I like her, she seems unstable

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  1. White American woman arrested in Russia for THC..... in 2019. Before they invaded Ukraine and the U.S. slapped them with massive sanctions. This has nothing to do with racism and more to do with throwing the book at Grimer simply because she is American in today's age.

  2. Give yourself 12 free hours to experience it. Never know how long you might feel it. I turn off my phone so nobody can reach me when on lsd. Dont want to have to make any decisions or have to worry about someone not tripping calling me. Walks are great and drink water.

  3. Your first time, the smallest amount will be enough to get you rip roaring high for hours. Take it easy and set up a good comfy spot for you to sail away in.

  4. If only he could find a better use of his time than being a blood sucking leech.

  5. no, i'm a very good business man in this field, i know what i'm saying

  6. I never said I was for it, but it is a cultural thing honey!

  7. I hope you rot in hell for sitting here defending pedophilia.

  8. "Profit is value generated by work that is not paid to the actual people that produced it"

  9. Exactly how is a mask supposed to protect against a disease that spreads via skin on skin contact?


  11. Maybe get back some of the hoarded wealth from the aristocrats that buy you bitches off so you won't have to keep printing more and more bills

  12. "Who wants to be a godparent?" was the stupidest episode. I enjoyed it. I like watching it. But the premise made no sense. Obviously Ted was the best choice. Who in their right mind would even consider barney or Robin as a godparent?

  13. I think the same thing about s7 e1. Specifically the dance scene between barney and Robin. It's completely out of character for the both of them.

  14. This is what happens when you have a bunch of brain dead, apathetic, conservative lawmakers making fun of/playing down any disease since covid 19.

  15. There’s a couple of missteps along the way (Gary Blauman dying then appearing later, Ted getting the yellow umbrella on Saint Patrick’s day but Tracy saying she left it there in April, etc) but for the most part yes, the writing is fantastic

  16. I like to think that entire story that Barney gave about how Blauman hopped over to his cousins business then died was entirely made up lol

  17. Your friendly reminder that if a church(or any tax exempt organization) is caught promoting or denouncing any one political party, that organization is at risk of getting that tax exempt status repealed

  18. It's very telling of half wit clowns like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert who jest at dangerous diseases.

  19. Are you Texans really okay with this? Religious oppression that is resulting in sickness and death.

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