1. It's in Bronezville. That means that the Mosque probably has a lot of American History associated with it with the Black Panthers, etc.

  2. A lunatic who spent years on maga radio and maga Facebook groups spewing racist filth is going to bring the city together? Someone who has destroyed multiple school districts has proven leadership ability? Seeing these black politicians betray their own communites for their own back room deals is disgusting.

  3. My wife is a senior director over contracting for Sams Club. The problem I observed in her dealings with her team during WFH was that people didn’t work consistently, and were constantly having tech issues, or at least were using tech issues as an excuse to get out of work. They’re hybrid now, and are in office 2 1/2 days a week. Tuesday, Thursday, and half a day Friday.

  4. "I suffer so I want everyone else to as well"

  5. Beating someone for an hour and murdering them is just a little overboard?

  6. A 90 year old in 1966 would have been born just five years after the whole city was ashes.

  7. Yes cities evolve based on political and economic factors many if them discriminatory and predatory, buy lets just ignore that because cities just evolve.

  8. What qualifies you to say his plan is obviously not going to work? What is your area of expertise?

  9. This comment reminded me that there seems to be a lot of parellels between this mayoral election and the 2016 presidential election.

  10. And Vallas will be a disaster, just like trump.

  11. All living things are a combination of water and the minerals that make up the soil of the earth.

  12. I mean there are over two billion Muslims in the world and most its rapid spread happended before any kind of nass communication. Anyway Allah never said the majority of the world would except the truth and he clearly states the major of the world will suppress it and delude themselves.

  13. Now teaching actual American history is considered critical race theroy. Critical race theory has never been taught outside of college courses. CRT is a racist dog whistle from conservatives who want to sweep systemic racism under the rug.

  14. I agree to an extent but also see this casting is not a reflection of Seattle and think shows like this are so scared they’ll be called racist, that they are purposely prioritizing casting AA over who they think might actually mesh personality wise.

  15. I'm sure you didn't have a problem with few black people in the seasons in Chicago and Dallas even though they are a third of the population.

  16. Why would anyone want W's for a bunch of bricks?

  17. People always conveniently leave out the fact the team was a below .500 team before MJ came back in 94-95. Cool story bro.

  18. idiot leaders like this are elected by people falling for reactionary rhetoric to complicated issues.

  19. It's sad seeing these black boomers sellout. My generation has known it for years but they are confirming it endorsing that ghoul Vallas.

  20. Woah woah. Big difference between cheating in a sport and having a toxic improper workplace relationship with an off balance power dynamic.

  21. You really typed out that word salad and thought you said something profound. The man had an affair with another consenting adult.

  22. Consent is not a real thing when power dynamics are involved. That's why it's against the rules. Sure, she can say no, but then you have one of the most powerful people in the organization against you.

  23. There is a power dynamic in every relationship.

  24. classic leftist "if youre not with us youre a racist" playbook

  25. Classic "this person has logical reasoning and empathy for others, they have to be a woke leftist"

  26. I'm glad this bully is gone. Too many people like this are allowed to stay in positions and abuse and torture employees.

  27. Yea the era right after Jordan is one of the biggest knocks on Jordan imo. A bunch of kids who watched a spectacular talent play selfishly and tried to emulate it without the same talent/work ethic. Whereas we’re currently in the era who grew up watching Bron and seemingly every team has a high-usage unselfish star.

  28. Lebron also grew up watching MJ do your comment makes no sense. The deadball era was because of draconian defensive schemes and rules created to stop inevitable offensive forces like MJ.

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