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  1. “The NFL's best have come to play” - Carrie Underood

  2. is that who was singing that garbage before the game? yeesh

  3. Casual players they can cope without unrealistic dots on the map 😀

  4. I wish the “Alexa play…” bot command was still available

  5. So which is it? Lazy OR Overworked? Can't be both.

  6. Why u gotta downvote my 'damn son'

  7. It does take a bit of time, plus the wife gets upset for the smoke. But I like doing it inside because there is always peiple watching. For some strange reason, people love watching someone grilling a steak.

  8. I’m trying to get out and find stuff to do, thought asking people for advice/suggestions could be a good way to find new things - still using help from last weeks post. I’m not good at finding events or things to do since I don’t have any friends or acquaintances or anyone I know to ask

  9. you're onto something. the font seems off, the dick is good. try again

  10. guy fills those suits like a fuckin balloon

  11. Can someone with Photoshop skills please start mocking these up? Thanks in advance.

  12. Any reason why you’d let it sit out to room temp when you’re bringing it up slow with the smoker anyway? Genuinely curious

  13. i'm no expert, but i would assume the meat getting to room temp allows the meat to relax and be more consistent and not be so tense and cold when you throw it in whatever you're cooking it in

  14. it's a travesty the master was subjected to some sweat box warehouse room during the day

  15. Just booked tickets in Los Angeles because of this post. Had no idea this guy toured

  16. The rude staff is their thing apparently. They act rude on purpose.

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