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  1. My school district just lost an alumni to suicide. So many teachers were talking today about how they WISH they could reach out to former students and keep these kinds of connections with them.

  2. "You can't talk about equity and wellness and not wear a mask indoors."

  3. HS Science teacher: “I know you think you’re cool flashing your money but it’s gonna get you jumped” “Yes you’re pretty but not that pretty quit taking selfies” “You are seriously dumber than my previous 6th graders”

  4. I constantly tell my kids "The single most important thing that school tries to teach you is to always read directions. Even if you learn nothing else, learn that."

  5. I’m currently kinda uncomfortable in my body and would like to achieve another physique. I tried loving my body no matter what but it just fucks my mental health too much.

  6. I think it's really counter productive to only weigh yourself once a week or less. We all fluctuate a lot from day to day, so it creates this pressure to be at the "optimal " for weigh-in days. When I'm dieting I weigh myself every single day. I log it into the fitbit app, that automatically calculate a weekly average, and that's the number I keep track of. Right now I'm down about 300g a week on average, but often up/down a kilo during a week.

  7. There’s no reality in which a person eating normally should gain 7-8 Lbs in less than 2 weeks. That’s not acceptable.

  8. Uhm, I've gained that much in less time just from water weight & poo during PMS... 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. As a tall woman, the BMI scale is so frustrating. I am 5'10 and weigh 185 pounds, putting me in the overweight bmi scale. The thing is, I'm very muscular and have dense bones and a thigh gap... my doctor is always amazed at how heavy I am because I look so small in clothes. I wear a size 10 shoe and 8/10 in women's pants and a small or medium top. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. I got it removed in July but I noticed less falling out in the shower lately actually now that i think of it. I got the implant in oct 2021 right after having my daughter. My hair was falling out like crazy until recently. Could have a lot to do with Julys removal

  11. That’s a really cool one. Thanks! Do you know who wrote it by any chance?

  12. Hello, this is my first post here! I bought this succulent and it is called 桜吹雪 (sakurafubuki) because it looks like many sakura petals falling. I wondered if its English name is also this cute? Thank you for your help! 🌸

  13. Someday I think you and I are going to have a serious disagreement.

  14. I love the line about finding a woman who speaks Delaware for Uncas who will say to him "You are the one" and bear him many children.

  15. I left right after college and then came back for ~3 years, when I moved out to move in with my SO. I was glad to move out when I did because I was 26-27 and my parents were starting to use me as almost a marriage counselor in the last 6 months before I left. And I was like, I know y'all have problems with each other but I cannot be in the middle of them. So I left at the right time.

  16. This thread has me wondering how many people here "run" a household with kids. Because this schedule seems pretty on point, just swap a few things in and out(Like starting the fires).

  17. OP, I've read your post and comments. This is a major issue but I think there are underlying problems to address.

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