1. The asymmetric black top feels a bit sharp for you..it makes you look a little top heavy. Something with a softer neckline and slightly more relaxed would be nicer.

  2. I follow your thoughts here, but I think my conception of SN is very much includes an elegant simplicity, which I think people wrongly attribute to being a purely Classic characteristic? I think of many of

  3. I follow your thoughts here too and see what you're saying. Cohesive, simple looks can look really good on them, you're right. J-Lo looks great here, probably because of the neutral shade, the relaxed fit of the suit and the openness of wearing a strapless crop underneath that has a ribbed material - it definitely hits the natural/breezy brief. Her hair is also v complimentary. Can I see Ana in this outfit? Maybe? She might disappear into it (on second thoughts I don't think beige is her colour!).

  4. i agree that beige/taupe isn't the most flattering tone for her, her colouring is different to JLos, but I do think she can look amazing with the right kind of

  5. She does look great in your example photo and I do see SN.

  6. The outfit with the black and red sheer top thing with the sharp collar, paired with the thigh high boots, is an absolute slay.

  7. What sort of tape did you use? :)

  8. It's sports strapping tape. I've tried other less sticky tapes (as the hair hurts!) but they all come off in the shower. The sports tape can last over a week with hot showers twice a day.

  9. Sorry I didn't see you'd replied! Brilliant, thanks. Is there a way to get the tape off without it hurting?

  10. Honestly, the Olivia Rodrigo slide makes me less sure she’s DC. That would be a very DC friendly gown and she looks so stiff and uncomfortable in it. Maybe she’s a natural type?

  11. I do wonder whether it's because the dress is literally uncomfortable to wear? The corset paired with layers on the bottom with restricted movement

  12. The cream turtle neck with cream long v neck cardi and belt and cream hat 👌

  13. Last slide bottom left - is that Helen Mirren? Looks like her!

  14. Marlo Thomas is on slide 2. I didn’t know that was Helen mirren.i just thought she looked so great.

  15. It might not be Helen! But she's v similar

  16. She's approx 5ft2-4" and I've seen her in person...this post is from two years ago but I couldn't help but correct 🤣

  17. makes way more sense! she looks way smaller than 5'7" in those pics, I was even wondering if she could be a gamine

  18. I'll be interested to see the consensus because I also can't tell! D, DC or FN literally on the basis of your height. Tempted to say D or DC

  19. “But you know I'd stand on the corner Embarrassed with a picket sign If it meant I would see you When I die” Punched me in the face this week after losing someone and finding myself praying for the first time in years

  20. Omg I didn't know hashtags did this hahahaha it's awful

  21. Could Kaya be dramatic? I see a tall vertical line

  22. She definitely could be, although I think she looks a lot more moderate in some photos than she does in others. The photo of her in the blue dress is clearly taken from a low angle and that's the only one where I think she has a very exaggerated-looking vertical. I don't think she looks awkward when she breaks her vertical the way pure Ds tend to. She's also the shortest of the bunch at closer to 5'5 so she's well within the DC height limits. She looked pure D to me when she was younger and super skinny but now she looks a lot more moderate, although I could definitely see her as a Kristen Wiig type D!

  23. I think you might be right re. Kaya! Photos taken chest level / lower make her look more moderate and balanced.

  24. Unrelated, but whoever did Anne’s makeup styling in Pic 16 needs to be fired 😭

  25. It looks like she's playing a character

  26. Most children are selfish to varying degrees until they learn self-awareness and social-awareness throughout childhood and adolescence, and into early adulthood tbh

  27. Hopefully someone reads this... So off of these examples, without a bra or wearing a bralette that gives minimal shape/support I appear to have Kibbe curve because my boob line comes out past the point of my armpits. However, with a supportive bra my boobs are brought closer together and the boob line looks more like conventional curve (so the boob line does not come out further than the torso or armpits). Admittedly I think the supportive bra gives a better overall line to the way my body looks and in clothes.

  28. Chinese Satellite did it for me 🥲

  29. I think this is an all-type thing! You can feel socially anxious and be whatever type. What you've written sounds typical of a socially conscious ESFJ ☺️

  30. I gave up on this website because I am in between a lot of the answers. Either/or without a sliding scale annoys me

  31. This is the best piece of art I've seen in a while 💜

  32. According to socionics and some other theories/models as well, ENFP x ISTP is a dual relationship which means that there is high compatibility and less problems but don't take my word for it. Check out sociotypes.

  33. But the ISTP in socionics is more similar to the ISTJ of mbti theory. If you look at the functions of the socionics ISTP you can see it

  34. ISTp and ISTj are actually exceptions in socionics (they don't switch the last letter like other introverts between mbti and socionics). The ISTp in socionics is more like ISTP in mbti than ISTJ. Check this out:

  35. Mixed on the mustache but you do you and honestily everything ties togethor quite nicely. Plus I cant judge with my long hair and beard myself.

  36. The 'stache is the before photo 😉

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