1. who's the cock-sucker on top-left? Looks like a real cuck.

  2. It’s ok if you don’t understand things. But it’s not ok to mock other people because you don’t understand things.

  3. This Russian bot that just can’t stop spewing out right wing propaganda.

  4. I mean it doesn't happen though. black people have less right to a gun of course but that's only because statistically the majority of the black population in America lives in liberal inner cities where guns are banned..

  5. I can’t even say “nice try”. You being an insufferable anti-democrat dipshit has no bearing on anyone else’s stance on any political ideology.

  6. I can’t even say “nice try”. You being an insufferable anti-republican dipshit has no bearing on anyone else’s stance on any political ideology.

  7. just because you don't care about abortion doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to. you're not an ancap if you don't think other people are allowed to talk about abortion

  8. 16 of your boy biden's buddies have already been arrested after 37 intelligence agencies confirmed that the election was manipulated by domestic and foreign actors. 50 investigations across the country with prosecutors arresting your boy biden's buddies for voter fraud and outright stating that the election was illegitimate..

  9. What a great dad! Terrible president, terrible senator. But my dad would never buy 100k hooker for me. Even if he had the money. That's good stuff. Father of the year. Possibly worst president ever.

  10. I mean you're joking but you're right.. he might be a corrupt piece of shit but he's a great dad his son committed multiple crimes felonies and even treason and he covered for all of them..

  11. you've got power hungry cops and thankfully others to out em in their place

  12. If everyone would know their rights and stand up for them we'd have a lot less of these idiots around. They'd all run out of places to work, after costing the theft payers, I mean, tax payers boat loads of money. But eventually we'd get an educated police force instead of muscle bound morons.

  13. yeah go ahead and try to exercise your rights against some Meathead cop on a power trip. see how that works out for you

  14. Bro, you can commit suicide even talking about those.

  15. Joe Biden lies more than any president in history. thus far he has lied an average of eight times per minute during speeches and 40,000 times total

  16. When you choose to have a government, and then choose to make that government really big, you don't get to be sad or surprised when it does stupid, big government things.

  17. but it's not acting on its own.. it's acting with the enthusiastic permission of the liberal voters..

  18. They will blame the lack of livestock on climate change and offer the hungry bugs to eat.

  19. Honestly every young man should consider storing some baby batter in a deep storage and getting a vasectomy.

  20. why do men have to go through all these things just to avoid pregnancy but women are given a free pass and apparently she can just do whatever and kill the baby when she gets pregnant?

  21. Why don’t people know that women also have to pay child support if they abandon their children?

  22. they don't.. America is a matriarchy where women are generally very privileged compared to men.. they very rarely have to pay child support

  23. Aka: you either die poor, unknown and unsuccessful, or live long enough to make a living for yourself, potentially getting some recognition and success in life.

  24. Good. Lawsuits and precedent are how these things are settled in the West, unfortunately. That's the battleground.

  25. and too many on the right side of History are unwilling to take it that far..

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