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TIFU by not knowing my own genital anatomy at 21

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  1. When did MADD lobby for that and win? Jeez they have succeeded in elevating any offense to life ruining, which their dead relatives justify that logic.

  2. I’m not confused. 😂 I just put the Stage 1 title in for an easier title for each of these suits. Perhaps I should’ve said starter suits or just put Human Spider, Mark 1 or Star Spangled suit.

  3. I like the number of people in a holup thread trying to explain why this is wrong lol. No shit.

  4. 9/10 dentists...demand to know why the fuck you are asking them about gargling sperm.

  5. Yeah but who the fuck goes flying through a pedestrian crossing like that? Other people just barely made it across before lightening McQueen comes at full speed.

  6. Lol people think you're talking about the chick on the bike now the asshole going 40mph+ through a crosswalk.

  7. Spatial awareness and also if he had been wrong would you have seen the clip?

  8. My brother already has PS5 and he might have the game too but what makes it a different experience? The only thing I’ve seen from it is just the difference in appearance for Peter Parker.

  9. It's not, thats an exaggeration. Just better graphics. The Miles game is fun, though. Kinda short, but fun.

  10. I got YELLED at one time for opening those packs. She screamed that I was unsanitary. That was years ago and I haven't opened one since, been actually waiting for someone to fight me on that too. I simply flag the label and put it on the packaging. It comes off easy enough if the patient is just dying to see the label every day.

  11. I've been a tech for 13 years and none of the pharmacies I've worked have ever opened them.

  12. When I was in 3rd grade we had to cut out and create our own fictional type characters or something like that. I created Mrs. Sew-and-Sew, a sewing teacher of course. Mrs. Sew-and-Sew wore a dress and underneath that dress I decided to draw a vagina. Of course my teacher ended up finding it. I can only imagine how awkward that discussion with me was, but she never actually told my mom. Just kind of a stern if you ever do anything like this again. I still don't even know how I really knew that was like an actual thing. Maybe I had found some of my dad's porn before he left or something lol.

  13. You’re also making the assumption that ALL pharmacy operating systems do a pre-fill check. In my pharmacy, the workflow is different from a Walmart system in that the prescription is received, input, TP processed, LABEL PRINTED, filled, then sent to check by the pharmacist. By the time I catch the grammar and spelling issues, the label is now a physical being. So, I just have to hand the basket/tote/bag back to the tech for the fix.

  14. That's a fair point. I work for one of the big chains and our store only started doing data entry verification about 3 years ago? Can't remember exactly. This job has fried my memory/intelligence.

  15. What's sad about it? He basically doesn't exist anyways

  16. I don't get the love for him either. Between him, Dismukes, and JAJ, I really don't see what people see in them.

  17. As i said in my original post, i think it could be one or the other, if i had to guess id say its Hunt due to the probability of getting something for him being higher than for DJ, imo.

  18. From everything I've read, Ford is not the best receiving back, making him not what I'd call a "Hunt come."

  19. How is that the flip side. It would stop liars from coming forward. We don’t want liars come forward with their lies

  20. They mean coming forward after the fact. If she hadn't come forward after, the dude would still be in jail.

  21. Nick Saban told every NFL team who asked him not to draft Dimitrius Underwood because he wasn't mature enough for the NFL yet.

  22. Ouch. Why haven't I heard of him on a list of biggest draft busts ever?

  23. Too many people think football is like madden and the 3rd best WR is the slot, when in reality guys like Tyreek, Kupp, Allen, Theilen, Godwin, Lamb, etc all line up in the slot most of the time

  24. Have you played Madden? Abusing the slot is the name of the game.

  25. Both the sports team subs I frequent are like this. If anything goes slightly how some people weren't expecting they scream for everyone to be fired.

  26. Out of curiosity, what team subs do you follow? After Dawgs By Nature crashed and burned (yes it still exists but it nothing like it used to be), I haven't found a good source other than Reddit. Thing's have picked up a bit over draft season there, but even during the season the comment section was just about bare.

  27. I was bothered. My wife has a long history of sexual abuse. I had her investigate. She thinks Watson's innocent, so I feel better.

  28. Can you elaborate on her belief of innocence? I don't mean to pry about someone's experience with abuse, but I'm genuinely curious what makes her believe that.

  29. I thought he almost played him in the James Cameron Spider-Man movie that never was? Maybe I’m just thinking of them together from titanic. But Tobey and Leo are like best friends in real life

  30. Ah no edit note. That makes all the replies make more sense.

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