1. A lot of terrible answers here and I apologise for that. This is probably not the best place to look for help. Mostly made of chlidren and people who are themselves addicted to League. I suggest you:

  2. yeah ive noticed that trying to reason with a league player is torture as most of them dont have the brain capacity to understand what addiction means

  3. There are more fun games and people out there for you OP League is not for everyone. I was addicted to For Honor during the darkest point of my life and it brought out the absolute worst in me. Was it solely responsible for my state? Of course not! Did it encourage my worst traits and make me more angry and hateful, yes.

  4. People are ruling it out over 200 gold. Based on its stats I think it would be a worthwhile item on tank supps regardless.

  5. From 2500 to 3200, It's 700, that's a lot for a support, you'll take way to long for a powerspike

  6. Fair enough this is what I get for playing mage supports I don't know the cost of real supp items.

  7. Could someone explain this to me? Is this actually real lol

  8. It's an AWS service for transferring petabytes of data. Say you're mirgrating a medium-large company to the cloud and you want to take literally everything on premise to AWS servers, this is an actual service AWS offers called AWS Snowmobile. I believe the max data transfer is 100 petabytes (per truck).

  9. Tbh as a zyra main she's well treated for how little she's picked. I selfishly always hope for more too though. :)

  10. You're not vegan if you think feeding a chicken pot pie to a chicken is vegan

  11. Nothing you said here makes any sense. I just said how I know matchups and know counters and why they are counters and you respond with “yeah you still don’t know matchups so you’re going to feed”. That makes absolutely no sense. But appreciate the “advice” if that’s what you want to call it. Have a good one.

  12. Aw man I was kinda with you up until this point, you were extracting good information just by being blunt. The advice you got was great I suggest reflecting on it.

  13. Depends entirely on why they're iron. That's a very sweeping statement.

  14. What if I'm already an incel AND vegan? Take that, PeTa.

  15. Carnists and vegans have been doing a sex strike on me for years and I still eat cat and am b12 deficient.

  16. Good job, keep it going What about that item that lets you put 4 normal wards and 2 sentries? Forgot the name, hope the guy who gave you advice sees this Edit: also sometimes I think I roam too much and lose exp

  17. It's wardstone but I think his build is better into that comp. He's the only grevious wounds and is stacking armour against heavy ad.

  18. I'm saying it won't stop you being run down and it's still unhealthy for the game state.

  19. I would say it's important to first differentiate between the terms over powered, unhealthy/toxic by design and "broken".

  20. I just climbed to gold making +13lpw/17lpl from the bottom of silver 4 as a fairly casual player.

  21. She's very strong if you use her as a counterpick. Although conditional, her engage is good and can easily get you kills on squishies.

  22. How safe are they blindpicking? How do you act with Soraka during objective dances?

  23. I'm going to risk being downvoted and say thresh isn't that great. Even with buffs coming he's pretty weak, countered by mage picks and is hard to learn. I think if you're looking to transition into more supporty supports with good poke and cc (like mages) lulu and renata are good suggestions. Soraka is alright too.

  24. As many others have said, she feels undercooked.

  25. I think the problem is she's a samira-like scaler that is also early game. Her passive is huge and lets you hit lvl 2 far too early for bot lane. That's huge for any elo, but for pro play it's broken. So they absolutely can't buff her for world's without her becoming a perma pick/ban.

  26. Ultimately it's going to come down to lots of factors but for free I'd say just stick with Brand and Zyra. 2 supports is plenty when they don't have a high pick/ban rate.

  27. yeah i guess i get bored lol! having fun with fiddle, just started him

  28. Honestly do what's fun first and foremost. For ranked I've found 2 is enough but you know 3 is fine too.

  29. Well, he's not wrong about The Catcher in the Rye.

  30. Lol no. That isn't the same at all. If you'd said I will enslave you all and kill all of you and your children and their children when they reach 20 I would have said okay. But you didn't because you know that so long as I got to frolic in a field for those years and breed more offspring then it would actually be mutually beneficial. Checkmate vegan.

  31. Not in general but in this case. Bare in mind it's generally doctors who have conducted human experimentation in dictatorships.

  32. My first Friday night of the season (yesterday) just fucked my mental and account. 11 game losing streak?

  33. "I was made miserable, so I'm going to make future teammates who had nothing to do witht that miserable"

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