Holy Shit

A golden splash of respect

Let's sip to good health and good company

  1. Leo Marvin has a house there. The way he acquired the house was shameful though.

  2. I was legitimately impressed. He has skills. He also danced with that group that was "poppin".

  3. I'm obsessed with him. I wanna get him naked. What do I gotta do?

  4. Yes, this. There was a drunk couple having sex on the bunk above me. I left and slept in the common room.

  5. He was supposed to have a Robin spin off. Would have been good maybe.

  6. I absolutely hated that his actual name in that movie was Robin. It was just so on the nose and unnecessary.

  7. I agree. At least they only mentioned it at the very end.

  8. No doubt, he stood out. Totally agree. An amazing performance.

  9. They're all a bunch of Marks aren't they, ties done up to eleven, sitting behind a desk gettin they're dicks sucked by a big Alsatian dog.

  10. Kind of reminds me of the inside of the singularity in Interstellar

  11. He is a series regular in HBO's looking. Someone alerted me to that show on a subreddit. He is great on that show also. I just miss the Aussie accent.

  12. You could look for something like "clinica familia" that we have in north texas. They charge 30 buck for an eval and I bet the would suit your needs. Maybe there a similar clinics where you live.

  13. Good move with the isolation of the arm then the elbow throw...dang

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