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  1. You can find them in eBay. They are legitimate Chromecast Audios. They’re still sold in other countries, jut no longer in the US.

  2. Hmm, can’t find them? Damn .. sorry. I bought a few last year, on eBay. I hadn’t looked recently. Sorry! 😔

  3. Technically, they just opened the doors for the states to enforce Christian Fundamentalism. SCOTUS just claimed it was unconstitutional at the federal level, removing the protection across the US, allowing states to start creating their own laws.

  4. The Texas Republicans are asking that gay people be treated identically to their straight neighbors, under the law, and the left is going mental.

  5. Bullshit. The GOP has blocked, push, and now actively trying to hide any gay act on TV, throw a fit if two men kiss, and actively trying to stop same-couple marriages. Bullshit GOP like to hide behind “no” marriage should be in government, but I see absolutely no attempts to block man-women marriages.

  6. I seem to remember the Democrats passing the homophobic Defense of Marriage Act, not the Republicans. Bill Clinton, remember?

  7. You are right: during those times they were very close minded. Aren’t people allowed to grow? Improve? The act was repealed, and gay marriage was made legal across the board. But, now several GOP states are finding ways to circumvent it, prepping a case to the supreme court.

  8. "President Trump, who historically expanded the GOP's coalition, made clear that LGBT conservatives are welcome in the America First movement and the Republican Party."

  9. Trump welcomes anybody who will look up to him. It’s as simple as that.

  10. Obviously other peoples property are fair game to you. A summer of riots, billions in damage, mostly to small business. 5000 extra murders in 2020. Democratic politicians want to disarm the citizens so the Democratic voters can loot. Then the people who work for a living move out, and the politicians just made their seats safe for their entire careers.

  11. Amazing. You went full black and white. If I'm not for something, I'm against everything else, and vise-versa.

  12. Ask the group that’s 13% of the population and commits 52% of the murders why the US has a high murder rate.

  13. It's a people problem. I said that earlier. It's not a gun problem. My point here is guns are not even part of this equation; so, it doesn't matter if they existed or not. Wouldn't you agree?

  14. What’s the lumen? I don’t see it on the box. I noticed they’re up to 1100 now. The originals were 600, then 800. Now they’re 1100.

  15. Something called sisig. I think the Lumpia is the eggrolls? I've never had an egg roll that is mostly pork. It was surprisingly delicious.

  16. Pork sisig and sinigang (sour soup) are two of my favorite dishes. You should try their "chocolate stew," Dinuguan. Don't ask what it is until you've tried it! lol. I really like dinuguan, esp. when combined with puto.

  17. Balut literally tastes just like an egg. Just get yourself past the mental image of the food.

  18. There are lots of "doorbell" tracks on Spotify for dog training

  19. I'll have to check them out. But, I don't have Spotify. Hopefully they'll be free.

  20. OP is using the correct verbiage as they are using graphviz, which describes everything generated as an abstract graph in their documentation.

  21. Well that's confusing. My apologies.

  22. Only time my freedom panels leaked is when I didn't have them on right. Recheck your fitting?

  23. Now the sun shall infinitely beam down on your face giving you sun burns hehehehe hahahahahah

  24. I wonder how often people expense a single donut, though... at my old gig, the process of entering the expense would require way more than 75 cents worth of my time. lol

  25. If I'm on a business trip: damn right I'm filing that expense! Right along while I'm filing my coffee and breakfast.

  26. That’s quite a score! But what’s with the mix of 2” and 1” plates?

  27. I was referring to the mix of the 1" bar and 2" bar weights. I thought it was odd having a mix.

  28. Don’t respect Religion. Respect the person. Respect their personal connection with their god(s), but there is no reason you "need to" respect their religion or their god. Simple as that.

  29. Can they even say that? Legally, in CO, you cannot call it a bedroom without two requirements: external window(s) and a closet (a nook or wardrobe would count). I have a small spare room (triple this size!) that I cannot legally call a bedroom because the lack of a closet space.

  30. I would like to know more … what’s this limitation? I’m about to signup for Xfinity service next month.

  31. It looks like there's a Plex client that runs on Comcast's streaming box, and it's basically useless.

  32. Ah, gotcha. You're thinking an intentionally gimped version of Plex on their Flex box? I entirely plan to use my own top-set box, probably AppleTV, but still need to verify it's Plex capabilities. I'm quite unhappy with issues in the Roku Ultra's "capabilities."

  33. COS is an amazing place to visit, but as a fellow LGBT, it f’ing sucks to live here. My (now ex-husband) was so enamored in moving here, but it didn’t last. Count yourself fortunate you two survived this place long enough to see it wasn’t for you. I’m on my way out, too - just two more weeks.

  34. I'm heading back to California. Mountain View, CA (Bay Area) to be exact. I miss the diversity of people and culture, plus more "stable" weather! lol

  35. That is awesome. I have a minor dyslexia, and I felt like I didn't misread a single word in there. But, again, dyslexia, maybe I did??

  36. This is an old thread, but wanted to chime in here. My printer is wired in. My issue was specifically: I needed to enable IPv6 and "Add IPv6" to the default LAN Subnet.

  37. He’s blind not deaf. I bet he’s ultra pissed after the screenreader read all that!

  38. If the image tag is "latest", as you stated. You can generally restart the container and let it repull the latest image.

  39. This isn’t accurate. Restarting the container just restarts the container. You have to rebuild it in order to “restart” it with the new “:latest” image.

  40. That depends on the pull policy. And at this point we are arguing words that have little meaning. If i restart a container in my k8s cluster, i will always get the most up to date version of the tag unless i override defaul. If i restart in docker compose, it may or may not update depending on settings. Regarding pull policy. If i use docker's directly, then it will always check for updates. If i use some other orchestration service, then it depends on how that orchestrator defines "restart".

  41. Notice his final paragraph: “I’m not familiar with Docker in the slightest.”

  42. If only there was a third party, one who fought for the people, and focused on the powers enumerated by the constitution rather than working to grow the powers of their branch....

  43. Every party claims to fight for the people. Congressional mapping should have never been left to the ruling party, even if the ruling party claims to fight for the people and excessive powers of the constitution. Anybody that truly claims this knows the necessity of neutral parties.

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