutely destroyed the place.

  25. I’ve never listened to Kung Fu I’ll have to check ‘em out

  26. Five piece funk band. Drums keys sax guitar and bass. Think keys player was a dick and they kicked him out. Fell apart shortly after but super fun band

  27. I don't like Clapton as a person, but his solo on the live Crossroads on the Goodbye album is the best. Second best is his solo on White Room. Then anything by Gilmour.

  28. My favorite Clapton solo is Don't Think Twice, It's Alright from Dylans 30th Anniversary concert

  29. “Can you hear me knocking”- stones, guitar solo!

  30. Mick Taylor was far and away their best lead guitar

  31. People constantly on a phone conversation everywhere they go.

  32. some dead love, about time.....those two albums are almost spotless

  33. I can easily listen to Terrapin Station and never think of hitting any buttons

  34. I went to probably 20ish shows in '98-'00. Probably got a Guyute every other show. And they nailed it every single time. And somehow stupid 19/20 yr old me complained. If only I could go back...

  35. This is awesome. As a drummer, I often wonder if non-drummers can fully understand how fucking sensationally Fishman plays. His left hand is super disciplined and independent. This version definitely highlights his snare work. Thanks for the nug.

  36. It's funny bc even as a guitarist I can't tell you how much I appreciate his playing. One of my best friends who introduced me to Phish gave me amazing advice... "when they launch into these crazy long jams, listen to Fishman and you will find your way."

  37. My first Runaway Jim, My first show. Already loved the music. Captured my soul that day.

  38. First concert ever was CSN in Pittsburgh '91. First time I ever smelled weed. Probably 1000 shows later I'll never forget it. Cantankerous at times but wrote beautiful songs that became anthems of the era. Rip David. Easy, the way its supposed to be.

  39. My first concert I saw w my dad was CSN back in '91. First real show at an outdoor pavilion. 11 years old. Probably first time I smelled weed. Probably seen almost 1000 concerts since but I'll never forget it. I know Crosby was cantankerous at times but wrote beautiful songs that became anthems of the generation.

  40. I was super into them in the late 90s, saw them at Wetlands a bunch, but pretty much didn't listen to them at all for like 20 years until I met a dude who was really into them. We went to a couple of shows and I was pretty impressed! Really great energy and playing... interesting jams and exploration. Still think the bassist is the weak link there but overall was a fun time.

  41. Bassist is also far and away coolest member of the band. Smoked a blunt w him in Allentown, PA at Croc Rock in '02. Back in late 90s I went to PSU and saw them a ton. Saw them at Whiskey A Go-Go in LA 3/9/02. Give it a listen. They were so tight back then. Sickest transitions in the game. No joke. First time I saw them it was a $3 cover charge at a frat. Always saw them as the band I grew with. Seen them 2nd most times to Phish. Won't go out of my way these days but oh, the memories.

  42. yeah I'm sure he's cool, just the two recent shows I saw he was a bit sloppy and a bit by-the-numbers jam-wise.. drummer and synth player were the ones really pushing. nothing against the guy. i love the overall vibe of the band.

  43. No offense taken. Hope not read that way. Especially back then, Magner and Barber were too cool for school. Sammy didn't speak. Brownie humanized the band. Glad to hear them get a shout out. Back in late 90s/ early 00s they were so so good. Happy new year brother.

  44. Definitely the 2 you mentioned but id also add Radio City Music Hall. Saw SCI there in the early 2000s. Played a Burning Down The House that the balcony was shaking from people dancing so hard. Can only imagine seeing Phish there...

  45. Notably, and in hindsight, ants might have been the least lethal thing Ozzy ever snorted. 😆

  46. My guess has always been a lot of stuff went up there that day before he settled on ants

  47. Norman was a fine picker for sure, but nowhere near as versatile or the stylist that Rice was. Rice had that feel for jazz and odd timing that made him a perfect fit w Jerry and Dawg. I truly appreciate Blake as much as anyone but Rice was the right man for the job.

  48. Basis for a Day by the Disco Biscuits

  49. From '90-'03, the best there ever was imo

  50. Jerry Garcia. In his prime he was the complete package as a guitarist.

  51. Also it was the melody more than dexterity or speed. The music flows thru him, it's not about showmanship or ego.

  52. The only actual clock strike midnight NYE Phish show I’ve ever attended, Big Cypress.

  53. I've only been to 2. Cypress and 02. To say the least I can die happy.

  54. Same, Cypress was amazing. I convinced my buddies to all go, drove down from Nashville. Made the 8 hours on alligator alley worth it.

  55. Took a bus from Pittsburgh to DC. Drove down. About 20 hrs total. Never forget it.

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