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  1. I moved in to a hotel and didn’t tell anyone what was happening. My brother found out and had me move home with my folks who were amazing, but I didn’t really know or care - I was destroyed. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that someone could just change so fundamentally so quickly and life became incredibly cheap to me. My coping mechanism (in addition to near lethal amounts of alcohol and prescription pain and anxiety medication abuse) was to throw myself into my work, who was all to happy to oblige. I also threw myself into near lethal nightly alcohol consumption, with a stronger side car of pain meds and anti anxiety pills. My routine would be to change my shirt right before I blacked out so when I woke up at whatever time between 4-6am, I could just go get in the car and drive straight to the office. Anyone in my position would have to consider at some point during that morning commute the idea that I had actually died and was in hell. Every. Single. Morning. For 18 months. I sat in dead stopped traffic on a bridge notorious for suicidal jumpers. And every single morning for 18 months, I unlocked my seatbelt and unlocked my door and tried to think of a reason not to jump. I thought of my best friend. Who was my best man at my wedding and who was in residency at a hospital close to that bridge. He told me about how his first week they brought in a number of survivors to tell their story, and then examined the work of the emergency and triage teams. And so it wasn’t hope that kept me from jumping, but rather the probability that I would survive, and somehow make things even worse because the thing about rock bottom is you never really feel like you hit it; more like you just hit it at terminal velocity; then wake up on a hospital and continue your descent.

  2. I think those girls are awesome. Especially if they give blowjobs while they're on their period. Personally, I don't like period sex (it doesn't gross me out, I just don't like how the vagina feels during a woman's menstruation). So if a girl is happy to give me a blowjob (even offers it to me), even though she won't get anything in return, that's both extremely hot and extremely endearing. Assuming she's generally into penetrative sex, this would make me think of her as a definite keeper.

  3. Oh it's like a slew of posts/comments to this effect. I didn't wanna call specific people out. But it's just a lot of inquiries made off of an assumption that doesn't come from anywhere in the literature, and people will respond with like "That's not really true. You can just do XYZ and it's not a big deal," and the person will respond, "But -this dermatologist- says that you should NEVER do XYZ." And the link wont contain any citations or studies other than just the word of a professional.

  4. The comment section of that linked post is a wild ride.

  5. Exactly. Think of a woman dropping her handkerchief while she walks by a man. What's the modern equivalent? 🤔

  6. From the waist down it's classic "zoom call" attire.

  7. I'm 6 months late to the party and surprised it's still letting me comment!

  8. I drive a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder s not even sv My husband drives a 2018 Toyota Corolla

  9. Wow. Is your interest rate insanely high or something? I'm trying to make sense of how one of those cars ended up costing you $600/mo.

  10. ITT: Non-medical plebs use information that has been twisted to suit their argument

  11. I cannot believe I actually googled this, but apparently there's at least one study lol

  12. And there's no telling what's underground. I'm sure it's one of many bunkers he has and I'm sure his food supply doesn't have 2015 expiration dates like his soldiers' rations.

  13. I'll be disappointed if there isn't a series of mysterious tunnels/secret passageways under there.

  14. I googled to no avail. What is a "Gass bottle"?

  15. Sooooooooooo we are going to pretend that this hasn’t happened before? Like we are going to rationalize it and completely disregard that rules are suggestions to some, and not to others?

  16. Thanks a lot! I was always afraid, that if I make some features Premium-only, the growth of my userbase will slow down, and even some current users might leave. But I understand, that it would probably make me more money.

  17. Genuine question, what does phone it in mean? New to the terms in the sub and haven't come across this one. Thanks!

  18. "Phone it in" isn't really a sub-specific term. It's a popular idiom (in the US at least) for half assing something. So you could phone things in that have nothing to do with your job or income.

  19. If I could imagine what the American Steve Irwin's Tinder profile would be, this would not be it.

  20. It would be perfect for that! Or maybe one of those murder mystery parties.

  21. Pretty sure that's not a kid and that's a parasite not a snake

  22. Yeah I'm wondering how it would even be possible to swallow something that large.

  23. Everything you said + throw in various task tracker apps. I have no solution, but hoping someone here will!

  24. I googled and apparently neck piercings are a thing now! There's a couple pics here:

  25. EXCUSE ME I worked VERY HARD to get my degree, it was a struggle getting up EVERY DAY to drag myself into my early class (noon!!!!) where I learned how oppressed I am by not having full and total access to my trust fund RIGHT NOW.

  26. I know there's a fetish for basically everything. Yet somehow I am still constantly surprised.

  27. I feel like a scientist investigating the science of baking right now

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