Shireen Abu Akleh: Israeli forces kill Al Jazeera journalist

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  1. That's not true, Taiwan doesn't want unification at all. It has also never been part of china, so the word "reunification" is misleading.

  2. Entendi, no meu trabalho não tenho contato direto com os outros, apenas com a minha chefe, e tentei procurar o PCB para se organizar mas acho que tenho que ir diretamente em um célula do partido para isso, enfim, vou tentar aqui, muito obrigado

  3. Se você não conseguir contato com o PCB, tenta contato com a página da UP do seu estado. Tentei contato com o PCB por quase um ano, mas nunca obtive resposta ou retorno. São partidos relativamente similares, então tu tem essa opção de reserva caso você não tenha retorno do PCB.

  4. Pensei na UP também como alternativa, tu conseguiu contato com eles? Vou tentar aqui

  5. Sim, comecei a militar com eles recentemente, você será muito bem-vindo, camarada.

  6. -I'm Israeli so take my post with a grain of salt since I'm going to have a biased view of things.

  7. Really hoping that the next Intifada is victorious and palestinians can be free of cynical fascists like you.

  8. There are for example oligarchic republics. Republics don't guarantee free and fair elections

  9. If you take a look at the parliament or congress of most democratic countries, they are mostly or entirely composed of rich people, so you could argue that they’re oligarchies too

  10. O problema é que o Ciro tem pouquíssimas chances de ganhar se comparado ao Lula. Gostando ou não do Lula, ele é o político mais experiente e com maior apoio da população pobre no Brasil. Fora que se a esquerda mais radical já está fumaçando com o Alckmin sendo vice, duvido muito que iriam apoiar o Ciro, que tentou se aliar com Datena e tinha Kátia Abreu de vice (além dessa bancada ridícula do PDT no congresso)

  11. cheio de riquinho nojento nesses comentários, hein. gente sem educação tem em todas as classes sociais, morei muitos anos em quebrada e tive poucos problemas com meus vizinhos (mas levem em conta que eu mesmo sou frequentador de paredão)

  12. Funny, that would never be an issue here in Brazil. One of my grandparents is black, but both my mom and dad are white. I am whiter than my parents and got a red/blond beard, but my older brother is as dark as the grandpa I mentioned. Genetics can get confusing, but I’m pretty sure that the kid is yours.

  13. I mean, Fascism between 1919 and 1921 was kind of left wing. Most of its adherents were either anti-mainstream Socialists, Revolutionary Syndacalists, Futurists or Mazzinians, and their primary ideologue was Alceste De Ambris. It only became solidly far right after they failed in the 1919 elections and after the failure of the Pact of Pacification with the Socialists.

  14. nope. fascism was always an extreme right wing ideology. they always defended rampant imperialism and suppression of unions

  15. the comments here are disgusting. how can someone believe that a dog’s life is worth more than a human one? i love animals, but saying that both lives have equal values really shows why our world is so fucked up

  16. Reading this is so comforting. I’ve been smoking heavily for a year after a bad breakup, and lately weed has caused me all sorts of anxiety issues. 1st day without dope, hope i’ll go back to my normal self someday

  17. Will there be a communist path? Leftist parties were pretty popular in Brazil back then

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