First time ever catching a crash on my dash cam.

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  1. As I can see.. you are american. You are least competent to say something about killing civilians without a reason 🤡 You've done much worse things in Vietnam, Japan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan and even Serbia when you bombed hospitals and public buildings killing kids, women, old people and not military targets. Better shut your mouth and go back to your cave.

  2. You’re on quite the pro Russia tour. Good luck with that comrade

  3. Comrade, you don't have anything to say in defense, right? Well, ofc you don't. You know everything is true. 😉

  4. I've seen that before, I knew a manager in the company I worked for that had a pill problem and when he was flying he would do shit like this.

  5. Wrong David Spiegel. Amber Heard's is David R. Spiegel. He's on the east coast. He looks a lot younger in his photo previews than in court today. for sure. Interestingly, when you go to the websites, the photos have been removed.

  6. Thanks. I’ll edit my comment. Strange coincidence with the same name and profession. Poor innocent David Spiegel probably getting lots of attention that he shouldn’t

  7. Thanks so much! My husband LOVES golf and plays a lot but is terrible… always talking about “getting lessons” but never has so thought I’d get him a pack for Father’s Day. Do you know if my husband has to have a membership at Newcastle for lessons or does he just meet him there? I obviously no nothing about golf :) thanks again for taking the time to respond!

  8. A lot of husbands are checking your post history to see if they are the one that “plays a lot but is terrible”. Cause that’s like 90% of golfers

  9. Sounds like they say “what the hell?” before braking pretty hard. All depends on what’s in front of them

  10. Don't worry. The ACAB types tell us the "community" will handle these matters now.

  11. No amount or quality of police can prevent an incident - the best they could ever do is to respond to one, so the report could be filed expeditiously after-the-fact.

  12. Bed thing they can do is respond faster than 10 minutes to an active shooter. Are your standards really that low?

  13. I remember one of the Fifa games had what was basically a fight button. I feel like it was 98.

  14. I remember there was a button that would get you a red card every time. There was also a dive button

  15. Was that the one where you could send prostitutes to the other team to tire them out before a game?

  16. Its sad that Leeds are so terrible, would have been hilarious seeing Fat Frank relegate the blueshite instead. They are likely going to survive despite Frank's woeful results.

  17. Leeds win vs Brentford and Everton loss vs arsenal. Combined with burnley winning today or on the final day vs Newcastle would see Everton down. Very doable

  18. Not if the quesadilla is a single tortilla folded. That's a taco. 2 separate tortillas making a quesadilla is a sandwich.

  19. Fuck. What’s a tostada then? Or a melt/open faced sandwich? Calzone?

  20. Free Climbing = Climbing with protection, but free from technical assistance like a fixed rope.

  21. According to one of the best climbers ever, Marc Andre Leclerc, true free soloing is doing it without witnesses and not telling anyone where you are or what you’re doing.

  22. I think him and his widow believed it was a personal thing. More that it's a unique, personal, spiritual endeavour that can't be shared. In this case, the climber was seeking attention to for a prolife campaign.

  23. Seems like an overly excited recruiter rather than someone hitting on OP. The sad cringe is OP thinking everyone wants you

  24. More excuses for someone who is an outward racist and not afraid to make threats about brutal murdering of black people.

  25. Outward racist? Where do you find something to defend that? Honestly, if you knew anything about me you'd laugh at yourself - but think what you want.

  26. Virginia Tech, Parkland, and Columbine were all committed with 10rd magazines.

  27. “No way to prevent this” say the conservatives in the only country with this many mass shootings

  28. I read these comments as “The weight of playing against liverpool feels like the whole country is against you.” No one in their right mind would think the entire country is rooting for one of the most historically hated teams. It’s just how it feels when you play against them.

  29. If City win tomorrow am I wrong in thinking we should treat the last 2 league games like friendlies and just play the fringe players like Origi, Elliott, Jones, Ox, Taki etc.. although the league won't officially be lost I just feel with some players picking up injuries in the last 2 games maybe it's time to wrap up some of the starters in cotton wool and keep them fresh for the final I knows it's not in Klopps dna to do that kind of thing but we've got a better chance of winning the CL than the PL regardless if City win, draw or lose tomorrow

  30. If they win by a good margin, I agree. We’d have 3 pts and a huge goal differential to make up. Origi must get a start and get a proper send off on the last game at Anfield. I’d like to see Ox too.

  31. Klopp said his was less than Salah's, Virg mentioned he felt a twitch in his calf and could've played on but it wasn't worth the risk

  32. Makes it more puzzling that Tuchel didn’t go with the pace of Werner.

  33. Walks into water … can’t swim. Big brain moves out of that lady lol

  34. I think she gets weighed down with all that clothing. You know, all the clothing that women have to wear cause they are treated like shit in the religion that she almost killed herself trying to stop a pointless show of idiocracy?

  35. Again -- that's about the same as miles driven...

  36. Trained professionals that are getting paid to do their job have a higher accident rate then average Joes on the road with who-knows-how-much training and experience. You really don’t see the issue there?

  37. You've convinced me. Truck drivers are terrible people.

  38. It'll be interesting to see who hates the cops when they get robbed and need someone to show up 2 hours later and shrug their shoulders.

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