Twins born from embryos frozen 30 years ago

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  1. That seems odd. They just gave the couple the oldest? Is it like rotating stock at the grocery store? You'd think they'd donate the most viable.

  2. I watched an interview of the couple on Facebook. They specifically requested the oldest embryos. A rough quote: “We wanted to save the babies that everyone else didn’t want.” They’re also super religious and imply that they believe their children are actually 30 years old because of the whole life begins at conception thing.

  3. “These are my 30-year old infant children”

  4. Wow. You just like, put the snack moms to shame.

  5. Just grow a penis on the bald spot, I guarantee no one will EVER comment on the baldness again.

  6. The author Mary Roach talks about this possibility in a couple of her books, I think mostly Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War (but it could be in Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, she writes about a lot of unusual topics).

  7. I looooooove Mary Roach. Stiff, Bonk, and Spook and the three I’ve read. In fact, Stiff is what got me interested in mortuary science.

  8. I mean, half your daily calories during the work day doesn't seem unreasonable. I like a big dinner, so about half of my calories are for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack and the other half are dinner, dessert and sometimes a late night snack.

  9. Agreed! And OP, don’t forget that it might seem like a lot, but you’re also burning calories throughout the day as well.

  10. I am self-medicating with bourbon. Will I even be able to count to 406 by the end? Only time will tell.

  11. ”404… 405… 406… 406… 406…”

  12. For some reason I always have troubles in the 60's. It always slurs together into a giant mess and I forget where I am.

  13. I get that way when I’m counting past 79— I almost always count “77, 78, 79, 90.”

  14. That’s a good euphemism! “We all got ends to sew in.”

  15. Nice! I love the biography! Looked at your profile and your art, very beautiful.

  16. Also apparently 15% of eggs are fathered by a bird other than their partner.

  17. Pictured are Cheyenne Chiefs Buffalo Meat, Three Fingers, and Wolf Robe. (Circa 1895)

  18. What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing.

  19. This is where my downvote came from. There are more than just girls here.

  20. Mine came partly from that and partly from them complaining about Joann's business ethics and about how their local one doesn't open on Sundays; and then saying they shop at Hobby Lobby, which arguably has worse business ethics and also doesn't open on Sunday.

  21. There were some comments equating “crap made in China” as “everything in China is crap” which I completely agree with. There are plenty of “Made in the USA” products that suck.

  22. If that moron wasn’t a troll, then he was dropped on his head more than once as a child.

  23. I'm sorry but that's just really uncool of him i'm just trying to learn and be better but if people don"t even give me a chance to explain myself then why bother .. like I get it I have long hair as well so people call me a girl sometimes, it's just stupid that people bash me now for it

  24. Yeah, you’re a troll. I refuse to believe someone so unbelievably stupid has survived for 25 years.

  25. That's called the consequence of your s***** action, aka fuck around and find out

  26. Why did you censor “shitty,” but not “fuck”? I agree with you, btw, just lol’d a little at your comment.

  27. You literally post in a sub where you claim to be a "bull" who engages in adulterous sexual relationships, a kink centered on dominating the wives of other men. When you make your own "sexual proclivity" so public like that, you lose the right to complain about the sexual proclivities of others, especially when your complaints are homophobic and attempt to shield that homophobia under the guise of protecting Native women (what a joke coming from you) and being an "actual Native." Consider this an official warning to mind yourself in this space, Mr. "Real Native." This ain't your rez, this ain't your space, and this ain't your gate to keep.

  28. That’s wild. It sounds hilarious, but I’d be super concerned if I did this in my sleep. Especially if it was accompanied with sleepwalking!

  29. I was a sleepwalker as a kid. My mom told me about the first time I ever walked in my sleep. I stood on the other side of her bedroom door and she could see my feet, she said “go back to bed, Hannah” and I said “I am in bed, Hannah.”

  30. Congratulations and I wish you a pleasant and uneventful pregnancy!

  31. This. After reading what OP has been through, I sincerely hope her pregnancy is healthy, fun and boring lol

  32. I’m not trying to alarm you or anything, but your head is… gone.

  33. I’d rather change a cup in a public restroom (gag) than deal with pads or tampons.

  34. Oh geez, I thought you were actually asking and I initially downvoted lol

  35. And this is why I always thank Siri when he’s done helping me.

  36. I would love to see a future where the vast majority of Indigenous people speak their language first, English second (or third!). Can you imagine how diverse this country would be?

  37. I like it! It's not too much and not too little, if that makes sense.

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