Bernie sanders being arrested for protesting against segregation, aged 21.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Well, American elections do have integrity problems... not in the way this misinformation suggests though.

  2. The Nobel Peace prize is a fucking joke and has been for a very long time.

  3. If this gets big enough, there's a good chance Musk will attempt to shut off Ukraine's access to Starlink.

  4. Funny how his "parades" look the same as russian rallies isn't it?

  5. And he wanted to do a goose-stepping Russian-style military parade as well.

  6. Liz Truss has been doing a great job of that all by herself.

  7. Petraeus shut just the fuck up and disappear out of the public forever.

  8. Dumb statement... so are the Ukrainian drones we see dropping grenades with 3D printed fins (and even more importantly, acting as observers for artillery).

  9. All those who were feeling bad for the retreating Russians... I wonder how they'll feel when Ukrainians inevitably start finding mass graves in Lyman.

  10. If you've ever washed your own clothes by hand before, you'll understand how great washing machines are.

  11. 100%. These are all fictional shows, plenty of people understand that and know it’s not representative of actual police work. I’m critical as hell of the justice system and police force, but I also freaking love Law and Order. You can do both if you think somewhat critically.

  12. That’s like watching “West Wing”- fairy tale…. I still enjoy it, But I recognize how fictional it is :)

  13. Fairy tale? More like nightmare. If you watch it carefully and are on the left, you'll notice it's a fucking awful show.

  14. How many other politicians will you find with photos like this. I'd bet very few.

  15. If you cheer when you see a tank turret being blown 100 meters into the air while the (unseen) crew is obviously being burned alive, you should have to look.

  16. Disturbing to see the number of people asking for unblurred images of corpses. Why do you need or want to see them? Warfare is not, nor should it be, pornography.

  17. Do you cheer when you see a tank turret fly into the air even though it's clear the unseen crew are being burnt to a crisp? Because that'd be very hypocritical.

  18. This is silly. Everyone does this. Remember "Peace with honor?"

  19. It’s not that gross? Cheek is some high class stuff and tongue is a popular taco filling.

  20. Americans eat hot dogs, but only because reshaped to the point we don't have to think about what part of the body the meat comes from.

  21. If it doesn't look like we're doing much to defend democracy, it's because we don't (not even our own). We act in our best interests: sometimes it aligns with democracy, most of the time it doesn't.

  22. Fuck Russia, but this is just total retardation.

  23. Perhaps we could run out of uranium one day, but some radioactive elements like carbon-14 are constantly replenished by cosmic rays, and others like bismuth-209 have long enough half-lives to outlast the Earth by a wide margin.

  24. Trickle down economics has never, and will never, work.

  25. The one exception: pro athletes and lottery winners (essentially, people who come to a lot of money very quickly).

  26. They also learned there are enough working/middle class voters who'll fall for the racist & cultural dog whistles dangled in front of tax cuts for rich folks.

  27. Tell that to the women of Iran. There is always fighting back. He could have fire bombed a few government buildings before he left

  28. Or the women of the USA after Roe v Wade got flushed.

  29. With the far right gaining more power in Europe and Republicans winning the in the upcoming midterms, Russia knows support for Ukraine will go down. They think they can still win by grinding it out versus a Ukraine that's not supported by the West.

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